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this game is so fun! and the idea is realy smart, congrats

i think there is a gmtk video talking 'balt detective games, realy cool idea, clunky, but, well done, the starting sequence got me sooo confused and amazed lol, the black screen and his thoughts serving as tutorial? genius,the game got me surprised in good way, i think fun is the word i'm looking for. 4/5

cool design, could have just a liiiiiitle bit of information on the screen, but once i got the feeling of who i loosing or winning th game got more fun! 3/5

i find this the charm of the game, maybe thats the point, a really different card game

Great game, if you work on turning down the rapid switches(doesn't need to remove all of them, but the need the mechanics to back them up) and polish the puzzles i think we got gold here

This is so good! got a feeling of papers please, the idea is so well done, i dont know if i`m dumb, but i coudnt make it full screen so i have to go up and down on my browser to view the game and switch inputs, other than that the game feels amazing, not surprised if it shows up in the video

Like the game, like the style. But i have a problem with  the execution, the inverted controls on some plataforms kill the momentum! it would be perfect if you worked on that, how the character moves and how he transfer the momentum from one platform to another, its the only thing i didnt like much, but the game is amazing congrats

Simple and funny, the sound desiign and art style on top of the simple, but fun mechanics make this game feel amazing