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Cool game. Fits the theme, definitely a complete playable experience, and enjoyable overall. Some comments on what I would think about (keeping in mind this is a fine game as is):

 - The first enemy where you bounce off is hard to see off screen. This means I didn't really understand at first that you could kill enemies by bouncing off their heads. I appreciated that you were trying to teach the mechanic, but it didn't really work for me; maybe by putting him less far down the screen, you could make him more visible at the start?
 - The screws that the enemies shoot are the same height as your character sprite. This meant I was afraid I would be hit by them even on the ground, and on my first two playthroughs I did a lot of extra jumping because I was afraid of that. Making the character sprite slightly shorter, or the screw shooting animation slightly higher up, would both have fixed this problem.
 - I see you added a version with checkpoints. Ideally, I would have liked to see not just checkpoints but complete levels; e.g. I think that each of the "floors" you have here would make a fine introductory level, building up to longer levels as you go through. This would raise my feeling of accomplishment, and allow me to have a better sense of progression.
 - As you get to later levels, an additional mechanic you could add would be enemies that turn around once you're past them: as is, there is little motivation to kill enemies (rather than just bounce past them), which could change with a more advanced enemy.

I made it to about the 4th "level"; I did not beat the game.

Thank you very much for your feedback! It's some of the most valuable I have gotten! I didn't want to do too much more with the post jam version because I'm working on my larger game. The enemies not being able to shoot you on the ground was a design joke; but yeah, I wish I did it differently. I'm glad you liked it!