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yeah I know the feeling ^^

I really like the simple yet stylistic aesthetic, as well as the sound design. All the varying stages with new mechanics also makes for a lot of fun. This is an extremely polished and doesn't feel like something made in a couple of days. 

Only issue I had is it looks like there's no "Next Stage" option? I would just go to the menu and then pick the stage that way, but it would be nice to be able to just binge through them one after the other without those extra UI clicks in between.

Oh wow thanks, in my sleep deprived state I hadn't even realized that I had saved it as a '.7z' instead of a '.zip'.
Unfortunately it looks like I can't edit the file until judging is over (;o;) lol. But good to know for next time.

Wow, this is similar to the idea I had, but you executed it MUCH better than I was able to. Well done. 

I just wish there was a Retry button. When I die I want to try again but the only option I saw was esc to exit the game.

interesting concept. Does your swipe ever get upgraded like how clicker games usually unlock things to rack up points for you automatically, or do you really just keep swiping as long as you can?

Great sound and graphic design, and I enjoyed how you could use enemies to passively get through obstacles. Just wondering, Is it possible to lose? I was trying to avoid taking damage from enemies at first and then I realized nothing was hurting me.