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This is crazy good! I only have two minor nitpicks, the first is that opening doors has a small blind spot where you can see the prompt to open the door, but pressing B will do a sword slash instead. The second is that in the later levels it was really difficult to move the camera and platform, challenges required some camera rotation mid jump that got pretty frustrating. I liked how challenging the platforming was though, I feel like I rarely play 3D platformers that require much effort and this was a good exception! 10/10

I ran into the same bug in Jonas' room, but I must say this game is dripping with personality and atmosphere and a bug or two is ok in my book. Thank you so much for making this incredible game!

This has really stuck with me, an incredible game talking about some heavy, real shit. 10/10

Gamepad camera controls didn't work for me, couldn't move the camera with the right stick. I think the directional input system you have would feel way better on pad, but even playing on keyboard felt great and was super fun to play around with and experiment with combos. Definitely a huge step up from the previous demo I played in terms of game feel!

The art is great, and i think the concept is cool but i never felt like i actually good attack quickly enough to match the dice

I love this concept and the themeing, a little clunky but I loved figuring out how the game worked through environment clues and experimentation

This is a cool concept, I like how it gets you thinking about the die in 3D. I think it might be worth having the tile on the floor match the number thats facing up instead of down, its harder when you have to match it while down but I'm not sure it's actually different in terms or how you position it, it just requires you to hold the numbers in your head.

Your games are all really good in a way that I fear just won't resonate with people that weren't around for the 2000's. I suppose it's ok if younger people don't get it, but really you capture something special and hilarious that is really tough to get right and really easy to do poorly. Also didn't realize you used Blitz 3D that's just so perfect. A+ game

Can't wait for the full release or another demo this is already really good! My highest requested feature is a walk button or increased velocity when you tap slightly. I always felt like my movement was too fast to be precise or too slow to feel good. I also think the fog/post processing hurts visibility a bit more than I'd like but the guns and enemies were really good and seemed designed around it. 

I don't know why there are so few 3D platformers like this, just straightforward platforming and charming art. Really great stuff, enjoyed it thoroughly

Wow this was really cool! Would absolutely love it if there was more too, I could see increasingly esoteric and complicated secrets in this world being really fun to find. Also I gotta know if there's a solution to the ciphers? Just a yes or no, I know nothing about code breaking but if it's possible to solve I want to learn

I think maybe including a guide text file with the game might be good? It's a game with only one puzzle, so I don't want to make it too obvious. I appreciate the feedback, thanks for playing!

Ok so I went through and played all your games in a row and this one is my favorite.

What I prefer about this game over Kill the KOTH is how much more second to second decisions I was making about climbing. By having you constantly look for slopes that you can climb and evaluating whether they're in the sun or not, it ends up feeling a lot more engaging. I think that sort of scouting out spots to climb mimics real life rock climbing a lot and it was really fun here. Looking at each slope is like looking for hand holds, and with how dense the level was you had to switch hand holds really frequently to make any progress, so your brain is always scouting. The sun is an added layer to consider and with the exception of one confusing section, it was a really good layer to add to the experience. 

Making everything dependent on a stamina bar just takes away a lot of that evaluation, sure you still have to judge the height but that's harder to judge and once you've started climbing you kind of just have to wait until you either make it, or you don't. The controls are also less generous and there isn't as much switching from hand hold to hand hold, and when you are switching, you don't really have to evaluate the hand hold much, because you either make it, or you don't. 

I don't want to sound like I didn't like Kill the KOTH, I really liked it actually, the atmosphere and experience were great, I just ended up preferring this iteration on the climbing idea. I also don't think you should just redo Kill the KOTH to be like this game or whatever, especially since so many people like Kill the KOTH, but I thought it was interesting how even small mechanical ideas and changes can make similar systems feel different. 

Thanks for all the amazing games, can't wait for Lorn's Lure,  I'm sure I'm going to love that one too


I think I got stuck at that same part, glad I stuck it through though because it doesn't have any issues with checkpoints after that. Once you figure out the intended route that part's not too hard but it was really not clear what that was

This is really good but boy it taps EXACTLY into the same part of my brain as frustrating surf maps. I wish there was a way to prevent accidentally falling off ledges, like in minecraft. You don't have to walk off ledges intentionally much, so a toggle on ctrl that lets you walk off or not walk off (while retaining your ability to jump or dash off) might be nice? It's unconventional but would've saved me a ton of headache. Overall very very good game I loved it

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Damn this environment art is insanely good and once the gameplay get's going it's really fun. The only thing close to a complaint I have is the shotgun and the revolver are so much more fun than the dual pistols I wish you got them a little earlier on. I'm really excited to see how things progress and I would personally love to see your art process or maybe a tutorial on  how you make textures...

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"Pigsaw" is one of the best titles in the jam, and the presentation was stellar. Love the premise, will probably play again! Thanks for the cool game

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Had a really good time with this one, every bit is amazing and I can only see it getting better by the time it's a full thing. Can't wait, thanks for making this! Loved that some of the NPC's are passive, it made me start questioning the rules of the world/game and I felt more immersed because of that doubt and confusion. Also loved the apartment style building towards the end, I'm excited to see how the lore plays out cuz that's super interesting. 10/10

Ho-ly shit this is easily gonna be my favorite out of all the games in this jam just absolutely phenomenal. Did you do all the sound design and music too?? I'm blown away. Thank you for this I've been wanting a game like this for so long now

Thank you so much!

Glad you got so much play time out of it haha

After I beat the second level the text bugged out and had all the sense visible at once, so I couldn't tell what sense I was using unless it was sight. Even with that I was able to solve the next level, because it kinda just came down to switching sense until one works, it's not much of a puzzle. The game might get more interesting later on, but I think this is a tough concept to design challenging/interesting puzzles around

Moving while shooting causes the bullets to spread uncontrollably, it's a  mechanic from Counterstrike to encourage careful movement and patience. It's not the most intuitive, but our game was a direct homage to CS so we copied some mechanics directly. I'm glad you enjoyed even though that part was frustrating!

You know, I suggested we add a way for the player to type in chat themselves, unfortunately it didn't make it in in time since it's a pretty useless feature

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sorry to hear you're having trouble playing, unfortunately that part wasnt on purpose lol. If you want to dm me your specs on twitter I can try and see what the problem is, we plan on releasing a small update after the jam to fix some issues and maybe add some more content. My twitter is @chef__seth

Nice job! My only complaint is that sometimes it's better to kill yourself if you took a wrong turn than it is to go back the way you came, not sure how to fix that. You also could have had an enemy that needed to be in shadow otherwise it would attack, balancing between the two could have been fun.

This is really cool and the art was worth the time spent on it! Could see it being a whole game

I liked this one, I hope it doesn't fly under the radar

the AK has random spread when you move, so it is a little janky but we had to emulate CSGO really quickly so we couldnt be perfect. Thanks for giving it a play!

had me real scared we missed a bug with the AK haha I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing

Nice! I actually had fun with this one, good job!

Is the rest of the music available somewhere?

It should be back up now, sorry but I had to reupload the  game. Enjoy!

Should be back up, sorry I was reuploading the game to get the true GOTY Edition on. 

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it. We thought about multiplayer for sure, as far as level design I personally think the open levels suit it pretty well. There's several ways to go through a level like  this and with such a simple concept replayability adds quite a bit. I think smaller levels would reduce the game to it's gimmick, but having a more complex level gives it a  layer of depth otherwise  not there. We could do a better job of  having enemies stand in front of walls so you don't throw  your ammo off the cliff so easily though, the openness certainly doesn't help with that. Also the AI is really hacky,  I commented somewhere explaining  how it works and I think you might enjoy reading that if you can find it. Thanks for playing

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Wait, could I use this to make my own levels? EDIT: I CAN, honestly makes the game way more fun

Oh that's cool! I'll do that, I'm sure I'd enjoy the rest of it

Very good!  Voice acting was PROFESSIONAL

The bloom when you tilt down makes the level unseeable, cool idea and great art though