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Devonte Clark

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Really well done! Only real issue being that the zombies stop spawning during the "kill more zombies" phase, but this is a really well-made gamejam game. Love the music, love the art, love the twin-stick rhythm game concept!

Very creative and well-executed. Excellent work!

Very cool idea! I'd love to see this expanded on, stealing weapons from enemies is fun.

Excellent work here, love the art, love the metaphor. I appreciate the camera movement during the main game loop, only critique is the "rest/clearing your head" animation when finding a flower. Maybe something more active could be happening in the UI while you're resting, a vignette with some flowers overlaying or something to help further sell the peace the character finds during those moments. That's really it, good game!

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I'm glad you like our theme and concept, and thank you for the critique! We'd love to take more time to iron out the mechanics and collisions in a future build, it's nice to hear the potential that players can see in this project from their experiences.

Thank you for the critique! I'm glad you enjoyed what you could play of it. I'll definitely work on scaling this for various machines and platforms when we continue working on this after the jam.

Wow, this is incredibly well done and polished! Excellent work!

Challenging, but fair. I love the concept, that main menu is very creative, and music's pretty catchy.

I love the art in this, but I don't know the controls, like how to interact with the items on the map.

Neat idea, moving around is super trippy @.@

I love this concept! I'd love to see more of this after the jam, annoying your enemies into shooting themselves is so fun and cool.

Really enjoyed this, I love how peaceful the atmosphere and the gameplay for an endless runner feels when you just have to tap the screen to change the environment. Great music and sound cues as well. I can see where this game could go in the future if you were able to change the gravity more drastically, like anti-grav instead of slowing the descent or something. Good job overall!

Extremely well done! Took me a while to figure out the mechanics, but I can easily see where a full game would go from here.

Great execution on what a rhythm game with no rhythm would feel like. I can totally see this spreading around the internet like wildfire.

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for letting us know about the platform as well, I appreciate the feedback.