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Play as the universe instead of the character !
Submitted by t-man_2101 — 1 hour, 27 minutes before the deadline
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I enjoyed this game. Not really for the gameplay, but for the atmosphere. The calm music, with the beautiful backgrounds made it a real stress reliever. However If I were to judge this as a game it could use with some improvements. It's difficult to dodge the meteors and know when to switch gravity. I'd like to see more obstacles with different effects that gravity has on them. Like a trap on the floor that you can deactivate with high gravity. Very well done.


Note to those interested in the Android version:

The Android version was completed after the deadline and so is not available for download on (the .zip here only contains the Windows version). As such, you're free to skip it for the jam ratings but if you wish to play it anyway, you'll find a link to it on the game page.


Really enjoyed this, I love how peaceful the atmosphere and the gameplay for an endless runner feels when you just have to tap the screen to change the environment. Great music and sound cues as well. I can see where this game could go in the future if you were able to change the gravity more drastically, like anti-grav instead of slowing the descent or something. Good job overall!



Changing gravity direction was actually my first idea but it didn't feel as good, not to mention that this mechanic was already the same in VVVVVV and I wanted something a bit more original.

If you just do the low gravity all the meteors fly far over your head and you never get hit


This may be true for the first 15~20 seconds but then you're pretty much forced to change it. This way the game seems less frustrating when you start.

maybe my game just bugged out, but I let it just run on low gravity for about 3 minutes and didn’t get hit, all the meteors were far over the characters head


Weird, that never happened in my playtests... Dunno if it's a bug or you're just extremely lucky but I'll look it up. Did that happen only once or on multiple occasions?

I think I tried it twice in a row and the same thing happened both times. After getting your last reply I tried it again, and again none of the meteors came close to hitting the jogger. Let me know if you want a video of it or anything.


A video would be a huge help since I can't seem to reproduce a similar bug (I redid some playtests and my longest run without touching anything was around 30 seconds).

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It seems to be connected to the refresh rate of the display. On my 144hz monitor I never got hit and I left it running for 10 min. But when I ran it on my 60hz monitor I got hit in the first 30 seconds.


Really hard to predict the trajectories of the rocks with such a small field of vision.


True but trajectories are hardly the core difficulty of the game, as every rock has the exact same when they appear (the only thing changing is their position). Besides, giving the player a bigger space would make the game a bit easier but also more boring; it is meant to be fast-paced and having you run straightforward for several full minutes would slow the pace down and make the game feels less fun.


As you wish but I didn't last more than 20 seconds a single time. By the time I realize I have to change the gravity it's too late.


My target playtime was around 30 seconds so you're not that far off. I might consider adding an easy mode with a bigger screen space though. Thanks for your feedback !