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Tyler Campanelli

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Great game! Fits the theme of the jam and gets strait to the point!

Fantastic idea for a platformer! Had fun with the controlls and enjoyed the unpredictable nature of the results.

A good start on a fun concept! The only thing I would resize is the collision space of the rockets to be larger. Its pretty hard to line up shoots between you and the slimes.

Solid idea. Needs more polish on the execution but it can be fun.

Solid concept and execution on the idea. I would recommended easing up on the collision detection and maybe adding in a health or damage system for the vehicle. Its pretty brutal if you screw up on the tracks.

Fantastic game! Pretty much the same type of game I was building but with more polish on the execution. Controls and on-screen feedback need a bit more tweaking but overall pretty good.

Point Blank Vector -

Overall, grate game that fits the jam's theme!

Point Blank Vector -

Amazing game! Fits the jam's theme, uses a simple yet polished mechanic, and has great map design that is challenging. Great job!

Point Blank Vector -

Great puzzle game! Its a nice spin on the match-3 system and it gives me a Tetris vibe.

Point Blank Vector -

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That was intentional for the survival mode. After a handful of enemies are spawned the intervals between them gets shorter and shorter.

Solid concept! However, I found the enimies and overall map design were too easy and not that challenging.

Great game and execution on the concept! Definitely a good entry to the jam!

Solid game overall! The concept fits the jam's theme and the mechanics are good. The platforms themselves could have been more simple and easy to reach, in my opinion.

Fantastic game! A great spin on the platform genre with creative and challenging obstacles.

Thanks for the critique! As you guessed, I ran short on time to implement counter mechanics and enemy variety. Still, as a solo one-man project I think the core concept turned out quite well. As for your question, the audio clips were royalty free that I just modified with a lower pitch.

Why wouldn't I take a moment to put a link to my game? :)

Great job on the concept! Fits well with the jam's theme and puts a nice twist on a classic formula.

I agree with the other comment: Fun idea for a concept that fits with the jam's theme. However, the controls and overall objective need to be fleshed out more.

Perfect! Fits the theme of the jam and the execution of the idea was fun and enjoyable!

Fantastic game with a great mechanic! However, I find it hard to judge how this game fits with the jam's theme 'Genre WITHOUT Mechanic'. I understand its a metroidvania with map editing but, to me at least, still felt like a classic metroidvania, mechanics and all. Still, great job on the game itself!

Not a bad concept, cool idea!

Fantastic game! Simple yet very effective with what the gameplay requires of the player to do. A very polished game!

Great idea and goes with the jam's theme! However, the execution on the gamplay didn't quite work out as all I had to do was set the mouse off to one corner of the room. More spastic movement patterns could have done the trick.

Solid concept and execution that needs more polish and tweaking.

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Classic game but with a great twist! Great Job!

Fantastic concept and gameplay execution! However, there was no respawn or game over state that I encountered to keep going.

Fun, simple, stressful. A little glitchy in some areas but not bad.

Strait forward concept. It needs more polish on its execution and visuals.

Fun game! Really challenging for a single button mechanic that demands precision timing.