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Swap places with enemies and give them a healthy dose of Karma
Submitted by TheChronicPhenix (@ChronicPhenix) — 8 minutes, 17 seconds before the deadline
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Idea has some cool potential, but as is the game is mostly just a pure reaction time test.


Yea it definitely is in it's current state.  Thanks for checking it out!


FOV is way too tight for a pleasant time. Bullets also fly a little too fast to really make use of the karma mechanic to swap, and preplan your positions. Overall a very interesting game in need of more polish. Keep it up!


Those are actually really good points, the bullets I tested out a few different speeds but, wasn't too happy with any of my results, it probably would feel better if they moved slower, but, I actually didn't think about FOV at all, when I play games I just accept whatever the base FOV is pretty much always, I can only think of one or two times I changed it, and so I guess it didn't even occur to me that Unity's default would be so tight or uncomfortable. After your message I looked up FOV standards and practices for FPS games and was quite surprised by the info I found out, so I greatly increased the default FOV to a more standard value and then I added in a settings menu with a slider bar so people can adjust it to whatever they prefer.  Thanks for taking the time to check out the game and provide feedback, it helped a lot!

A good idea in need of some polishing


100% Agreed, lots of polishing and work.  Thanks for checking it out!

Really cool idea, reminds of Superhot but still interesting.


Thanks man!  Yea, I wasn't even thinking about Superhot during the development, but, clearly there was some part of my mind thinking about it haha!


Not a bad concept, cool idea!


Thanks for taking the time to check out my game and comment!

This was fun The bullet time was kind of jarring. The keybinds were terrible though, needed two right hands


Oh gosh, I just realized the tutorial text says Arrow Keys instead of WASD to move, apparently it just didn't even click to me what I was writing.  Yea WASD and Arrow Keys both work, though the tutorial text of course should have said WASD.  As far as bullet-time yea I planned on adding some sort of effect to it so time didn't just suddenly occur, especially when you're getting shot from somewhere you can't see, but, I didn't end up having the time to make anything that looked good enough.  Thanks for taking the time to check it out, and for the feedback.

I love the art style, very Superhot. The concept is a good one too and with some polish to the look and maybe some variety to the enemies/weapons this could be a kick ass indie game.


Thanks for checking it out man!


I glitched outside the map


Yea swapping places with an enemy who is too close to one of the doors (which they move through when they spawn in) you can glitch outside the map, I didn't quite have time to fix that one.


While lacking a bit in the visual and sound department, this entry more than makes up for it with a brilliant concept, wicked sense of humour and some pretty clever level design. Zipping around the map felt brilliant, as did letting the enemies have a taste of their one medicine. I felt like I was playing Superhot again, moving into a different enemies body and letting them get pelt with the bullets of their friends muhahahahaha!

With some sound effects and some cool 3d art, this could be a really fun full game! Keep working on it!


Thanks a lot for taking the time to check it out!  Yea the plan was to add sound effects but the library I had actually corrupted my Unity project and until it was removed I couldn't create any builds, a bizarre problem, and on the visual front I didn't have the time nor the team for it.  I'm definitely interested though in potentially exploring this project further.