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FOV is way too tight for a pleasant time. Bullets also fly a little too fast to really make use of the karma mechanic to swap, and preplan your positions. Overall a very interesting game in need of more polish. Keep it up!


Those are actually really good points, the bullets I tested out a few different speeds but, wasn't too happy with any of my results, it probably would feel better if they moved slower, but, I actually didn't think about FOV at all, when I play games I just accept whatever the base FOV is pretty much always, I can only think of one or two times I changed it, and so I guess it didn't even occur to me that Unity's default would be so tight or uncomfortable. After your message I looked up FOV standards and practices for FPS games and was quite surprised by the info I found out, so I greatly increased the default FOV to a more standard value and then I added in a settings menu with a slider bar so people can adjust it to whatever they prefer.  Thanks for taking the time to check out the game and provide feedback, it helped a lot!