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A bartering game is a good idea, but there's very little indication other than through a lot of trial and error as to what each character does and doesn't value. Without better interaction with them it's hard to play the game other than through trading random items to see what happens.

Very cool, would love to see more. Maybe speed up character movement a little and try some less symmetrical level design?

I like it! I would definitely add a few seconds of movement before the screen goes completely dark though, as it's a little ambiguous at the moment exactly how you move when in the dark. Great work on the soundscape though, they are very hard to get just right.

I love the art style, very Superhot. The concept is a good one too and with some polish to the look and maybe some variety to the enemies/weapons this could be a kick ass indie game.

This is a great idea, really well executed! If you want to develop it further here are a few stray thoughts;

- competitive, everyone has 4 minutes to programme their code and whoever can get their car the furthest distance along the track without coming off wins?

- randomly generated track of the day with a leaderboard

- Switching the programming bit from typing in to a more drag and drop based system for accessibility

Fun concept! Would definitely benefit from a clearer and more predictable bounce trajectory for projectiles coming off the shield, and for a better explanation of how the shield could be used offensively. 

Definitely keep working on it, this would be a great time killer for android or ios.