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Yeah, unfortunately I had the same issue on my PC. Still a good idea.

Really cool idea, reminds of Superhot but still interesting.

Played the whole game and have to say that it was fun. It looks like the kind of game that would be fun to play on a mobile as nice and cute puzzle game. I believe the teleportation idea can expand and create even more interesting level design. Keep up the good work.

Pretty good, could become a fun game if fully fledged. 

Great game idea! It can be fun even in its current state.

Very interesting concept, needed a bit more work, especially the smoke bomb mechanic. I would love to see this a full fledged game.

Do not have the patience anymore to finish platform games like this. But it was a very good idea to tackle the absence of  gravity.

Reminds a bit of "getting over it", not as frustrating though. Nice job.

I do not believe this would could be a full fledged game, but was very good for this game jam. Perfect execution of the idea with a horror taste. 

Despite being very simple it can be a blast playing with a buddy. As almost everyone else mentions a bit more complexity (time constrain is a legitimate reason) would make it a real winner.

Interesting enough idea. It feels like a horror survival game despite its simple premise. But it does end up with being a simple find exit game within time limit.