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Hey there, thanks for playing! You should be able to control the direction of your dash easily, just by pressing left or right while you dash. There's some internal logic to decide the direction when you're not pressing either to make it easier to use in quick-thinking situations so that might be what you're experiencing.

Regardless, I'm glad you ended up playing it for 45 minutes. This was a jam entry, like most of my games, so they're not meant to have playtimes higher than 5 minutes!

I'm sorry the Music was so messed up! Check out the Definitive Edition I'll be releasing soon with a lot (a lot 0_0) of improvements!

Chaotic and fun! Love the lighting and the way you tutorialise. You'd be hard-pressed to find a jam game with cutscenes these days!

I appreciate the compliment. Glad you enjoyed the charm despite it not being your thing :)

I appreciate your feedback, obviously since a lot of the gameplay elements were taken out, it was mostly the narrative that was left. I'm working on a Definitive Edition for next week, so check it out when it's done!

A great entry that kept me engaged all the way through. I love the artwork and lighting! I think there either needs to be a skip button for the counter, which might negate the need for random characters, maybe a "next up" section like in Tetris where it tells you what the next character is so you can plan ahead, or simply add the ability to push other characters because I spent so much time just waiting in this game because I couldn't progress and it wouldn't switch to the character I needed to get out of the way. Still definitely gave you a feeling of being out of control!

Thank you so much! It is what it's but I will be releasing a Definitive Edition of the game once the week is over!

A truly punishing submission but with a calm style and a neat mechanic.

Wish it would tell you what your high score was but I think mine was 2000! Took so FAST reflexes and multiple tries tho. A really fun spin on an established mechanic!

Really made me think! I the controls were ironically a little finicky and sensitive, as I think the movement is grid based but it's not very obvious. I loved that your character is a keyboard key, so cute!

A fun spin on the genre! Really great art and humour :)

Good stuff! I liked the concept and it's always really impressive to see a 3d game in jams!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Loved the art-style and the music! I think some more feedback as to both the range of your attacks and the enemies attacks would've made it more punch-y. Also a faster respawn time. Still a great entry!

I zipped, zapped and had a great time! Love the aesthetic! Made me feel like I was playing the original asteroids again!

I like how the menu screen functions as a game-over screen as well. A fun spin on the idle-clicker genre.

Really neat concept! 

As I bang my head to a bopping tune, my ape fists slam into the ground at the same time as the swinging of the catcher's net and we explode in ball of fire.

"Out of control" doesn't even begin to describe this one!

More matu-? Oooooh, yooooou...

Hit me in the feels for sure. Appreciate the warnings though.

Really, well put together. The level of strategy required of the player is fantastic. Realising which pellets to avoid, memorising dead-ends with several paths to success! A fantastic entry!

Graphics? Good! Concept? Good! Level names? That's what I'm talking about!

I wasn't aware free games were being included at all, so even if it's a separate showcase, I'd like to show my support with one of my free games:

Kind regards,

Matt Redmond

Formidable! Comment ça s’appelle?

(Ma copine a écrit ces textes parce-que je suis un stupide anglais)

Thanks for your kind words! Each key is mapped to one sound but I understand it might be slightly harder to tell, Left is for an A note and Right is for a B Minor which are only a semitone apart :)

Look at that bear go! Very very fast controls but I got the hang of them in the end. The art style is great and the combat works once you realise what effects which enemy. I love how open the level design is, as a metroidvania it functions very well!

While lacking a bit in the visual and sound department, this entry more than makes up for it with a brilliant concept, wicked sense of humour and some pretty clever level design. Zipping around the map felt brilliant, as did letting the enemies have a taste of their one medicine. I felt like I was playing Superhot again, moving into a different enemies body and letting them get pelt with the bullets of their friends muhahahahaha!

With some sound effects and some cool 3d art, this could be a really fun full game! Keep working on it!

Blisteringly difficult, with a great pixel-art style, fitting sound effects and a soundtrack I'll be jamming to for the next couple of weeks for sure! I definitely had to channel my inner Spiderman 2 for this entry. My main suggestion for an improvement would button that just allows you swing on the rope (perhaps when you press both mouse buttons?). Would save from having to spam the left mouse button.

The controls are quite sensitive and it would definitely be interesting if there were enemies you had to dispatch but the physics are hilariously crazy and sound effects do well to serve what you're going for. I found myself looking behind me a lot! xD

The difficulty is high (I only managed to get 2km) but it's definitely just as fun regardless. I love the concept of you being God, desperately trying to move cars away from Bob. I started frantically moving cars that weren't anywhere near him, just in case he randomly swerved!

It's a shame you weren't happy for how this game came out. Considering this is your first jam, the fact that you managed to make something that was fun, fun-ctional and bug free is great (I certainly wasn't as lucky when I started doing game jams and I was in a TEAM). Try and see what you can improve after the jam. Practice your art and music skills. I think you'll be very surprised with what useful stuff you can pick up in a short amount of time.

Goody entry. Hope you do well :)

It's a little strange when someone takes out the main thing you love about a genre and you end up having just as much fun...

I'll admit I played this game several times after completing it just so I could see what all the different perks and skills did. Congrats on having so much variety, a consistently gorgeous art style, great music and sound effects and, most importantly, a great sense of humour, this is one hell of an entry!

Cheeky, fun, with oodles of charm.  The art style, music and cutscenes are all great but what really gives this game an edge is how it conveys how to deal with enemy. Getting them to beat each other up or get hurt by traps was so fun and easy to see because of the enemy's placement and with the boss, the moment I heard that crackle as the hammer swung, I figured out what to do. It was so clever and you should be very proud. Obviously, there's only a couple of levels but if you took this further, you'd have a game even Jackie Chan would have fun playing.

Ended with a final score of 0 (I fell into a pit with the golden ball and I guess it must have spawned me back at the start with the gold ball xD). The game is real charming and does a great job of feeling like a pinball game even tho you're not using the flippers. There's still a lack of control with the ball which is great and the physics are absolute crazy, leading to much hilarity. The art style does real well with the theme as well. A few bugs (no pun intended) here and there but otherwise a solid entry to the jam! =D

Controls are a little ropey but I like the art style and the core mechanic! I love how the level practically blinds you with it's design, forcing you to stare and memorise.

Damn I'm really sorry I have no clue why it doesn't work on your system then my friend. The version that is on the website is a 32-bit version...

Thank you very much!

I feel like the 4 colours that I got off a wikipedia page weren't right and they don't match up with the Jam page and gameboy footage I've seen (I grew up with a gameboy color so I have no idea what it's supposed to look like). Does anyone have the colour values (like in hexidecimal or something)?

Are you mac or Windows?

Last time I check it was a 32-bit version :)

Don't we all? ;)