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Cool game! I liked it how absurdly armed your spider could become (no pun intended). It would have been fun to come up against more challenges though, as at the end I was able to defeat all the enemies before they even left the corner of the screen. Just an idea, you could add more tower defense mechanics, like multiple routes (that you have to move between in order to be able to kill all of the enemies), or multiple enemy types.

A fun and pretty polished little game! Good job! 

Cool, thanks for the feedback!

I found the game a bit frustrating to play. It took me more than one attempt to figure out how to solve most of the challenges, and having to restart the not just the level but the whole game every time was annoying, especially if you died just because you didn't know exactly what each button would do. Maybe I'm just bad at video games, some of the people below seemed to have a better time than me, but I found it punishing rather than challenging.

All that said though, I did replay the game and the bits that I could remember how to do were fun to play! Regardless, I really like the concept of the game. Perhaps it would work even better if you could just click the buttons instead of having to shoot them? Certainly a lot of potential for a cool puzzle/reflex game! And of course, the game has a charming visual style and nice music. Good job!

A  solid game with a nice take on 'anti-gravity' mechanics. THIS, is cool. I liked how you used a very small number of game mechanics to create lots of interesting levels. I didn't manage to beat the game , in some of the later levels I struggled to get past parts that required more precise movements, and it was a little bit annoying when I had to restart the level because of it. Definitely a fun and charming game though, I feel for little Longo!

I liked it! It is a fun take on the theme, and though I would agree with some of the people below it could do with a bit of polish here and there, I  found the actual game really fun to play. I liked the challenge of trying to figure out how to make the ball do what I wanted it to, and then actually trying to pull it off! I didn't make it to the end, but I liked the variety between levels, there weren't just different arrangements of blocks, but different types and sizes!

Great job!

I got 208! (How'd I do?) Really neat idea, and a fun game. I got the hang of the hook eventually, I think what made it difficult to use was that I couldn't always adjust the length of the rope (I can't tell why though), and there were lots of time where I would grapple the ceiling, but then land on the floor and I struggled to get myself off the ground.

When the level started looping it was actually kind of fun to go through it again, but this time taking new routes, or mastering old ones! The music was fun too! A game based on moving about solely using a grappling hook is a great idea, and I would love to play more games that do that. Good job!

Hi Kodiqi, I'm glad you liked it. The controls where a funny one; I only had my family to 'play test' with, and originally I did have the hit indicator behind the ball, which they found fine on the 'menu' stage, but then when the game started it suddenly got confusing. I didn't want the game to be hard to play because of the controls, and so I switched it. Perhaps if I make a post-jam version I should just make it an option on the main menu?

Out of interest, what about the music did you think didn't fit? I challenge myself in game jams to make as much as possible myself, so I understand the music isn't that good! But I'm curious to hear what about it didn't fit (E.G. Tone, genre, the chiptune-y-ness, or what else it is).

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback as well!

Awesome! Thanks for playing. I must admit, making a post-jam version of the game is becoming more and more tempting!

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A great idea, but I could not get that box to do what I wanted it to for the life of me! Sometimes you would move the world a little bit, and the box would move a little bit in one direction, and then you'd move it a little bit more, and it'd go off flying in the other. (I tried both versions of the game and I had the same trouble in both). If the controls were polished up though, this'd be a genuinely fun game!

the idea of the game was really good, but I found the throwing ladders thing a bit frustrating. I wanted to be able to pick up ladders and then place them normally with left click, but instead I had to throw them miles away from where I wanted them. Sometimes I also got a ladder stuck so that I couldn't get on top of it and pick it up again. Even still, with some polish the game could be something really cool, and either way it's a great game for your first jam! Good job!

Fantastic 'creative little gem'! Very challenging but very fun. There were a couple times where I could tell an apple was about to spawn in front of me, so I would move out of the way preemptively, but THEN it would spawn in front of me, which was a bit annoying, but not enough to stop me trying again! Great job! 

The game looks and feels awesome! I especially loved the impact of smacking a bad guy off of their bike. I think that gameplay is nearly there, you just needed to up the number of bad guys, so that the player is put in though(er) situations that they have to get out of. I found the game a lot more fun when I let the bad guys build up for a bit before starting to take them out. When I did that, I saw that the bad guys all had different attacks, and that you could send your bike flying into others, which I hadn't even realized before!

Still though, if you make a post jam version of the game, I would love to play it! Great job!

YOU are cool, Lord Dragoneye!

I'm glad you liked it! I would have loved to have done more, but this was my first 48hr jam and I overestimated how much I could actually do! Bombs are definitely a cool idea though, I didn't think of that!

Thanks! I would love to do more with it someday. I'm glad you enjoyed!


Hi Zulhuky! Thanks for playing! I would have loved to have made the game multiplayer too, I just couldn't figure out a good 2 player control scheme. Perhaps one day I'll figure out how to make a console version?

Hi SkyCharger, thanks a bunch for the feedback. We decided to do 'run'ing out of space, instead of 'running out of space' (if that makes sense), just because we thought it was funny. I would have loved to have done an ending cutscene as well (I actually wanted to do a big boss battle), however I ran out of time before the Jam ended. Thank you again though for the feedback.