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Thank you! :D

Cool game...but the logs frustated me no end :D... Well done. :)

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Cool little game! My run ended when I got stuck inside a platform :( ... And I couldn't see what I was selecting in the menu causing me to quit the first couple of times by accident :D...Anyways good job with the game! :)

Edit: The main menu wasn't showing up for me at all

Nice game! I just had one problem... the window was too small on my screen and I couldnt resize it...Game was fun :)

Cool game! Though I did wish that the current controls were displayed on screen...Nice work though :)

This game in one word: Lovely! :)

I liked the game! But unfortunately the game window was too small on my screen and I couldn't resize it... Excellent job nonetheless! :)

Neat little puzzle game! It took me a few tries to understand how to play but I managed... :)

Cool take on the theme! Good job! :)

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I also would have liked to do more with the people I controlled... Overall though... good job  :)

Thank you :)

I liked it! :)

Neat game!:)

Cool idea but I didn't like the minigame that much...Maybe if the minigame was faster :)

Interesting game! I found all the information at the start to be a bit overwhelming...It took me a few tries to understand :) Overall good job!

I got an error on Windows saying the Data folder is missing. Couldn't run the game :(

Nice game! I especially liked the time slowing down a bit when you hover the mouse to select a wall or a lure!


My saturday nights in a nutshell... :P ... Loved the game!

Lovehated the game! :D... Spent way too much time playing this one...Gave up at the boss fight :(

But overall you've done an absolutely brilliant job!!!!

Nicely done!

Nice! I liked the concept... I agree with Nikhilbot75 and DCorvinos... My sword kept doing it's own thing and I had to wait and hope that it came back eventually :D ...Also I couldn't even see the enemies in the last section on my first try...

Score of 43! Loved the game! 


Absolutely brilliant!! The only nitpick I have is that I also would've preferred words instead of  just letters. Thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope you do continue to update this. :)


Nice! I'm not too sure how it fits in the theme but enjoyed it nonetheless :)

I liked the idea. Especially in the second level. But I feel you maybe submitted too early? :)

Liked it! But would prefer a single key to cycle through colours and maybe less colours.


Very cool!


Hey! So I played through the fixed version and the broken version .And I think I like the fixed one better :P.  Very Interesting idea,  but it took me a while to understand. And I got stuck in the level where there's a rectangle of sorts on the right hand side. I kill the enemy but the gate doesnt go green. It goes green when I touch the rectangle thingy, but that kills me.

So in summation: Cool idea. So please do keep on refining it


Thank you so much for playing,dear sir! We had a feeling that maybe we should have completely prevented the player from shooting, but I think that feeling came a little too late... :) 


Thank you! :)

Your comment is highly accurate and succinct,dear sir! Thank you so much for playing :)

Thank you so much!

Thank you!! :D

Thanks!Glad you had fun!  A laser sight is a very good idea. I might look into it once the game jam is over.