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Great game! I tend to get pretty frustrated with puzzles, but the difficulty curve here felt very manageable.

Thanks for the feedback! I tested the idea of the AI hacking 2 systems at once early on, but that made it almost unplayable. And yes, rapid-fire beeping is a perfectly valid way to assert dominance.

Slick presentation, and very elegantly designed! My only real complaint is that dying feels very abrupt, I imagine that making the play area just a bit bigger would allow for a more apparent difference between success and failure.

I agree, a scoring system would have been a great addition. Some kind of queue to prevent the AI from doing the same things over and over would probably have helped too, glad you enjoyed it regardless!

Thank you!

Yeah, I originally planned to have some way to counter the AI's interference but it ultimately fell outside of the project's scope. Thanks for the suggestion!

This comment makes me go YES! Thanks for playing!

Yeah, I'm on Windows 10. As best I can describe it, after opening the disc drive the frame rate seems to decrease until all movement on screen stops after a second or two. Buttons on screen can still be pressed but don't seem to do anything. My computer is a bit of a toaster, so maybe it's a performance issue? Hope that helps!

Good stuff! I'd honestly love to see more of this type of game.

Wow, thanks for the feedback! I didn't have much time to playtest during the jam so I'm genuinely relieved to hear that my game is not annoying.

I like it! Makes me wonder why the enemies are luring this poor guy further into the dungeon.

This reminds me of FTL in a good way. You did a great job of conveying the feeling of things spiraling out of control.

The game is too easy for sure, that's what I get for not playtesting until after submitting. I'm glad you liked the music thing, it was a last minute addition but I like how it turned out.

Glad you liked it! I wanted to keep things simple for the jam, but I would love to add more controls in the future.

That's good to hear, thank you!

Great music and effects, the game just feels great to play.

Very original concept! I think the text is too small, and the time limit wasn't long enough for me to fully understand what to do.

Nice game, the artwork and color scheme are excellent!

I enjoyed how much personality you gave to each character, nice art too!

I love how quickly things spiral out of control! Great interpretation of the theme and tons of cool details, one of my favorites in the jam so far.

Nice, that's the experience I was going for. Thanks for playing!

Fun puzzles and doesn't overstay it's welcome. Great game!

Thanks, I appreciate it!

That sounds like it would probably work!

The artwork and charm is amazing, but the game becomes unresponsive after opening the disc drive. Tried restarting a few times but got the same result.

Good game, although I think the pace is far too slow. I didn't find it very challenging until I maxed out the difficulty. I really liked how each button has a different sound effect, nice attention to detail there!

Great idea and presentation, but it definitely needs a tutorial, or at least some text in the description explaining the rules.

Fun game! I found it a bit too easy to win just by using the R and U keys, there wasn't much incentive to use the other ones once I figured out what they did.

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I think you pulled off the theme really well, Squiggly's animation and movement are fittingly erratic!

Amazingly polished and clever! My only complaint is that the slippery movement really detracts from your ability to dodge.

The shifting maze is really cool visually! I think this game has a lot of potential for expansion.

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback, I'll be sure to address these problems if I update the game later.

Thank you! Yes, the AI interactions are completely random.

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Thanks for playing! There actually is a mechanic that increases the enemy spawn rate over time, but I mistakenly made it far too slow to be noticeable.

Fair point, I'll add some incentive for moving if I expand on this game later. Thanks for playing!

That means a lot to me, thank you!

Glad you liked it, the beep button is definitely my favorite feature!

Thank you for the kind words!