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Thanks for the feedback! I might test try it out for two player to see how it goes. Thanks for playing!

Yeah, I'll know to scale back that effect for future games lol. Thanks for playing and the feedback!

Thanks for playing!
Multiplayer would be an awesome idea. Need to build up my skills for that sort of things. Thanks for the feedback!

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Great game and ideas. The levels were designed well around the potion mechanics. The last level flowed nicely, didn't need to plan it out. 

I've seen this sprite in a different game in this Jam, (Only One from AribaaGames). Maybe part of the same game universe. (Game Jam theme to the next level, different games, same universe).

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Great idea, and fun game. The control took long to get used to. Maybe adding the arrow key to move forward in addition to what you have? Found I was never using the dash forward, and just the jump button to clear obstacles (to avoid myself from being confused about which buttons to press by having one less button to think about).
Overall fun game.  Wish there was a way to defeat that monster rushing the player to move forward, but also have a new one spawn in place of it. Maybe a bomb ( that never moves from its tile) that is triggered on attacking it, then detonates on auto-timer -- so player has to time the hit/explosion? Excellent work!

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Great game. You guys polished this nicely. Love the intro animation on the main piece. Some level feel very intimidating, as if the the puzzle difficulty spiked, but trial and error lead to feelings of satisfaction when a puzzle was solved. The warp mechanic is a great idea! You guys could send this on the market for sure.  I would say the arrow reset item sort of breaks the theming of the Jam, but there are games that have the one weapon mechanic where you pick up the weapon to reset having a weapon, so all is good.
A lot of challenging and fun levels with great music. Awesome work!

Fun game! Has a nice progression of difficulty. The visual design of it all is nice.

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Wow, this was a cool game. Very challenging, but still fun to play. Great idea on idea + level designs.
Only comments:
- The sword, it felt like I didn't equip it when I touched it (didn't read game description on first play, but found about about attacking with F button).
- F button feels weird to attack with
Character design and animations were fun, and loved the smearing on the sword slash & eyeball animation.

Cool game. Not sure if not saying no is another choice? But got up to the lunch break, and I think the game stopped working after the line about having it all figured out; I could still move camera, but no new text appeared. Was enjoyable reading the dialogue of the customer and the Nancing Queen guy.

Fun game and nice polish. The smoke and squash/stretch on the characters are fun. Felt a bit unfair with the enemies spawning in-front of me when falling down and appearing at top of level.
Your sound effects were nice, especially the lower audio when game is not active.
Great quality, fun to play.

Great game and fit the theme. Hard to see the paddle, but I guess can get used to it over time. Addicting to play, kept trying to out-best my last score.

Very interesting idea. I agree with what shigatosis mentioned on this game.
Would be great to see more games play with the idea of multiple personalities. 

Cool game. Very challenging to guess when to attack to parry enemy attacks, but fun to finally nail that charged punch after a good parry. Great how you added a narrative with audio to it. I only made it to entering the building level, and not very far passed that. Your animations on those models are great too. Great work on this!

Fun game and relaxing to play. The controls felt good to use (played using laptop track pad). Wanted to played further absorbing bigger objects, but understood about Jam time constraints.
Not sure about Jam theme, but saw your reply to Psychpsyo below. I think would make for a fun leisure mobile game; maybe add objectives to avoid absorbing or touching certain items to add game variation if you plan to release on market. Fantastic work!

Yeah, I see what you mean. Thank you for the feedback!

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Played slow on Chrome (sound played, but slowed). Played fine on Safari, no sounds heard on Safari.

The key mechanic is a fun idea, using it to reach places (although I got stock in the room with the first spider for a bit, but passed it with the pixel perfect jump needed between platforms). Felt great to figure out how to use the key to climb up.

I didn't read the game description other than controls, but started to enjoy the game more after the vine climbing key enhancement.
(felt weird walking off a platform then seeing the character hover, due to them latching on to a vine. Not sure if there is a sound cue for vine grabbing, but threw me off a bit). The key enhancements were great to discover and fun to use and solve your puzzles.

You have excellent level designs planned out to teach the player how to use your key enhancements; How to navigate levels while tilting the key, and levels designed well to teach how enemies work.
Also, my favorite enhancement is the spiked key, because fuck those rats. Got up to the gauntlet level, but stopped playing with the narrow drop with the spider, couldn’t figure out how to pass that part.
Great Game!

Determination intensified!
Thank you pineapple friend

Addicting to play to try and out-best my last score. Nailed the theme with one button, one direction, and my favorite of your design choices is your one frame animation (I know I know two frame animation on the character but still great). The lack of in between frames on the falling objects made the suspense of waiting for them to fall even greater. Thank you.

Game and visual design are fantastic.
Fits the theme well. Had a great feeling of accomplishment when I figured out how to solve the puzzle. Thanks for this game!

Very challenging game, and enjoyable once the rotation mechanics are understood.
Could not pass the first doors level, but enjoyed the levels I played. I matched my colors to the doors, but my piece kept getting blocked when traveling to the door.
Again a fun game to play, with a great visual style.

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Fun game to play and fits the theme. Most of the game-play is dodging enemies rather than shooting at enemies. Maybe add more mechanics to escape enemies attacks (a roll that can also be used to quickly retrieve arrow while escaping danger),
and adding enemies that can attack from a distance (projectiles maybe, to support dodging mechanics);
just to spice up the part of the game that the player is mostly doing.
The graphics were fun and enjoyed your slash effects. Really enjoyed how the enemy corpse slowed the player down when colliding.

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I don't think I was close to the theme on this game
(Game Jam Theme: "Only One").
My thoughts when making it were, you have one chance to slash your enemy first - Something like an anime samurai duel.
Maybe one button game? Just glad to have something submitted.

Thank you sobrino. Check out the other games on this site. Get inspired to make your own games.

This is definitely a fun game. Awesome work.