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This is probaby my favourite game I've played this jam. It was tons of fun to play. Really challenging, but it was SOOOOO satisfying when you finally figured out the optimal angle to hit a target.

Interesting gameplaymechanic. Some of the puzzles where pretty difficult, but the difficulty curve itself was good. I will say the biggest flaw of the game would have to be the controls, as the game felt floaty and landing ontop of a pillar once you'd fallen of could be quite finnicky. I would often just zip right over them.

Keep it up!

The interpretation of the theme is probably the most clever I've seen this jam. That being said I felt the game in itself was a bit to easy. I mainly switched between spamming heal and help and cleared it pretty painlessly. I feel like there would need to be some type of penalty for spamming heal in order to discourage it. Idk. Would love to see you expand on the concept ^^

Hey, thanks for the feedback. As I was in charge of the interfacedesign I humbly accept the feedback. After we released the game I played through it and shared the same feelings you did. It was definitely a miss to go in so hard for the esthetic appeal, rather than functionality. The board being 45* and the buttons not, was just a dumb oversight on our part. But hey, we learn from our mistakes ^^'

Pretty clever controlscheme. Really liked it ^^

Haha, that's sort of a clever way to end it. It's a shame you didn't manage to implement it in time. Would've been interesting to just spot a roadsign saying something along that, before smashing into a wall or something. Anyway, it was a really cool game, keep at it! :>

No worries, hopefully you'll keep at it! Good luck in the future :>

No issue, it was still entertaining non the less. Just finishing something that's both fun to play and functional is an achievement during a game jam!

The idea of killing enemies with one type of ammunition in order to fill up the other one is a fairly interesting idea, not gonna lie. However what could have been a nice idea would be to give different ammo types different functionalities and give them more distinct looks. Also it can be quite difficult to see the enemy attacks. Great job still! Keep at it ^^

Haha, really cute game. There's a nice idea behind but unfortunately the platforming and overall movement feels a bit off. Landing on top of the corner of a  block and being unable to move could be a bit annoying. The idea of "slime management" could probably have been explored a bit more through the leveldesign but then again, time was limited and what you made was still cute, enjoyable and a bit challenging to play through ^^

It's interesting. And the visuals complement the gameplay so well. It's a really satisfying game to play. However I found it to be quite an easy as you just sort of swayed around when the cops came and they would fly of the road. Also, after about 3 minutes, the road just sort of stopped and I lost since I ended up on the gravel. My guess would be that you simply didn't have time to make it longer, so I won't hold that against you. The level of style and personality of this game makes it almost worthy to play in and of it self. I love the way the tutorial is written on the road signs. 

This is a game which I feel would be incredibly interesting and fun to play if you continued to develop on it. Great work! 

This game is cute, fun and somewhat of a challenge, as it is so unlike anything I've ever played. There's nothing major that I have to complain over. I think this has great potential if it was expanded with a few more levels.

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Interesting gameplay mechanics pared up with some rather pleasant minimalist graphics. The level design was overall quite good and often proved to be a genuine challenge. However one issue I had with the game was that sometimes the beam just seemed to look onto the ball, despite me aiming a fair bit away from the ball. I don't know if it was done intentionally to increase the challenge of getting through certain gaps but it could prove to be annoying when you were aiming at the wall next to the ball, and your grapple beam would still go right of your mouse to lock onto the ball instead.

Overall it did fit the theme of the gamejam very well and I found it to be a very competent, interesting and most of all, fun entry into this years game jam. Well done!

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