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Turbo Phoenix OverdriveView game page

Submitted by zre — 4 hours, 36 minutes before the deadline

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How does your submission match the theme?
- Powering the car has multiple effects:
- Pressing A (or Left Mouse Button) controls both the lights on the car and the wheels. Driving fast is hard, but it's the only way to see ahead of you.
- The power also overtakes the wheels briefly, skidding the car for sharp turns.
- Releasing A hits the brakes, stopping you quickly.
- "Gearing up" (tapping A four times) will activate the Phoenix Overdrive
- The Parts pickup has a few effects, and effectively turns your HP into currency:
- Add one to HP
- Slows car. The idea is that Parts are bolted on to the car as armor, but we didn't have time to implement the visual effect, or the car model for that matter *shrug*.
- Can be used to activate the Phoenix Overdrive, trading safety for speed and power.

Third-party resources
- Visual Studio Community 2015
- Blender
- Unity3D
- Unity Post Processing stack
- Gimp
- Krita
- Ableton Live
- Audacity
- Spline implementation:
- Texture Resources:
- (texturemate license, royalty-free)
- Sound Resources:
- (Free GDC Game Audio Bundle)
- (CC0)
- (CC0)
- (CC0)
- (CC0)

- (Free license)

- Zak Reynolds (implementation, game design, 3d modeling, texturing)
- Clint Glenn (sound design, game design)
- Rachel Spadi (moral support, design, food)

Freesound Users:

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Nice visuals! I included it in my Game Maker Toolkit’s Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Love the visuals and the gameplay, but was confused about certain aspects like the flashing lights and the stuff to the left/right of the car. Got to the end of the road after 3 minutes as well. If there's a vaporwave/retrowave game jam this would certainly be a great entry! 


It's interesting. And the visuals complement the gameplay so well. It's a really satisfying game to play. However I found it to be quite an easy as you just sort of swayed around when the cops came and they would fly of the road. Also, after about 3 minutes, the road just sort of stopped and I lost since I ended up on the gravel. My guess would be that you simply didn't have time to make it longer, so I won't hold that against you. The level of style and personality of this game makes it almost worthy to play in and of it self. I love the way the tutorial is written on the road signs. 

This is a game which I feel would be incredibly interesting and fun to play if you continued to develop on it. Great work! 


Indeed, we definitely overscoped and ran out of time for better level and enemy design at the end-- the intention was to have more barriers to swerve through, and more interesting and varied enemy behavior, and a more visually obvious end to the game. There is a key/lock thing going on with the two cubes, the one near the end is supposed to be the end. I programmed it to drop your HP to zero in order to end the game with the intention of adding a cheeky line about life being about the journey, but in my sleep-deprived state I forgot that you actually explode at -1 HP. Thanks for the feedback!


Haha, that's sort of a clever way to end it. It's a shame you didn't manage to implement it in time. Would've been interesting to just spot a roadsign saying something along that, before smashing into a wall or something. Anyway, it was a really cool game, keep at it! :>


This game oozes style.  I really loved the idea of tutorializing through street signs.  My only complaints are that the health and parts bar didn't appear to be functioning to me, and I couldn't tell if the phoenix rush mode was activating or not when I was pumping A.


Thanks! Yeah, it takes a good amount of force to actually take down one HP on the health/parts bar, and the icons just appear/disappear (so it doesn't really grab your attention very well).

I think you would know if phoenix rush was activated-- there's a loud sound effect and flames shoot out of the car :P I think I may have made the timing too tight on the button (you have 1/2 second between each press to charge it up, and it activates on the fourth press), or it could be that you were out of HP? It uses one HP to activate, and it won't do it if you have none.

Thanks for the feedback and for playing my game! I'll return the favor within the next day or two.