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Thanks for playing! Yeah, unfortunately I didn't take the time to explain how the gameplay works well in-game or implement proper window-scaling. You are correct about the resistances, and you are correct about how the stun was supposed to work -- the dd0s payload is intended to only work with one enemy at a time, so when you apply it to another enemy it un-stuns the first.

Nice, this is a fun idea and the art is great! I think you could have done a lot more with the mechanics if you had more time, but the premise is good. You could add grappling hooks, more varied enemies, environmental obstacles.. there's something more visceral and fun about jumping directly into an enemy's bike as opposed to the standard shooting mechanic.

This is a smartly designed game. I love roguelikes, and you did a really nice job capturing the essence of them, but in reverse. The game gave me a feeling of tactically solving puzzles and problems, without the usual roguelike mechanics. It looks like others have already captured a lot of what I had to say, but something I haven't seen yet is the interesting phenomenon that this creates when you play through as a pacifist -- instead of the dungeon being your enemy, your own omnipotency is the enemy, since it's really easy to accidentally destroy the enemies. Yeah it's a little rough around the edges polish-wise, but I appreciate your core idea and the things that spun out of it. Thanks for making this.


Scored 280, nice work! The music works really well with the pace of the game, and it helped me keep up a higher rate of fire. I loved the little details in the animations, and seeing Mr. Ning's henchmen pile up after a BFG run was great. IMHO it's a little on the easy side, and my only complaint is that it didn't have this sound in it :P

Wouldn't want to be a street cleaner in Power, Montana.

Lies! You get a large green health orb ;)

I am astonished at the amount of level design that you did in two days, and you did a good job exploring an interesting take on the theme. I appreciate the show-don't-tell style of tutorializing, with the line of rockets at the beginning laying out a technique for crossing gaps, and the rockets surrounding the little eye at the beginning of the level foreshadowing the end (which terrified me for a second, by the way).

If I could suggest anything it would be to tighten the air control to match ground movement-- it's extremely difficult to land on a single rocket, although you can work around it by spamming a bunch of them.

As a fellow user of the SFXR family, just wanted to share JFXR in case you haven't come across it yet-- it has a few more features than BFXR. Nice work, and cheers!

Indeed, we definitely overscoped and ran out of time for better level and enemy design at the end-- the intention was to have more barriers to swerve through, and more interesting and varied enemy behavior, and a more visually obvious end to the game. There is a key/lock thing going on with the two cubes, the one near the end is supposed to be the end. I programmed it to drop your HP to zero in order to end the game with the intention of adding a cheeky line about life being about the journey, but in my sleep-deprived state I forgot that you actually explode at -1 HP. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! Yeah, it takes a good amount of force to actually take down one HP on the health/parts bar, and the icons just appear/disappear (so it doesn't really grab your attention very well).

I think you would know if phoenix rush was activated-- there's a loud sound effect and flames shoot out of the car :P I think I may have made the timing too tight on the button (you have 1/2 second between each press to charge it up, and it activates on the fourth press), or it could be that you were out of HP? It uses one HP to activate, and it won't do it if you have none.

Thanks for the feedback and for playing my game! I'll return the favor within the next day or two.