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Indeed, we definitely overscoped and ran out of time for better level and enemy design at the end-- the intention was to have more barriers to swerve through, and more interesting and varied enemy behavior, and a more visually obvious end to the game. There is a key/lock thing going on with the two cubes, the one near the end is supposed to be the end. I programmed it to drop your HP to zero in order to end the game with the intention of adding a cheeky line about life being about the journey, but in my sleep-deprived state I forgot that you actually explode at -1 HP. Thanks for the feedback!


Haha, that's sort of a clever way to end it. It's a shame you didn't manage to implement it in time. Would've been interesting to just spot a roadsign saying something along that, before smashing into a wall or something. Anyway, it was a really cool game, keep at it! :>