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bump since it is already 24 hours
im wonder if this topic too hard for ppl to understand.
Im also want to know how you guys will rate games in this gamejam 

i dont think it will judges only ratings for final score
since there are 6.7k people joined the jam

Like this.

After my previous experience with the game jam recently, I think i will try to please as many people as possible to get highest scores possible. Especially it feel bad when people didnt understand how to play your game and rate poorly.

So in order not to make same mistake i would like to ask on how you guys would rate game generally. I know some people are very kind with their scoring by giving tons of full rating, while some will be very harsh.

Without further ado, here how I would rate the score for game i play:

1. Game Design :
I generally rate based on pacing of the game, how easy to play, how complex it become after few level. If you make a game that I having hard time to figure out, i probably have to give lower score.
Keyword : Game pacing, Barrier of entry.

2. Fun :
Kinda close to game design, for this rating, I usually will depend on the "hook". Do i want to keep playing until the end? Do the game make me want to keep playing and keep improving? Was I entertained throughout the game?
Keyword : Entertaining, engaging, addicting

3. Innovation :
Usually innovation is very hard to do in video game, but in gamejam it prime way for you to try out new weird / wacky ideas that cant work on commercial level because it might not have good sales. I generally check how the game changed in specific genre.
Keyword : unique gameplay, genre-breaking

4. Theme:
For this game jam, I will look specifically on how the game will deceive my expectation as well as fully utilize the whole theme concept as game design. Meaning, the more & bigger the lies, the better.  I know this is difficult theme, so probably i will be generous on this scoring.
Keyword : Deceive, Mind-bending. 

5. Graphics:
This will be hardest part for me because game jam is short and not everyone capable to find a team with good artist. Thus i will look specifically on game with something that doesnt hurt my eyes. If you can polish with some sort  game feedback  to player, i will love more.
Keyword : Polished, Artstyle

6. Audio :
Again, very hard to tackle especially when you have to make your own asset and doesnt have access to a person with talented skill. Generally I will based on mood from BGM, sound effect for every thing happen in the game and extra score for voice works.
Keyword : Ambient, mood

Btw, the reason I made this post here earlier so that others will have share how they rate other's game and those insight might help some developers to fine tune their game before end date. Hopefully this thread will help at least 1 person.

Oh, i thought it was a conspiracy, turned out it to be truth.
But i didnt expect until someone to make hundreds of fake accounts.

Exactly the feature i think itchio is missing.
Ability to go to specific pages number (yes i know you can adjust the number in URL)

1. This is NOT popularity contest
I thought, this is basically to make game that have good first impression and fit the theme enough for player to give perfect score. Less people = less variance on scoring. (I didnt even reach 30 rating for my game while I already rated more than 60 games, i guess karma didnt work for me)

2. More rating is a curse rather than a blessing. 
The more people player playing your game, the more chance for a more harsh people to rate your game. I could see some good game getting lower rank because of super high rating. (Though, I prefer more people to try my game, but i guess there are just too many games)

3. Open to abuse
Again, just my conspiracy. If you managed to have many jammer teamed up and forming an alliance, you can easily make sure that the team vote each other perfect scores. (Probably not same thing, but you see these "rate mine and i rate yours" on the forum")

4. Be harsh to your competitor
Your games can be ranked higher if you put yourself on highest standard when rating on other game. You dislike a design or mechanic? Give it 1 star. (FYI, there are couple of games i gave perfect score btw, im not that harsh tbh)

Am I salty? Probably, as I have been negative throughout the voting session too. I tried to make a meme thread to cheer me up, it didnt help. Anyway, do I have fun doing gamejam? Yes. Did I have fun with voting session? No. At this point probably I dont care about it anymore. This will be probably my last post here (until next jam maybe).

game's name already a meme so....

The idea is the there but lacked of several stuff. I think other already pointed them out. As from me, i think i just need some visual indicator that enemy is attacking me so i dodge earlier.

obviously im doomed.

Great game although it is on easy side. Im for sure wasnt clear about the game on first run until I realized I have to eat / sacrifice those people on lifeboat.

once you gained enough level

Cool little rogue-like. I have to give up at the boss. Kinda mean if you die in 1 hit. 

my game didnt last that long, but i assume it is possible.

Twist is something new, but i feel it lacked something. Probably because i shouldnt play this game alone by myself...

(1 edit)

im sure you have sinister laugh toward your player.

Very tricky puzzle game considering you can only use certain function for once. This is kinda make it more like trial and error rather than clever thinking games, since you have to restart for every wrong sequences.

i usually edit my stuff, but this one should fit 100% more
and it is a gif!

Great minimalist game, but i think there is no sound? Personally i prefer something bigger since that should make the game slightly easier to play.

im sure ur alien good at 1 thing.

Neat high score attack game. I personally prefer to have bigger screen space so I can plan my movement / timing. So it will based on skill rather than luck or playing slowly. 

i guess this is appropriate.

I finished it but im still confused. So the idea is about doing repeating stuff and keep trying until you succeed? I was looking for a visual indicator that i made progress, but alas i reached the end. 

thats easy.

Oh that so easy... holy crap 2nd button input. Anyway, sure it is unique but quite easy if you compared any other rhythm games.

think about the slimes! their live matter too.

Ok games, upgrade system is neat although i dont like that you have to pick up bullet that only stop after awhile. There was a time where bullet stuck with enemy in corner and i cant retrieve it. 

assuming when your game have outdoor and machinegun.

Oh that was short, expecting something longer. My only issue is the sliding effect after stop holding the mouse. Some people might like it, but i generally just walk slowly.

i feel this

game had many issues. Even if the dead / win state trigger properly, i cant see myself having fun firing gun on big target for long time. 

(2 edits)

Im sorry but since we only have 16 hours left, I have to cut off here. I wont make new meme unless rating for my games go higher than 30. I doing this because I thought people would appreciate and try out my games. I will do all meme for all games posted before this post. I have been playing + rating all games I made meme here so i think that would be fair for me. Once the rating reach the threshold then I start doing for games posted afterward.

My game link can be find here :
WebGL is here :

There 12 games to play / rate / making meme for my side. 

EDITED : Just finished last 12 games request, almost took me 2 1/2 to clear them out. I will check on this thread in next couple of hours. I wouldnt have much time afterward since voting end at 6am here, since i will be sleeping then. (there 13 hours to go for voting). 

this explained the game pretty well.

Neat graphic but i wish more depth in gameplay part. Weapons, secret, enemy type etc etc. 

This sum up (no pun intended) my experience.

Too tricky for me, but a great combination for puzzle platformer. I like the game but the platforming simply too hard. 

Absolute power!

Nice cute art with full of charm . Quite tricky game and queen is kinda scary lol

obviously this.

Stuck on 3rd level, manage to get until cupboard fall down. Tried to put all combinations of numbers but failed. Have no idea what to do next. I saw the arrow at ceiling, but have no idea what it is for.

only one thing for sure.