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Cosmic ClimberView game page

GMTK Game Jam 2019 submission
Submitted by Erukolindo — 3 hours, 25 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Adherence to the Theme#11173.4413.441

Ranked from 34 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Neat high score attack game. I personally prefer to have bigger screen space so I can plan my movement / timing. So it will based on skill rather than luck or playing slowly. 


Nice game, would be fun to have vertical enemies falling down on you that would spice it up a bit even if it's already pretty hard now.

Good job!


Good concept, i tried to rush fast and have fun, i just think the controls need a little improvement but you made a really good job for this jam.


Hi there! This is a very interesting twist on the one platform idea! Even though the controls LMB/RMB are a bit weird to understand at first, when you get the jist of it, the game is very fun! What was a bit frustrating though was that the platform exploded too. The game was already very hard as it was and adding another thing to look out for I think is just a little bit too much... Loved the retro-style music especially too. Great game overall! It would be very interesting to see tis game on mobile (maybe finger to control alien and screen tilt for platform?)


I really liked this game, would be nice if it was on the mobile! But I have no idea how that would be controlled! Great Job, you done amazing for the 48 hr game jam!

I would appreciate if you played our game! ^-^
(- Amy)


Very natural controls, I really like them!


This can be an awesome mobile game


Now that's a cool new idea :D


Simple funny game with addictive gameplay but tremendous difficulty curve. It'll be better if you make it smoother and don't start the game with tons of asteroids.


I'm constantly trying to beat my high score. Good work!


This would make for a killer mobile game if you were to polish it up a bit more! There were a few times when I felt like literally nothing I could do would get me through a section alive, but the concept was cool and the gameplay was smooth enough! Great submission!


Keyboard controller and mouse in that combination is kinda new to me.
I kept running the platform into asteroids by accident.


Original concept and overall good game! This could make a fun mobile game if you expanded on it! The art is nice and the bounces feel juicy! Nice work!


Interesting platformer with only one platform. I like it! Didnt see the red meteorites the first time I died to them :) Well done.


Great challenging game! Coordinating both the platform and the player adds a lot more complexity to the game not usually seen in these types of games.

out of the box!! liked your thinking... this dev is crafty.. ;) 

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Lovely game here, I had a blast playing it! I hope you get a little more traction on this page because you deserve it. Our game is Einnsámr: The Lone Warrior, check it out if you're interested in a bit of strategy and puzzling:

It is realy jard game for me but I enjoy

Please check our game too:


Very difficult to play, but there was a "only one" in the game, so yeah. Very impressive for one day, that's for sure!


Nice ideia, I think it needs a little bit os polish, but I like it.

I would love if you could play and rate or game as well

Viewing comments 26 to 7 of 26 · Next page · Last page