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Can you save the village?
Submitted by Murilo Trigo (@MuriloTrigo), klettari — 1 day, 16 hours before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#2234.3964.396

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Nice game! I think it would be cool if any key apart from left turned the car left - that makes it harder for the brain to process which could be more fun!

It's also like a shooter mixed with a driving game! Nice work!!


That's devious.

You know what's funny? I always played with 'space' then with mouse click when we impliemented it, I never used left arrow even once.


I look forward to seeing more to this! 
This is minimalism, pulled off well! <3

As a person with very bad eyesight I found it a bit tricky to figure out which things were which, but the concept was very cool!


Thank you for your feedback!

We'll be addressing that for sure.


Great minimalist game, but i think there is no sound? Personally i prefer something bigger since that should make the game slightly easier to play.


Thank you for playing.

No, there isn't any sound. We've never done sound for a game before and we had to pivot and build this game in only half the time of the jam. The full version of the game will have sound though.

The bigger screen was on our minds too. And I just realized I could just allow for full-screen.
I'm an idiot for not allowing it from the start! (Going to changing that setting on the itch page right now)

Thanks for your feedback!


Wow, really liked this game! And you submitted it after just half a day!

It felt like the pickup range on the arrows could be a bit bigger, but other than that the game was very well designed. I even liked the wide turning circle, because it meant you always had to be planning where you're going next. 

Straying too far from the middle would mean you'd have to go further out to get your arrows back, and if you shoot an arrow while retrieving one the problem is compounded, so it quickly snowballs. It then becomes not just an issue of hitting the right goblins, but NOT hitting the wrong goblins and throwing an arrow away, to a place that's inconvenient to collect.

I love the minimal art style, and the single button input would mean this would work great on a touch screen. Very highly rated : )

- Joe


Thank you for all that feedback!

And you're right on the money with all of design points. They were all intentional and I'm very glad you perceived them as intended difficulty. The challenge IS planning where you should go next as well who NOT to shoot, you're 100% correct.

The submission 'after just half a day' was just the page. Any builds you update it with will not update that timestamp.

We try to have an MVP and publishable page by half-way through jams, so we published and submitted to the jam a playable version halfway through, but it wasn't this version... or even this game! We started out with a different game that by halfway through, didn't quite work out for a number of reasons. So we decided to pivot and made Arrows Left in a little less than 24 hours, the 22 last hours of the jam, to be precise.


Its easy to learn but hard to master :D. But i liked it. Good job!


Really cool and original idea but it's a little too hard. I think if the arrows were bigger, or had a bigger hitbox allowing some leeway in picking them up it would be more fair, because it's very difficult to judge the angle you have to go at to pick them up.


We completely agree.

Thank your for playing and for your feedback!


Very cool game! Would have loved to see it a little more responsive and less slugish but other than that it was super fun!


Very unique. Maybe drop two arrows per goblin, or give some leeway to pick them up ? Right now I find it so easy to get overrun.


Hey, thank you for playing and thanks for your feedback.

Then pick up range is being increased, it's the #1 request.

Thematically, the arrow the goblins 'drop' is the same arrow you used to shot them, so it doesnt make sense for you to pick up more than one.


Very cool, super unique. Felt good to play, design was simple and effective. Good job!


Interesting concept and I kinda liked the minimal look too) Maybe a bit too hard to play (cuz the elements are really really small), but other than that - gj!


Ha! That was fun. Maybe the smallest game still fitting the jam's theme. High points!

Check out my game:

A tiny fun game with pretty unusual 'one direction' idea, I like it. Also, movement feels good, really good, well done.


I'm glad you liked the movement because that's a high contention point against people who played. We're trying to come up with an idea to give player's options in the post-jam version of the game.

Thank you for the feedback!


Easy to understand and yet challenging mechanic, neat graphics and perfectly adheres to the theme.
Good job!


Great job! This game is really cool, despite how simple it looks on the outside. I especially like that feeling you get when you triumphantly run right into a goblin after killing it or do so multiple times to create a combo of sorts. 


That feeling is a big part of why I kept a game a little bit harder.
I still get excited when I beat the game in a clutch, and that's priceless for me


really great execution and a proof you don't need graphics to make a cool jam game concept!


I love that it's minimal but still has great aesthetic. Brilliant design.


Nice idea and execution. Like others suggested a smaller turning circle or faster speed would give it a different feel.


Thanks for the suggestion and thank you for playing.

We are looking into a playtest build where the user can tune those values to get some feedback of what people would like.

Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you so much!

The difficulty is the most common suggestion/complaint we've had and we whole heartedly agree.

The next version will address that (and add a whole lot of polish)


Simple, difficult, effective. Perfect application of the theme. Great game!


Thanks for the comment and thank you for playing!

In hindsight I would've made it a little bit easier so people would be able to beat it in their second attempt. At least the the jam version.