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Just pee on the other dogs. Let me know your high score!

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Is suspect the demo downloads are simply not marked as executables for the respective OSes on the site, hence the itch client doesn't offer the installation option.

I tested a bit and unfortunately it happens with other browsers as well. The whole web build tool I use there is unofficial and not currently maintained.

Please use the desktop builds where possible.

One workaround is to use the alternative control scheme, which is WASD instead of the arrow keys. I'll add that to the controls documentation.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll see whether there is anything I can do about that.

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I delivered a broken Mac build myself, but it's hard to test since you have to own a Mac to do so. Linux you can at least boot from a thumb drive or a VM.

The Linux distribution used doesn't matter for the most part. Especially in this case, if it is indeed a rendering issue and not me being stupid, I expect it to fail on all of them since the game will use OpenGL rendering regardless.

You could just mention that the build is likely broken, it's up to you.

Oh, and there is this website where people come together to write a guide on how to ship on Linux. It is pretty new, but I hope it will be a helpful guide eventually:

I tried with keyboard and mouse.

I recently helped someone so I have a vague idea of what might be wrong. While Unity makes it relatively easy export to multiple platforms there are platform specific differences the programmer needs to take care of. Some rendering differences are documented here:

Nice idea and execution. Like others suggested a smaller turning circle or faster speed would give it a different feel.

Nice little runner/jumper! Technically it's two colors though, or none at all, or all of them, depending on how you want to see it.

I can only agree to what the others said, a lot of controls and most don't do anything noticeable. I don't know whether the Linux build is broken or I just don't get the controls. At best I could see a blue sphere.

The voice is very quiet and pretty bad recording quality.

For me it was not playable, I'll refrain from rating it.

Fair enough :]

Thanks a lot!
I have more difficulty with saturation.
I know it's not fun, but thanks, if I can come up with a way to make this game fun I will likely change it after the rating period.

Thanks a lot for your kind words!
I agree that the feedback could be better. It currently shows you the next color for two seconds, but it's not too clear at first. I did originally intend to give audible feedback in parallel to the visual feedback but didn't have time for it.

I have seen this issue with scrolling up/down before, but I'm not sure what causes it. I suspect a focusing issue. Maybe I can do something about it after the voting period.

Which browser did you use and does the problem disappear if you click into the game window?

That was the idea. Admittedly not great gameplay, but I haven't come up with a better single pixel concept yet.

You are right and it is not your fault, rather my sloppy code.

The hue is well defined but not aligned with the hue stepping. The saturation is randomized and not aligned at all.

This was simply the quickest way to do it and makes it a game about matching similar rather than identical colors.

The game is tolerant in that way, similar is good enough. Mostly to avoid issues with sloppy coding :]
Technically it is more tolerant to saturation differences than to hue differences.

I do wonder as well.

Nice twist on a classic, well done!

I was made aware that I had forgotten to add an essential control to the description. Press SPACE to check whether the color is correct. (Thanks Rangermann!)

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I had a chance to test the Mac build today and unfortunately it didn't work. Uploads are disabled during the voting period, so you will have to make do with the web version for now.

The Windows builds should work, but I only tested them through WINE.

The Debian version is as of yet untested.

No matter which OS you use, you can always grab the Löve framework and run the .love file directly. Made with Löve 11.x and possibly works with 0.10.x.

Thanks a lot :]

Thanks a lot.
Do you mean it crashed or just that the game accepted a solution that didn't match exactly?
If it's the later, that's intentional, I put in a tolerance to make it a little easier to beat and avoid comparison bugs.

I watched those movies, yes, but since I didn't read the books I didn't quite understand what was going on. Not a fan of that whole franchise.

Nice little game, I like the graphics.

The game was hard to grasp and I don't understand how it is "one button".

Dobby, the most annoying elf ever?^^

Unfortunately you have to guess the button to press.
I think it would be more fun if it required skill to catch fish.

Wow, that's very kind of you :]
I like yours too. Color maze was impressive given the time constraint, but once again I sucked at it.

I just tried "Turn on the TV" and really like the idea :]

Wow, this is a pretty cool idea!
Glad I tried a second time :]

I added desktop builds for Linux (Debian and derivatives), OSX and Windows for your convenience.

They are all entirely untested, please report any issues.

It was a great theme :]
Three hours is a bit too tight for me personally, but I joined again because I really liked the theme.

Oh wow! First time I won a jam :]
Thanks a lot!

Ah, don't worry about making short games, I wouldn't expect more than a few seconds of gameplay from a 3h jam game.

I think part of the problem of the first part is that the sounds are rather unpleasant.

If the rhythm game had progression, maybe two shorter sequences beforehand, then it would be a bit better I think, because that would allow you to get familiar with the sounds before you need to remember a long sequence.

Really cool idea.

The first bit was very confusing though, I was expecting a combination rather than to have to hold it for several seconds.

The rhythm was pretty hard, I blew myself up.

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Uploaded version 3 with two changes:

1) Stop all currently playing audio by pressing 's'. Unfortunately this doesn't work with the web build because "The seek function for sound sources is not implemented." (LoveWebBuilder).

2) Input for left/right/forward throttled to one per second. Previously you could move multiple times and get feedback only once, which could lead to confusion.

I've just made a few quick fixes, the web build is version 2 now, but version 1 is still available.

1) Now you just bump into a wall rather than step forward (but if you liked the other way better I can easily switch it back).

2) Slightly increased volume.

3) Placed gold in a somewhat harder to reach spot. The original placement was from Russel & Norvig, but it was a bit too easy to find the gold by accident.

No problemo :]

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It should be the first thing on top of the page. The first screen of the game explains the controls. Press one of the keys indicated.

The B-Button is only required for the initial puzzle, directions and A is sufficient afterwards.

EDIT: Also this is the devlog page, the actual game is over there:

It's a two player game and currently one of the two wins (well, there is a draw state, but let's say it's subtle).

I want to revisit and rework the game though.

Thanks! I ripped of the RocknightStudio idea and came up with that little twist very quickly. Worked out OK all things considered.