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The offline version should start quickly.

I know the physics is weird and we initially planned to add various skill and things, but it was a game jam game made in 48 hours, so we had to cut stuff.

Glad you enjoyed it anyway. I am considering doing a remake, but no promises.

Good catch!
File and directory names are case sensitive on Linux in general, so if this helped it's a simple typo that the dev didn't notice on Windows (because that's not case sensitive for the most part).

Same here, makes the options useless. The bug reporter bugged out as well. I've only played a couple minutes before I gave up, but considering the issues and lack of polish I hope that this is somehow an early version, pre-alpha as it says somewhere, and not the one that's going to release in less than two weeks.

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I've finally come around to streaming the game, on Linux no less

I really like it so far. The art style reminds me of Toonstruck, the music is nice and the writing is really good.

I've had a few font rendering issues and the 'z' in your font is really hard to recognize.

For narrating it's a bit awkward when the dialog line doesn't quite match what you selected. I think I had a case where it wasn't said at all and a couple cases where it was different or expanded. I don't think it's much of a deal though (except maybe the one case where Maria didn't say anything).

Oh, and I also prefer to read in my own speed, whether narrating or not, so I rather have click-to-advance dialogues than self-running ones. You can see the trouble I had in the intro :]

And that's pretty much all I could think of. I have a vague idea where the story may be going and I'm looking forward to playing more :]

Very cool game. It took me a bit to figure out, but I eventually managed to win using all three classes, although their pros/cons are still not entirely clear to me.

I wish there was a way to turn down/off the rather loud sounds and music.

One suggestion: don't make the tutorial mandatory. Local storage may no longer be there when a user returns and then he is forced to play the tutorial again. I don't see a good reason to make the tutorial mandatory.

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It still didn't work, so I had a closer look and found this in the console:

"Request to access cookie or storage on “” was blocked because we are blocking all third-party storage access requests and content blocking is enabled."

Turns out this happened due to my privacy settings:

Cookies and Site Data -> Block Cookies and Site Data -> All third-party cookies

I added "" to the exceptions and now it works. It's important to prefix with "https://", just "" won't work.

This game is pretty awesome! It didn't start for me in Firefox, but works fine in Chromium.

I just saw the early access announcement over on GOG. The game looks very nice, definitely something I would buy.

Will it be available for Linux?
Will it be available here on EA or full release?

How about inherently compressed file formats for assets? JPEG instead of PNG, mp3/ogg instead of PCM/WAV?

Awesome :]

I'm not going to work on my version but maybe I'll use the voice control for other games (like I said in the interview here:

Sorry about that. I tested with two microphones now and the higher quality condenser microphone seemed to work better (use a pop shield!). I guess a noise gate could help for very noisy microphones.

Then again there is a lot that could/should be done:

  • device selection
  • adjust input sensitivity
  • noise gate
  • a way to make it easier to move the right side (high notes that currently require hissing)

I don't want to rate the games and this is my way to give you feedback.

I streamed all the games I could get to work:

It happened after I clicked "Run game" just before the loading bar reaches the end. Firefox 59.0.2 (64-bit).

The cone resets whenever I click with the left or right mouse button but works fine as long as I hold the button. Chromium 65.0.3325.181 (Official Build) Arch Linux (64-bit).

$ ./CubeSlide.x86_64 Set current directory to /home/murks/Linux_Game_Jam_2018/entries

Found path: /home/murks/Linux_Game_Jam_2018/entries/CubeSlide.x86_64
no boot config - using default values
(Filename:  Line: 454)

There is no data folder

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The WebGL version doesn't work in Firefox (Index out of bounds).

The cone angle resets to 'down' on click.

Nice idea, too bad the goal is unclear and win/lose not working.


some people know me as Sir_Diealotalot on twitch ( I'm mostly a programmer but I also dabble in pixel art. I like to DIY (DIM?) and will do the jam on my own this time around. Löve ( is my engine of choice and I do everything using free software on Linux.

My inspiration this time around is a new feature in Löve, microphone input. What's more versatile than the human voice? I'm working on a simple voice controlled ball game. The additional restriction imposed is that I take under 48 hours. Most game jams I take part in are 48-72 hours, so this is a bit of practice for those as well as a way to get to know the new audio features in löve.

You can see the start of the project on my twitch site. Here is the design document:

Hopefully this will even result in something playable ;)

Unfortunately the physics make no sense at all. If the ball is on the back of the giraffe it will always roll towards the center, so much so that it even rolls over the giraffe's head.

Otherwise it's a nice little game.

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Thanks for the Linux build!

To run: unzip, chmod +x ThereWillBeLightLxV2.x86, ./ThereWillBeLightLxV2.x86

Version 1.2 is up now and (as far as I can tell) finally fixes the bug where cookies sometimes got stuck in the clouds. Reverse scrolling also works properly now. This is likely the final version.

- Philipp

An experimental HTML5 version is available now. Details in the install section on the game page.

1.0 is the version submitted to the game jam.

1.1 is a slightly improved version (see game page for details)

The file works Linux, Windows, OSX, provided you have Löve 0.10.X installed.

The contains everything needed to run the game on Windows, just unzip and run RunningFairy.exe.

You should know yourself what to do with, as I have no idea.

Have fun!

Version 1.2 is up now and (as far as I can tell) finally fixes the bug where cookies sometimes got stuck in the clouds. Reverse scrolling also works properly now. This is likely the final version.

- Philipp

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I added an experimental HTML5 version.

- Philipp

I have reworked parts of the code. Version 1.1 is up now, enjoy!

- Philipp

Please provide a Linux version.