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It's not just that it evokes "that-fantasy-series", but how it does it.

Fingers crossed for a successful campaign, this game deserves the love!

I'd love to test the demo on macOS (m1 sillicon) if that build is a possibility.

This is really fucking dope!

For some reason I imagined a fusion of this demo and Melt for a cool environment-driven boss battle.

As someone who really struggles with wall jumps in platformers, I loved this game.

I had a really good time, awesome job.

One of the best games I've played this jam. I loved it.

1. Great job using the same color for background as the game. It elevated the presentation.
2. Simple presentation, but effective. Everything was clear and readable (despite the hand-drawn font, which added to the charm)
3. Puzzle design and gradual introduction of mechanics was on point. I had to stop and think on a handful of puzzles and finished some without using all the potions.
4. I laughed aloud with the humor.
5. Creative theme and fully integrated into the game.

Awesome stuff.

Good presentation, but like others have said, it didn't feel like your only choice in the game had the appropriate amount of impact in the outcome. Strategy needs crystal clear feedback on an executed plan.

Good job slowly introducing the mechanics in the first levels.

Simple, but very elegant. Great idea and execution.

If you're on your desktop, spamming "TAB + Enter" is an optimal strategy though.

Great job.

One small piece of feedback would be to translate the moves into pictures that can be understood at a glance, rather than reading full sentences.

Positioning the moves across the bottom of the screen might also speed up readability.

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Would've loved to play the game, but you uploaded the project files, not the runnable game.

Here's the official documentation on how to export a Godot project:

Nice. Seems like I've been getting better and better players.

This is the only game my dad plays and he has also asked me for a harder mode. This is something that I want to build in the future but isn't on development because of other projects.

Thank you for playing!

P.S. I played your LDJAM game and it's awesome!

These are very good suggestions, specially the second one. Thank you.

While I don't intend to work on Arrows Left anymore (I'm working on new projects) I'll be sure to take your suggestions if I ever visit the idea again in a future game.

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That was intense near the end! Good job.

The build you played had the wrong resolution causing the HUD to overlap.
Did you play a desktop version?

Edit: I've updated the build and hopefully fixed the issue.

Congratulations! A one-attempt clear is pretty rare.

I really digged the art style. Simple but effective and full of life.

I have updated the game to provide better instructions and feedback, if you want to give it another shot.

The game has a very unusual control scheme and it was experiment in how to teach it with an unintrusive tutorial.

I'll improve the control text for the web version (it's using the same as the android one)

Thank you for playing and thank you for your feeback

Thank you for your feedback!

We'll be addressing that for sure.

That's devious.

You know what's funny? I always played with 'space' then with mouse click when we impliemented it, I never used left arrow even once.

Thank you for playing.

No, there isn't any sound. We've never done sound for a game before and we had to pivot and build this game in only half the time of the jam. The full version of the game will have sound though.

The bigger screen was on our minds too. And I just realized I could just allow for full-screen.
I'm an idiot for not allowing it from the start! (Going to changing that setting on the itch page right now)

Thanks for your feedback!

It has! I loved loved it.

Very curious to see what you come up with

Thank you for all that feedback!

And you're right on the money with all of design points. They were all intentional and I'm very glad you perceived them as intended difficulty. The challenge IS planning where you should go next as well who NOT to shoot, you're 100% correct.

The submission 'after just half a day' was just the page. Any builds you update it with will not update that timestamp.

We try to have an MVP and publishable page by half-way through jams, so we published and submitted to the jam a playable version halfway through, but it wasn't this version... or even this game! We started out with a different game that by halfway through, didn't quite work out for a number of reasons. So we decided to pivot and made Arrows Left in a little less than 24 hours, the 22 last hours of the jam, to be precise.

We completely agree.

Thank your for playing and for your feedback!

Hey, thank you for playing and thanks for your feedback.

Then pick up range is being increased, it's the #1 request.

Thematically, the arrow the goblins 'drop' is the same arrow you used to shot them, so it doesnt make sense for you to pick up more than one.

Shoot some arrows and turn some lefts:

Great game, concept, art and execution. Lots of polish too.

One suggestion: the way movements are only 'used up' when releasing a button should proably be explained in the first level.

One "bug report": It's possible to issue the next command too soon and use it up without actually making the move. Just release another key while the animation of a different key is still playing (but after releasing the first key)

I need some of that art in my life!

I hope you enjoy it!

Amazing game.

Unique idea and well executed. I think the design of the levels can be improved in a post-jam version, but what's there was enough to prove the concept. It's great!

Not the pretiest game, but I hope you enjoy it

Any feedback is appreciated

I liked your game, so please don't take this feedback negatively! (I'm sure you would have addresses all of these already if this wasn't a jam)

1. Mouse Cursor
The mouse cursor is used for the main menu, but not for the game. I would highly discourga that. The controls of the menu should work to set expectations for how the game will control. Since the mouse doesn't do anything during the game, having it there is misleading and potentailly unhelpful.

Certain games are very dependent on the player understanding both how to play and what the rules of the game are. Games like this have to pay special attention in making sure the player learns those things. Your game fits that category. Here are some of my recommendations:

- Even when games have fireworks and a huge red sign pointing to a 'How to Play' button, players will still ignore it and go straight into 'Play', so I recommend rewording the 'INFO' button label to something more descriptive and attention grabbing.

- Having the info screen always come up when a player first starts the game is also a good way to make sure the player had a chance.

- Make sue the player has a way to review the rules in-game at any time.

Congratulations on making your game! I hope you continue it after the jam.

You managed to distil and pack the core of metroidvania into a very tight and cohesive one-screen game.

I hope you polish up and finish this game and I look forward to see what other games you make in the future.


A little tiny bit too difficulty, but I hope you enjoy it!

Loved it, specially the name.

It goes from "I don't understand how it works" to "ooooh" as soon as you understand the implications of "Whoever locks the last board looses the game".

I read on the devlong about how this is your first jam and an advice/feedback I would give is about the game's controls and rules: There's a decent chance a player won't read the game's page on how to play and even if they do, there's still a decent chance it just didn't stick on their minds.

I think even a single right sentence like "Don't be the last to place a piece" or "Try to lose" would be enough to make players understand once they have the context during the game, but not by reading it before.

I'm glad you liked the movement because that's a high contention point against people who played. We're trying to come up with an idea to give player's options in the post-jam version of the game.

Thank you for the feedback!

That feeling is a big part of why I kept a game a little bit harder.
I still get excited when I beat the game in a clutch, and that's priceless for me

Those 2 changes are coming in (in some way or another, maybe in the next version). Thank you for your feedback!

One button (any ONE button): you turn left