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I liked your game, so please don't take this feedback negatively! (I'm sure you would have addresses all of these already if this wasn't a jam)

1. Mouse Cursor
The mouse cursor is used for the main menu, but not for the game. I would highly discourga that. The controls of the menu should work to set expectations for how the game will control. Since the mouse doesn't do anything during the game, having it there is misleading and potentailly unhelpful.

Certain games are very dependent on the player understanding both how to play and what the rules of the game are. Games like this have to pay special attention in making sure the player learns those things. Your game fits that category. Here are some of my recommendations:

- Even when games have fireworks and a huge red sign pointing to a 'How to Play' button, players will still ignore it and go straight into 'Play', so I recommend rewording the 'INFO' button label to something more descriptive and attention grabbing.

- Having the info screen always come up when a player first starts the game is also a good way to make sure the player had a chance.

- Make sue the player has a way to review the rules in-game at any time.

Congratulations on making your game! I hope you continue it after the jam.

Wow! Thanks for the really helpful tips and comments! I didn't really consider doing these things during the jam (it is my first jam submission after all), so I'll fix up the game after the jam. All the best for the rest of the jam :)