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Sorry about the music, I was really rushing when making it, and thanks for the feedback. I was planning on polishing the game after the jam, and I'll consider your ideas. Thanks!

I didn't have enough time to make health bars for flowers, but when flowers get close to dying, they'll look withered so that you can tell which ones are about to die. When rabbits start eating flowers, just fly near them and they'll get scared and disappear.

Thanks for the feedback! And yeah, making health bars show up was on my to-do list, but I ran out of time :/

Hey, I already played your game from this post, but I really enjoyed it, it's one of my favorites! I'd also appreciate it if you could rate mine, too! :)

I already played yours, but it was a really good game! I'd also appreciate it if you could rate mine, too! :)

Awesome game and great overall! I really enjoyed it, but it could use some polish. Good luck!

Just rated! Good job

AMAZING graphics and polish, only complaint was that I hit a dead end quickly and had to turn around, and that was frustrating. Super fun concept, though! I'd also appreciate it if you could rate mine, too! :) Good luck!

Awesome job! Super polished especially for 24 hours! I'd also appreciate it if you could rate mine, too! :)

Nice job! Really feels polished for a jam game, and the mechanics are fun. I know the king is meant to be old and slow, but this makes retrieving the crown hard and frustrating sometimes. Great game though!

Wow! Thanks for the really helpful tips and comments! I didn't really consider doing these things during the jam (it is my first jam submission after all), so I'll fix up the game after the jam. All the best for the rest of the jam :)

Hey! Thanks for pointing out this bug. More info on how you found the bug would be greatly appreciated so I can fix it after the jam :)

Thank you! All the best for the rest of the jam :)

Thanks for the positive remarks! And you’re right I definitely would have added more if I had time

Awesome first game! Here's my game by the way:

Super interesting concept, Nice job! Sometimes it wouldn't register my inputs, but that was fine

Awesome game! I'd also appreciate it if you could rate mine, too! All the best :)

Great game! I think you should make the spear hitboxes more lenient, but great job!

Thanks for the feedback! After the jam I'll balance everything :)

Sweet game! Love the atmosphere! I'd also appreciate it if you could rate mine, too: :)

Super interesting concept! One problem I found was sometimes jump inputs didn't register, but good job!

Really nice game and concept! Had fun!

Awesome original concept! I could see this as a full game! It needs polish, though

Nice game! I'd also appreciate it if you could rate mine, too!

Awesome original movement mechanic, and with some polish it would be perfect! Good Job!

Great game! If you have time, consider giving mine a look :)

WOW! Super polished, especially for a game jam submission! Love the game!

Super funny and awesome game! Good luck

Awesome game, one of my favorites! Sometimes the enemies get stuck running into the gong, and also the dash doesn't seem useful enough to use. Other than that, its great!

Really cool concept and nice graphics! I would spend more time on polishing, but overall great game!

Ah sorry! I rated but forgot to comment :P one minute :)

Thanks for playing! I know the game doesn't give enough feedback, but thanks! I'll play your game if I have time

Nice horror game! Gave it a rating

Really scary game, and good sounds, too! Good Job!

Interesting take on chess! good job :)

Creative take on chess! One thing I'd change is how the changing mechanic doesn't change the gameplay in the first few turns, so make changing happen more often.

Just rated! Cool game by the way :)

Fun game, and the intensity is really involving once you get too many enemies on screen. Really good take on the theme too!

Nice game! Sounds or music could add to the game juice, but other than that, it's solid!

Cool puzzle game, and very interesting take on the theme! More interesting graphics or sounds might add to the satisfaction when you beat a level. I could see this being developed further into a full game :)