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Thank you)

Cool idea, nice minimalistic graphics, what else to say)


Really loved it)

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you, glad you liked it :)

Sounds interesting, I wish you luck with that project)

The thing is that it's not so comfortable to operate with 5 keys in a row. I mean, if you look at your hand, all thumbs are in line, except for the pollex (is that the right name on english? :D), so maybe it would be better to have only 4 keys (if developing this game further after the jam). And I kind of stuck on one of the levels. I kept on pushing keys, was trying to match the stars, but there still was not enough of momentum to make it rotate really fast. Idk, maybe it's just me)

I think this an interesting look at an arkanoid genre. The fact that you need to show more skill and accuracy when catching  and launching the ball is interesting. This idea could be developed even more, maybe even build a fullscale arkanoid game around this mechanic.

Yeah, good idea, ty.

That exactly was the idea that I was trying to implement here, with the risk/reward. Mark was saying a lot about this stuff in his videos, so this idea kind of stuck in my head for a while now) Thanks for the feedback, I'm really glad you liked it :)

Really cool concept and the graphics, but the controls are a bit confusing.

The idea is really cool, I think this really can be developed further to a full game.

I have a soft spot for tiny games, so I'll rate it 5 )


Nice mechanic and I like "the juice" in graphic part.

Thanks, I'm glad that you liked it!

Thanks for the feedback!


Left and right arrows to move, enter to start the game. The point is to avoid collision with elements on the left. It's basically same field but splitted in two. Yeah, It may be a bit confusing)