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Hah, that's great! Never too late, so thank you :) It's was really interesting to watch, looking forward for the second part. Cheers!

Yeah, basically you need to provoke him with a silly dance and then run away. That will drive him mad and he'll leave his party undefended :D

There is one way to defeat them. You sure that you tried all of the options? I'll give you a hint: you can defeat the adventurers only if you engage with the warrior :) The last frame of the story ends with the phrase "You did well". 

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The story loops. Basically, it is a story about an NPC in a game. So in the end, when you "fall asleep" you "wake up" (or being summoned to "life") again, as new players begin their journey in the dungeon. 

So the point is that your story (as a part of the game) never really ends :)

P.S. That is relevant, if you made it to the end, where the whole party of adventurers dies.

This is really good. The visuals are outstanding. Liked the sound too!

Thanks, glad that you liked it!

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That is certainly a very interesting concept :)

Yep, that's exactly the way I see it. A small experiment! Thanks for the feedback :)

Yeah, I've noticed that, but it was a good choice of graphic style anyway)

Pretty cool one. Good core mechanic and I like the visuals!

Thank you! :)

Interesting concept and I kinda liked the minimal look too) Maybe a bit too hard to play (cuz the elements are really really small), but other than that - gj!

Heh, that was interesting. Liked the overall style of the game)

Liked the game. Simple, but fun concept and good graphic part. Gj!

Hm, that was pretty original )

Hm, that was interesting. A bold move, to make a horror game for jam. Certainly was not expecting to see it here! Anyway, I've completed the game and it was a nice experience. Interesting idea of using the same location but with slightly different objects. Like some sort of variation of Groundhog Day, but instead of repeating the day, you repeat the space. Gj!

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Yeah, ideally I should've made the font changing not so random. Now it just selects out of 2 available sprite frames every 3 (as far as I remember) seconds so, because there're only 2 frames, sometimes (and in this case it happens pretty often) it selects the same one, so it's kinda hard to spot the changing tempo because of that. At first, I had 3 frames (there also was italic font style), but it seemed a bit too much, so I reduced it to 2. While it was 3, it was a bit easier to spot the changing tempo. But still, thanks for the feedback! Every bit of it is some knowledge for the future)

Heh, that was interesting) Couldn't get past the "ghost box" though, but I like the visuals the the idea behind this game. Gj!

Well, that definitely was something original)  o_o

Interesting core idea, I can see a potential for the full game in it!

Interesting idea for a full fledged game, that's for sure!

Thank you, and yeah, I guess you're right. More like "one time experience")

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Hey, a good looking interesting stuff you got there) The only thing that would make it better is to write down/try to explain rules in a bit more obvious way. Other than that - gj!

Pretty cool one) Dat zombie sound tho :D

Awesome stuff.

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Haven't seen (at least not that I can remember of) the movement with a "shootable" rope in 3d games before, so that was quite interesting!

Thanks! Yeah, it can be a bit confusing at first, but I'm glad that you liked it)

Really interesting concept. The only thing that I could add is that it would be a bit nicer, if the collision turned on after some small amount of time (for red squares, I mean, after they enter the "arena) and not turned on all the time. That way you can avoid "deaths" by random squares that pop-up on player's sprite when you can't even see them yet on the screen. Other than that - cool idea!

Yeah, I think that maybe I should've made the "HP" number lower, so that the player could see the "damage" in a more obvious manner. And I'm really glad that you've found it interesting. Thanks for the thorough feedback, I appreciate it!

Heh, thanks! :)

Nice pixel spooks, man) Can see a zombie game made on the foundation of this. Or a full fledged maniac with an axe simulator, lol. Anyway, gj)

Pretty clever game mechanic!

Yeah, there's a lot of stuff that can be made to further develop the game, but since that was for the Jam and the time was limited, I'm kinda ok with what I got as the final result. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it! Glad that you've found it original :)

Yeah, probably should've added a small instruction on the start. Like "press 1 to change the font style" or something. Just really wanted to keep it as minimal as possible. Well, it's something to learn anyway, thanks for sharing the feedback!

Interesting. (Although, the sound of footsteps missed from my playthrough when I was approaching the market. But since it's Jam game, it's ok) Like the game.Gj!

Heh, nice one)

Heh, the irony) Good game.

Huh, that was pretty cool)

Interesting puzzle, although I guess it lagged on my playthrough and it wouldn't register the collision with the blue cube on one of the levels. But hey, that's a Jam game, so it doesn't really matter. What matter is that I was able to see the core idea and I liked it. I think it's a nice prototype to something that could be further developed in a full fleshed game. Gj!