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GMTK 2019 Game Jam
Submitted by larkkkattack (@larkkkattack), AlexQuesadaDev (@AlexQuesadaDev) — 1 hour, 39 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#5524.0714.071

Ranked from 14 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Very nice. I could play more of this. Very catchy. I love game mechanics based on physics.


Hey ty <3 Then stay tuned because we are going to polish the game to create a better experience with more interesting levels since these ones were a bit rushed due to jam time limitations =)


Great use of the theme. I've seen jumping games like this before but I love the unique way you handle enemies. That last level took me a minute to solve, I really wanted to kill the guy :) 


I'm glad you like it :) Soon you will have more ones to kill xD 


flawless... from my perspective.... this game deserved to be rated by more number of people

all the best for the rest of the jam
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I legitimately loved this game! The idea, execution, and aesthetic is so rad and I would love to play a much longer version of it! I do have some feedback if you would have it:

Feedback 1: When the player is near the edge of the screen it becomes hard to get a good jump because the cursor hits the edge of the screen.

Feedback 2: Killing the enemy seems to have no bearing on level progression. It would be so cool to see a "pacifist" and "genocide" type thing to make them more important.

Feedback 3: When in the air and trying to do another jump it is very difficult and finicky. It would feel super neat to have some kind of limited slow-mo when trying to do a double jump.

Other than that I think the game is already super fun and with a bit more works could be a killer!


Ohh ty so much for such full feedback! <3

1. We are thinking to do a port to mobile/tablets and by this we will also change that you can start to drag the jump for any point of the screen so you will not have this problem of running out of space on edges. 

2. You are completely right. Due to time limitation, some game design and mechanics were impossible to introduce, but as we are going to keep the development of the game we hope to polish and add more features :D

3. Actually, we did not plan to allow the player make a double jump, that was something completely out of the box haha but I really liked your idea of making it part of the game and intrude a slow-motion when you are doing the double jump. 

Having said that you are welcome to follow us if you want to be updated when we developed a new real game version :) 


Pretty cool one) Dat zombie sound tho :D


Nice game, I l iked how the guy hangs at walls. Took some time to get use to the controls


Thanks Jesus!


Really think this game has potential, I think you should continue working on it, add more levels. I think it was a little easy, maybe to up the difficulty add moving enemies? That being said, really liked it!


thank you <3

You are right, it's super easy. We had not enough time to make challenging levels and I agree, we should continue improving the game! /o/