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I agree, I was prepared to create different levels so that it had some progression but I ran out of time. Thanks for playing and rating.

Thanks for playing and rating! Certainly there are several bugs like the menu button and the space bar among others even worst xD I wanted to fix them and create more levels but I ran out of time so this is all I could upload before the end of the jam.

Ty pal! Maybe someday I will finish it and make an actual game >.< 

Thank you for the feedback really appreciate it. You are right about everything, but most of those things are because as I mentioned in the description the game is not finished. I hope to find some motivation and free time after my day job to work a bit on this to make a few more levels and polish all the little things you mentioned about take out screen button for the web version, etc. 

I miss some UI elements to display maybe some progress, numbers of deaths, etc but aside from that this game rocks! 

Wow, this game really makes me keep playing, very polished!

I'm glad you like it :) Soon you will have more ones to kill xD 

Hey ty <3 Then stay tuned because we are going to polish the game to create a better experience with more interesting levels since these ones were a bit rushed due to jam time limitations =)

Ohh ty so much for such full feedback! <3

1. We are thinking to do a port to mobile/tablets and by this we will also change that you can start to drag the jump for any point of the screen so you will not have this problem of running out of space on edges. 

2. You are completely right. Due to time limitation, some game design and mechanics were impossible to introduce, but as we are going to keep the development of the game we hope to polish and add more features :D

3. Actually, we did not plan to allow the player make a double jump, that was something completely out of the box haha but I really liked your idea of making it part of the game and intrude a slow-motion when you are doing the double jump. 

Having said that you are welcome to follow us if you want to be updated when we developed a new real game version :) 

Here is my entry :D Ty!

Here is my entry :D Ty!

Although the game has a simple art, the mechanics of these puzzles are fun. I would love to play a few more levels.

To play use a/d keys or arrows. You just have to try to save the falling people and make points every time you save someone. This is more a joke meme game for a Spanish community forum, that's why people have avatars in their faces, they are avatars of people that we know in the forum.

That was fast! Ty :)

Wonderful asset pack.

Just a couple notes:
-  The sheets for the items & objects are missing, there are only .gif where is more hard to work with. Would be nice to have the sprite-sheets animations like you put on the characters. 
- The forest tileset cames in x2 size. Nothing wrong with that but just people to know had to reduce it 50% to match the rest of the art pixel-per-unit. 

I am building a game with this beautiful art so looking for further packs with more tileset and enemies, maybe a fly type enemy would be cool. Thanks for your great work. 

poor cactus! haha nice work

Really nice! Just took me a little while to figure out that you have to use down key to put presents.

Thanks for playing and leave a comment :)