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Wanna rate & comment 80 games by tonight... Return the favour by rating mine ..already rated 55 games yestarday

A topic by GameDevToolmaker created Aug 07, 2019 Views: 538 Replies: 72
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Yesterday I had rated more than 55 games...(

I will rate the new ones..once I return home...meanwhile keep pouring your games....

Also kindly return the favour by trying my game, leaving feedback and rate it..when I will finish early Ng Ur game..I will comment on Ur game page..

No exit:

Your inspirational game and hardwork deserves to be appreciated and bring in to the light ..i will help it to be noticed by doing my part..



Have a nice day! Here we got our game, thank you in advance!

this one deserves more eyes! ... cutest artwork... and had a very good experience 

Deleted 352 days ago

Looks and feels good... cool music...

difficult but addictive game.. 


Thanks for doing this , here is my game

very good concept and well executed.. Need variation with enemy spawn position and distance.. 

all the best for the rest of the jam

return the favor by Trying mine and leave your feedback:

hey, could you check out our game, my best is 53. Enjoy!

Awesome game... has been playing this one for a while... 

Deleted 1 year ago

too good.... !! hope you get to be among top 10..

Deleted 1 year ago

Me and my friend made this puzzle game inspired by chess, where you control the knight only! Give it a try!

Awesome game ..rated!!

all the best for the rest of the jam
return the favor by Trying mine and leave your feedback:


We had a lot of fun with this one, hope you do too!

everything is good and juicy game play...  share it more in community to get it rated by others... I did my duty to get you noticed...


We're doing our best and thank you :)


It would be great if you play our game too!

this is a treat to my taste of game... rated as one of my best so far

Submitted (1 edit)

Hi! If you're into puzzle games you can try out mine!

Unfortunately, I can't try your game because I'm on mac :'( 

you gonna be in top 10 for sure... 

Submitted (1 edit)

I created solo this game using Godot engine for the first time ,It was a good experience and I learn a lot .

My game :

much deserved 15 stars.... this game gives me so much ideas...

here's mine

Liked your idea of he game... have been playing this for a while.... 

such a cool game... ! clever game mechanics..

this game goes straight to my collection library from the games in this jam... 

thanks dude


That's an ambitious goal, we'll see how you do! Here's Tunnel View, a 1D puzzle platformer, that definitely deserves your time =)

this game entices me...  am preserving this game in my collection... 

my game too

Nice concept!.. the thing you did with mouse, movement and shooting is very unique to me.... Would love to have few obstacles, change of colors for the bullets and enemies ... little more fidlling it has very good potential 

my game too

Submitted (2 edits)

Thanks in advance! Here my game:

I'll rate yours as well.


already rated you game but the provide link is broken... 


Thanks for letting me know, I fixed it.  Thank you so much for rating my game.


Dude! 80 games, that's a valiant effort :)

Consider yourself rated and check out ours here! Woop! 

rated already


Here is my entry :D Ty!

flawless... from my perspective.... this game deserved to be rated by more number of people

Submitted (1 edit)

Left a rating and comment, great game! Feel free to try out my one button game if you like.

Most beautiful game ...   people must play and rate this more... 

can you make this full experience after the jam..  ?


Thanks! Definitely a possibility. I have a few ideas on how to make this a full game.

Check out our entry! Will play yours when I am able later on!

already rated from different post


Here is my platformer, with deadly overpowered power-ups and 11 challenging levels! Give it a try!

intriguing.... can you add crt effect/shader.... would be cherry on top 


If you're into spooky mansions, narrative-heavy games and light bulb management, you could check out our game, Tread Lightly

And don't forget to tell us what you think, we would greatly appreciate it :)

rated it already bro...among one of the best ;) 

all the best for the rest of the jam
return the favor by Trying mine and leave your feedback:


We'd love if you gave ours a try and leave a rating!

congratulations bro! you have gained yourself a fan... 

superb game...


This is our game!


A dungeon crawler where you can only recruit one member at a time! 

Rate for a rate!

this entry reminds me of my childhood days!!..  cool game nice music are so clever with the art style... 


Gonna check your game right now.

If you wanna check ours, here it is:

such a cool game... ! clever game mechanics..

this game goes straight to my collection library from the games in this jam... 


On it!!! Meanwhile here is mine good sir:

you really killed it man.... !! props ... 

share it among community to get it rated by more people...


Here is my game .

this game needs to be recognized by others...  cool and flawless


I'd love if you could check mine out, I'm gonna go test out your game right now!

(1 edit)

15 stars.... open your pocket and take it... 

plz release the full version on ready to pay... 


Here's mine:, will check out yours right now

very good game... rated


Our game is named Impulse. This tricky, single-level game will put your platforming abilities to the test. 

What's waiting for you in the dark? Only One way to find out. Be Impulsive and take a leap of faith. 

Good luck, and thank you for playing. 

Only One Sprite was used to make Only One Level, and you get Only One Pulse to help you out. 


control worked fine for me...  am liking it so far... 

don't you think a metal music would be best suited for this game... 

Finished ratting all the posted games... All the best to everyone ... If someone new came your games over here..  I will be up for few more hours... 


Here's another one!

this is hooked me for a while


Hey, try out our game about smashing enemies of your tribe using only one spear'o'hammer (you have to pick it up after throw)!

Here is a trailer

well deserve time invested in playing it..


Here's my arcade game: Have fun :) I'll play and rate your game, too!

Rated... cool game and the camerawork is simply amazing... 


Here is my puzzle game:

have fun!

bro i've already rated your game 13 hrs ago... 

I you haven't tried mine then check it out and leave your feedback:

All the best for the rest of the jam 


oh sorry! I've been switching between multiple devices haha. Thanks mate i had a look at yours ;-)

Submitted (1 edit)

Here's ours. Would love some feedback :)

This is THE GAME... Amazing concept.. once i get the hang of it..its game flow  has so much of fun..

share this game more in community...


Hey, are you up for a challenge? Try to finish our first game jam submission!

"One Item: Yo-Yo". Use your yo-yo to push, pull and swing yourself out of this crypt in 3 levels focusing on three mechanics using "only one" item.