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This was a pretty good simulation of what it feels like to stand at the chalk board in a class ;)

I really enjoyed my journey up this "little" tower. The pseudo 3D visuals of the tower were really cool to watch. The platforming was solid and transforming into the ghost was a cute surprise.

 Finally someone understands the name :D

 A quick tutorial text would help a lot I agree.  Thanks for playing and your feedback.

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Loved it. Full points. I hope you get to building that lighting one day ;)

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"Adherence to the Theme" 11/5! I am sure this will end up in the video. I love that I can play against AI or player.

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Ha! That was fun. Maybe the smallest game still fitting the jam's theme. High points!

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Very quick to get into. Lots of depth nonetheless. High points!

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I really enjoyed the "deck building"! Full points!

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Very well done. I love how the many corpses and used up guns stay around and pile up all over the floor :)

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Very lovely puzzles. They get difficult & complex real quick. I am not much of a puzzles myself, but this is definitely a winner of the Game Jam to me!

Thanks for the many comments. I wrote up a quick dev log where I go into more detail about your questions: Game Jam Design Proccess

Hehe yes, the AI indeed simply searches for a free space.

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I honestly came up with the idea myself during the first two hours of the jam. But I am realistic enough that I didn't expect to be the first one to work on a TicTacToe variant. Numberphile is even a channel I often watch, but I did not see that video before.

My biggest criteria was that I do something I know I can finish in time anyways.

Thanks. The board sizes is an interesting idea. I might give it a try after the jam!

Played and rated your game.

Really enjoyed this one. MechRauser!

This one is impressed me quite a bit:

Play's like a Wario's Warehouse level. Quick, fun and to the point!

I also enjoyed shooting the beam. Sorry to hear that it didn't work out. There's always next year!

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Very cute Dodo's :D

Very beautiful page design.