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A tic-tac-toe variant where both players use "only one" symbol: The noughts!
Submitted by Kunstbanause (@Kunstbanause) — 3 hours, 20 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#7423.8973.897

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Congratulations for the game! I loved how the mechanics were designed to fit the theme. Rated <3

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Clever puzzle game made in Unreal Engine! I like it.


Great concept and this game has got me thinking more than any other in the jam I played so far. The AI is clearly not very "intelligent" (I read the dev log) since I won the 3 board level when it made a stupid mistake on the last move. However I think if you made the AI too good then it would play a perfect strategy and probably who can win is just a function of who goes first, or it's always a draw. So difficult question of how to improve it, and I have no answers. Great idea and implementation anyway.


Fun concept!

But it gets easy rather quickly!


Pretty nice twist on the original game, especially with more boards.


That was fun !
When you try to win but it's actually the opposite :P Haha fun time.
The concept is simple, yet effective !

Did you try applying this concept to the connect 4 or other games ? or did you choose right away choose tic-tac-toe ?

Plus you wrote a dev blog. I will for sure read it :)
Good submission and good job !

If you want to check mine it's here :


Loved it, specially the name.

It goes from "I don't understand how it works" to "ooooh" as soon as you understand the implications of "Whoever locks the last board looses the game".

I read on the devlong about how this is your first jam and an advice/feedback I would give is about the game's controls and rules: There's a decent chance a player won't read the game's page on how to play and even if they do, there's still a decent chance it just didn't stick on their minds.

I think even a single right sentence like "Don't be the last to place a piece" or "Try to lose" would be enough to make players understand once they have the context during the game, but not by reading it before.


 Finally someone understands the name :D

 A quick tutorial text would help a lot I agree.  Thanks for playing and your feedback.


Thanks for the many comments. I wrote up a quick dev log where I go into more detail about your questions: Game Jam Design Proccess


That was fun. I am glad you included local multiplayer as an option.
 Does the AI just place pieces randomly?

If you get a chance, please rate my game:


Hehe yes, the AI indeed simply searches for a free space.


I like the reversal of the rules of tic tac toe, especially once there are more boards it becomes really interesting! I have a little trouble seeing the theme here, but other than that it is a really nice game!


This is an interesting concept, reversing the goals of ticktock toe. This game reminds of simple games like mine sweeper. 

Cool Game!

If you have the chance can you try out our entry:


Fairly simplistic, but nice twist on the original game. Especially liked the inclusion of multiple boards which are played simultaneously. Could have been even better with varying board sizes!

My game: (playable in browser, not mobile friendly)


Thanks. The board sizes is an interesting idea. I might give it a try after the jam!

Played and rated your game.


Clean and polished, well done.

Deleted 3 years ago
Developer (1 edit)

I honestly came up with the idea myself during the first two hours of the jam. But I am realistic enough that I didn't expect to be the first one to work on a TicTacToe variant. Numberphile is even a channel I often watch, but I did not see that video before.

My biggest criteria was that I do something I know I can finish in time anyways.


Really appealing puzzle game, its a great design. The AI was easily beatable, and just like with the original the player who goes first is bound to win.

Overall a really solid entry.


I loved the game , it's a great twist on a classic game and i love that you can play with a friend with a bit more level this could be a very great game


Looks nice, simple controls, found no bugs, fit the theme. Too bad it already exists as a game, but if you thought of it yourself then kudos :)


This is a great concept. It could be turned into a great table top game :)