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Thanks! For sure I ran out of time to set up the actual game and interactions the way I originally had in mind. Turns out it's kind of hard to work out where to put stuff... So yes it really just is a prototype at the moment. Maybe I will do some more work on this idea.

Great adherence to the theme for sure. Good job on a challenging concept, stays interesting despite the (very) limited visuals! I wonder if it could be made into a purely audio game. That might be interesting.

Nice graphic style and very entertaining.

Great concept and this game has got me thinking more than any other in the jam I played so far. The AI is clearly not very "intelligent" (I read the dev log) since I won the 3 board level when it made a stupid mistake on the last move. However I think if you made the AI too good then it would play a perfect strategy and probably who can win is just a function of who goes first, or it's always a draw. So difficult question of how to improve it, and I have no answers. Great idea and implementation anyway.

Reminded me of solitaire where you have to have one peg left. Enjoyable although the rule set is perhaps a bit too complex to keep in your head at once, I mean the jumping over thing, having to have one left and the cross disappearing, makes it hard to project ahead more than one move. Always pleased to see a PICO-8 entry though!

I like it, voice-over is both terrifying and hilarious. Maybe the difficulty curve is a bit steep, with quite a lot of trial and error (for me anyway). Great concept though, probably could take it further in a lot of ways.

Nice take a on a classic puzzle. Could be improved witha few more visual or sound cues, such as when something gets eaten, or an indication of which levels are locked or unlocked. Still, makes me want to beat it though and I will come back to it after I've rated a few more games. Also matches the theme as a 1-dimensional game, since you can only move left and right, so an extra star for that!

Really nice game, simple but clever mechanic that can be figured out without any explanation. Makes you feel smart when you figure it out.

Thanks for giving it another go!

Hey, thanks for playing! The goal is to get the star, which at the start is of course too high to reach. However it's about the journey really!

Ah you have to pick up a potion first I think? Go to the left and you will find one. Worth playing again if you have a chance, since there's a bit more to it!

Love the graphic style and movement, quite challenging but fun to play!

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Currently only 14, so any ratings appreciated, thanks!

Plays very nicely for me in a browser.  Great job!

Thanks for the comment!

Interesting question, it's not a spatial dimension or "direction" as such, but it adds a kind of additional dynamic that gets past the limitation. Like, by analogy, if you could do it in real life then that wouldn't make space four dimensional. But it would certainly make going for a walk more interesting!

Is there is a discord server forthis jam, or anyone interested to host one?

Plays really nicely, great job!