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One dimensional game submission to GMTK jam - move left and right only!
Submitted by varinon (@varinon) — 4 hours, 10 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#8323.7743.774

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There should be more interactions. Nonetheless, as a prototype it's so good concept!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks! For sure I ran out of time to set up the actual game and interactions the way I originally had in mind. Turns out it's kind of hard to work out where to put stuff... So yes it really just is a prototype at the moment. Maybe I will do some more work on this idea.


I really dig the implementation! How the horizontal world loops, how you can see potions from other vertical dimensions as smaller or bigger potions that are out of reach and how the background shifts, when you take a potion. Heck, even the enemies shift from being dangerous to completely harmless or vice versa. Really well done!


Very impressive entry. However I did not have much fun playing it. The enemies were sparse enought that they didn't offer much challenge and it felt like I walked a long distance without finding anything of interest besides the art. I really like how the world loops in on itself but I beat the goal without actively pursuing the star. Extremely original. Good Job!


I love this concept, and the execution is amazing, but I feel like theres a lot of 'potench' with this game. One change I think would be beneficial would be to decrease the time it takes between potions


very neat, i like the concept and the visual presentation is just great


Interesting how you implemented the theme, the potions to change size whenever you like with them being stored in inventory is a really cool concept, i got quite surprised when i saw you could grow even bigger than the regular size.

The retro look is spot on and has that nice old computer look more than console :)

Don't know what else i could add, nice little entry well done :)


Amazing. It took me a while to realise I'd already got the star. Different perspectives on the same cyclic world :-)


Woow I just played it again and it's genious!!! Nice job! 


Thanks for giving it another go!


Ver nice use of theme, also the mechanic (potions) to avoid obstacles is nice. The only one thing, I didn't quite get, is there some goal?

But overall nice entry!


Hey, thanks for playing! The goal is to get the star, which at the start is of course too high to reach. However it's about the journey really!


AH! I see, thanks for the explanation.


I really like the visuals, it looks super nostalgic and moody! Unfortunately, my up/down arrows didn't seem to work or do anything, so I couldn't really progress in the game :'( maybe it's a bug? I'd like to play more!


Ah you have to pick up a potion first I think? Go to the left and you will find one. Worth playing again if you have a chance, since there's a bit more to it!


Really cool! I didn't realise for a while that the little blue/red sparkly things are actually motions on smaller levels. It's almost like a sort of dimension warp. Love me a bit of PICO-8 too!


Amazing game! Love the artstyle and the shrink/grow mechanic is brilliant.


That's genius, I could never make something like this! :O

5/5 dude

Submitted (1 edit)

Huh, we had thought about making a one-dimensional game, but we were stuck in the mindset that that dimension would not be able to have thickness. This game takes away all other dimensions of movement, but leaves the visuals as is. Smart!

Question: isn't the magic power also a kind of directional movement?


Thanks for the comment!

Interesting question, it's not a spatial dimension or "direction" as such, but it adds a kind of additional dynamic that gets past the limitation. Like, by analogy, if you could do it in real life then that wouldn't make space four dimensional. But it would certainly make going for a walk more interesting!


You know about string theory, and about how the theory requires up to eleven dimension? Those extra dimensions were proposed to be curled up in themselves and eith a kind of circular nature. So kind of like you described ;)


Super cool idea! Neer would have thought of that! 5 stars!