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Really intense! I do feel like the graphics are lacking a little, but it was quite chaotic and I liked it.

Great concept and really fun to play! I did run into problems multiple times where I died right after winning though.

Really original and polished concept! I do want more levels of this, but oh well. It is a game jam!

Yeah, that's what happens when you create art intending to replace the models but then realize you don't really know how to replace them.

Cool! You might have your some of your own messages pop up when you join in later,  there's still a few bugs with getting the messages that I didn't have time to sort out

DAMN this story hit me really hard, especially since I'm a person whose had a lot of friendships that fade away. You perfectly captured the feeling of how an online friendship evolves, and you did it with really distinctive character voices. The only things I'd suggest is to make the screen look more like twitter and to make the character voices slowly change as they grow older.

Thank you! You probably didn't get any messages because none have been sent today, but thank you for sending some! Oh, and the bird is named Ava because I thought it was a good idea for a bird, would have been kinda creepy to read it from the computer user name.

Amazing mood and music, though I couldn't eat any food so I wasn't able to finish

Great game with a style that I really like! It's really amazing how much good lighting can do for a game. In terms of the puzzling, it feels like snake but as a puzzle game, and in a very good way. You did a really good job at introducing the puzzle mechanics, even though I didn't go to the how to play section. One thing I would change is to have the death screen pre-loaded so you don't have to wait for that extra loading screen and can just transition smoothly to the death screen (and back once the player hits restart)

I keep forgetting to comment on the rate page so you're more likely to see it, but I left my feedback on your game page

Even with only one level, the game managed to introduce and utilize multiple ideas, and the exceptional puzzle design allowed for an experience that I definitely want more of. The only thing that I had a problem with when the moveable block was setup. It wasn't entirely clear to me that I was able to move the block and that it was part of the environment until the e popped up. I think it might have been better to have the block be completely blocking your path so that when you run into it you realize that you can move it. Amazing game nonetheless.

Great game! Super simple, but hard to get a high score on. Even when I thought I knew when to throw the toilet paper, I still managed to miss sometimes (I'm not very good at these types of games though)

Thank you! It was basically the first idea that I had when I heard the theme

Thanks! I wanted to add more detail into the paper planes' animation, but I ran out of time

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Thanks! Hopefully I can expand the game a little bit in a future to make it even more relaxing (different environments, vr, etc.)

Anyways, great game and great characters!

The "not stonks" joke got me

A short, but fun game with a simple concept, though I kept falling into a void and in my run where "everyone got to safety" I accidentally left everyone behind with the boxes

Wow, what a brilliant game with an amazing style. Good job on the sound effects and music too! I just wish it was a bit longer, but with the restrictions on the jam, I understand why that couldn't be. Maybe you could work to make it longer once the jam is over?

I posted a comment on your main page instead of here, whoops

Fun game and a cool concept, I just wish the penguin movement was a bit less finicky and some music would be a nice addition

thank you! I'm glad you feel that way about it, because that's the intention

Great puzzles and what a fun concept! It reminds me of fireboy and watergirl, but for some reason it feels much more like the two characters are working together, and the theme of solidarity really shines (especially when you use one to lift the other up). One issue I have is that the physics on the boxes is kind of hard to control, and I found myself getting somewhat stuck and having to pull off weird manuvers to get the boxes where I needed them.

An amazing concept with really good execution, but I got stuck at one of the levels, which was pretty frusterating

Thanks for the feedback! The last level is super long and hard, even I couldn't figure it out and I made it!

By far one of my favourite games this jam. It may be short, but the design and concept of this game carry it a long way, so even without the character or great art I would still have fun! Also, I loved that ending screen. Great job!

Thanks for the feedback! Im glass you liked it! I'm not sure why that happened at the end. It should take you to an ending screen, but that might be a big with the built version. I didnt really have time to beat the last level after I built it, so its probably just a bug.

I love this concept, and the execution is amazing, but I feel like theres a lot of 'potench' with this game. One change I think would be beneficial would be to decrease the time it takes between potions

This game is really easy to pick up and learn, and the design of the first few levels help with this. I do feel like there needs to be some warning on what's coming next though, because I found myself getting stuck really easily when I didn't have the right abilities

Great game with some good design, but I think there needs to be a way to stop completely, because I find myself having to time my slowness too much when coming close to enemies

Thanks! I think the audio game idea could work, but I feel like there would be too much happening sound-wise. Limiting the information giving through visuals to one color at a time definitly forced me to make the game more auditory-based

Amazing idea, and while it's super hard to figure out some of the puzzles, it makes it feel like you really are programming and when you figure out a puzzle, you know that you've completed it even before you reach the goal

Thanks for the feedback! I had no idea how this game was going to turn out, but I'm glad that you thought it was good!

Oh, thank you. I wasn't sure if the colors would be too intense and if any flashing would trigger seizures, but I'll make not of that. I can't change anything during the jam, but I can for sure add a seizure warning.

Thanks! I'm really glad you like it!

Lol, thanks a ton!

Fantastic game! I loved almost everything about it, but it was pretty frusterating when I died. Great game though!

Thanks! I'll be sure to check your's out!

Heres my game: It's a puzzle game with only one pixel. I only have 11 ratings so far, so please check it out and rate it! You should probably read the page though so you understand how to play