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I love the puzzle design! Good job.

Concept and visuals are awesome! Game's kinda hard, but I nailed it 8)

I like the concept, but the margin for error could be a little bit higher, because it's so frustrating me at this point d;

Concept is fun and simple. Movement could be a little bit better.

I love games with physics. There is so much fun with them!

Maybe design isn't perfect, but the concept and adherence to the theme are so good!

Level 'stuck' stucked me at all :c. But the game and idea are awesome!

There should be more interactions. Nonetheless, as a prototype it's so good concept!

Have A LOOOT fun with my brother while playing it! Awesome job!

Best game I've played in this jam so far!

nailed it!

Concept and additional apples are great!

I love the idea so much! Pilot is actually safe now :D

I see your entries in every jam I participated/planned to participate :D

Mechanic and idea are fairly simple, but it's also pretty fun to play. Good job!

To be honest, it's my first time with game made with RPG Maker and... it was a pretty fun experience :D

It's garage. It's closed so you need to open it.
I'm happy you liked something here!

Love it! Solid game.

Oh, I love the concept!

Wow, I won! I like this type of games to chill out. Good job!

It also can be called as a "basket".

Figure something out with those. One tip: there is one static "column". You can also do something with it.

Game has a really unique concept and it has a big potential.

One thing I would change is movement system. I would inverse direction-setting. Directing forward your character is way more friendly than directing backward.

Anyway, solid game! Keep it up!

Wow, I won!

Beautiful game. I probably found it somewhere under "rougelike" tag and I'm so glad I found this game! Simple idea, but the gameplay is really addictive and I love it. Art is also such a great thing! Keep it up!

 this kind of movement is really specific and interesting. I don't say it's bad, I like it, to be honest.

Idea is simple, but really nice and has a lot of potential.

Game is interesting, but it would be better if you maybe made map a bit bigger with more planets, because current map is so small and it may makes player a little bit bored in a while.

Very nice entry although. Good job!

Really cool concept (reminds me one game :D). Music didn't push me to turn off it and graphics are eye-pleasing.

Unfortunately, there is no point I would come to it, game is fun, but it always leads me to defeat, because of e.g. buildings that destroys my planet.

Nice entry although, keep it up!

This game is great! Audio is really nice and appealing. I love concept for this game, one of the best idea in this jam! Maybe graphics could be better and you could add some UI for e.g. health of asteroids, but game looks so polished and smooth. You've done very brilliant job! (I made new bookmark with link to this game <3)

Cool game. I love that every boss has different style of movement and attacking. Music and graphics are also good, but in my opinion they doesn't fit to each other (but they are good).

You could also add some benefits (e.g. money for more upgrades) for destroying more asteroids, because I can stay in one position and shooting all the time without losing too much health. Part of the game when you are fighting with boss is cool.

In overall, really nice entry, well done!

Graphics in the game are great (I love black outlines of the models).

Music is nice, but I think it doesn't fit to the game theme (but it's nice).

There are also some things I would change: Player movement - rotation by A/D keys is a little bit unresponsible, I would like to move it by my mouse. Second thing is that some distance between e.g.columns are too long. You could reposition them.

In overall really cool entry. Good job!

Nice, little, well done game. I love graphics and simple concept for this (I think it has potential for good mobile game). You've done really great job!

Oh, I was so laughing (espesially at brackeys and btp parts) :D. You made a great job. To be honest one thing I would add is only more profiles. Well done!

Concept is really interesting and graphics looks really nice, childish and simple.

Regrettably, main mechanic seems to be so buggy. Sometimes character flips upside down and can't move. Sometimes character stacks in my drawn lines. You should fix them. This bugs are really frustating.

It isn't mean that the game isn't good. Basically it looks a little bit ragged. Good job although!

Little, fun game for chill out.

Only one thing - game is so repetitive and slow, then after few minutes you are simple bored. Maybe you could add some asteroids you mustn't touch, or speed up planets' movement or add something else to add a twist to your game.

Rest of game is nice. I love your vector graphics!

Oh really, I had to missed it :( Nevermind, game was so fun even with movement sounds!

Oh, To be honest, I didn't think someone likes downloading games instead playing them in browser, but maybe I will make downloadable version too.

Other features sounds good and I could add them, but I don't know I will do that. Probably, I will focus on my other, bigger projects.

Thanks for feedback tho!

Oh yeah, this game is fantastic! Pretty nice-looking simple pixel art with AWESOME music and really interesting idea for movement!

Only thing I would change is music when you moving your character. It's not bad, but I would listen to main soundtrack only (just my feeling).

In overall, I think I can say it's one of the best entry in this whole game jam. I'm glad I could play it! Good job!

Interesting concept, really original. I really stacked on 2nd level, because I didn't know about 'S' button and I think you should add information about it in-game. Good job tho!

Hmm, weird. It's working for me and for other people I was talking with. Maybe your browser is not able to open WebGL games, I have no idea.