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The Fakeprofile Simulator. Created for Brackeys Game Jam #2 by F4B1
Submitted by F4B1 — 8 hours, 32 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#1073.1303.130

Ranked from 54 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Adolf Hitler, Revived :D

I didn't see this concept coming at all!

I appreciate the humor and the caricatures profile pics

Played till the end and had a good time :D


Wow this was very funny! I really had some laughs on the profile descriptions and your drawings are so hilarious that I like them even more! :D 


Haha I also wanted to make a game that involved something with tinder but it was too big and didn´t finish it :(


Very nice ahahah ! Awesome. I whish there was an option to see every people character but yah, that's fine !


Oh, I was so laughing (espesially at brackeys and btp parts) :D. You made a great job. To be honest one thing I would add is only more profiles. Well done!


Hi good game but it s quite short.

your feedback will be awesome


Hey funny idea. Was a bit shocked by the A with the H... but maybe that's because im German and we are not so funny :P


Thanks for Playing, but I'm german too :D


Nice idea, funny profiles, matching graphics style. Very nice execution. You'll for sure have lot of ratings and views cause of that minature hehe


This game is pretty interesting!
I like the part that Hitler is revived and his profile is real lol


I love your profile designer and the game play was solid. Great job.


Great thought, would've loved to see what you could've done with more shit maybe your own app.. Lol


Well done! I had a lot of fun and I loved the idea!
But as it was entertaining in its way, it was a pitty that there were no real goal except guessing which profile was real or not. I wished to see something toward the end, but by the way cool entry, well done :)

Jam Judge(+1)

Funny and entertaining game with an unique game idea. Good job done here and i am sure your game will receive some nice feedback.


Nice twist to an existing app :)! Good idea and fun to play.


So this reminded me of Papers Please. I really enjoyed it! There were a couple though that I'm trying to figure out why I got wrong. For example, you had an Adolf Hitler one and it said he was revived. I was like, OK he's revived so I clicked real. I wasn't sure if within the "world" of this game if that was a thing or not, there wasn't enough info in the profile itself to make that determination so we had to use outside knowledge e.g. that Hitler is dead, to pick the correct choice. I think that's a little bit unfair since I was trying to find real/not real based ONLY on info in the profile.

This is just nitpicking though because I really enjoyed this.


This was a blast to play, honestly. Just about every profile had me cracking up.
Was kinda disappointed to see the Hitler profile being a fake with the description "Yo, I'm back". It would've been a good reference to the totally obscure German movie "Er ist wieder da", but can't have it all, I guess.
Great game regardless! 
(Plus points for having the French person be fake. We all know France is fake anyway.)


Really funny. I couldn't figure out the pattern but every profile had me laughing. Cute audio too. One suggestion I have is to make your UI more neat and crisp!

In all great fit to the theme. Nice!


It was a bit hard to understand at the start, but pretty fun once you get the hang of it


Really interesting game :p I had trouble some time to understand if it was fake or real. I didn't get the exact pattern, maybe i am not clever enough haha. I enjoyed the humor inside the game!