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Submitted by NowPlaying — 16 hours, 16 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#253.8203.820

Ranked from 61 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Took me a while to find someone to play with and I sure am glad I did.

We both had a hand raised up to hide the other's side of the screen.

Describing to each other what we see and why the other died was a fun and novel experience.
"Now jump left and up. Yes exact- NO STOP JUMPING!!" *Poof* :D

The gameplay was solid with fitting art style.

The melancholic background music was very fitting!

Solid game from all angles and definitely one of the best entries in the jam 



Your graphics are so beautiful. Well done man! 


I played it alone so my brain is not functioning very well atm
Controlling left character with arrows and right one with wasd is confusing :D

For the 1st level i think the switch that u need to jump on is useless tbh and its frustrating when u made it with the girl and then u realise u have to use her to help the boy go up and then! 2nd switch is actually above and does the same thing as 1st one so u start wondering why would u even bother playing with the 1st one

2nd level (got 7 hearts, 3 diamonds, 4 spades and 7 clubs?) i dont remember but i couldnt open the door and i felt stupid coz i didnt want to write everything down + i wasnt sure if im inputing the code correctly

3rd level! Best one imho. I think playing that level with friend and yelling: Little more to the left! Fast! would be great and very fun!

I like that u have tried implementing few puzzles and if tbh i liked all of them :D
Only if i wasnt so lazy i would probably solve the 2nd level :D
Really like the simplicity of graphics and the mood of music.
Overall very cool idea and on point with the theme
Good job


Thanks for your playing! Glad you like my work :D
I design 3 stage with different target concept. Stage 1 is about basic platform jumping, Stage 2 require more information changing, and Stage 3 needs both player control and yell to each other at the same time. But I believe it is still challenging and interesting playing alone.
By the way, I put that platform which require pixel-perfect jump in Stage 1 just for fun lol 


I tried playing it in my browser but for some reason it is not loading, I'll see what I can do but at the moment I can't play, sorry :(


Ok, still appreciate :)


The game is fun and the music is awesome. What I liked the most was the concept of the game.

If you can add an online multiplayer with voice support will make this game will get even better.


Thanks for playing!
I want to make this game online-playable too, just don't know how to do it in 7 days lol
But sure, I believe I will make that in the future :D


Forever Alone

I played it as 2 Player because i have noone here to Play with, its also hard to Split a Computer Screen so that you cannot see the other Player,

But Hell, even you dont do that its Challenging and its Amazing. Beautiful Graphics. Very nice Sounds and Music. Overall on of the Best submissions i played so far!

After the First Explosion of the Body i was Shocked, so Brutally!!!!

  • Theme: 10/10
  • Fun: 8/10
  • Brutality: 15/10, im still shocked about the Body Explodes
  • Challenging: 8/10 | But maybe im just not good at this Kind of Games.

In The First Level i had this weird Bug i had to Restart. When you set the Plattform to a specific Position and then rund into the Gap the Character still is in the Air and floating.

Really good Work. You should improve that Game and think about a Release. I Think this kind of Game would be really cool for Nintendo Switch.


Glad you enjoy my game!
It took me and my roommate a lot of times drawing and composing. Glad it turn out to be worthy :D
By the way, I once think about making this game even more brutal by leaving some blood on the place you die, but eventually remove that since it is a little bit too far from the love theme lol
Anyway, thanks for your playing, I will keep working on it!

Also I will go check how's that bug happened, thanks for telling me that :)

Jam Judge(+1)

I have played it for a longer period this time and i have to admit, you deserve a longer and better comment. Alright, so the background music is very amazing, especially on the 2. level. It was so emotional. Everything about the game seems to be awesome and fits totally to the game jam theme.  While playing your game,  i think i found out  the real idea behind your game. You are dependent on the other player, and the other player is totally dependent on you, which means you can not play this alone, just like the real life. You earned some serious respect my friend. Thanks for participating. People like you make this community amazing.


Glad I can hear more from the one and only wise Yoda :D
Again,thanks for your playing! 


I had time to play with my GF, her words: "That's too hard", as it looks like our coordination is totally OFF! :D By me it's great game ;) I don't mind hard games


nah, your coordination is fine, I just made this game way too hard lol
Anyway, glad you like my work. Thanks for your playing :D


Innovative, check.

Fun, check.

Good stuff, check.

Thanks for the awesoem submission, mate! Real good stuff.


Glad you like my work. Thanks for your playing :D


Hi I really enjoyed playing your game! The music is nice and the gameplay is fun. I think that the player control is not the best because it's too slow.. But overall good job!


I like the old school Mario-like control, but maybe it is not so good design your game like this now :/
Anyway, thanks for your playing :D


This was one of the best games in this jam i have played so far. The visuals are simple, yet the are enough. The idea is great. I had no one to play with, but i can imagine it would be really fun. Probably a little hard, because i struggled even when i saw everything (I'm actually not sure how to finish the first level :D). I think the music could be improved. Overall a very good game.


Thanks,glad you like my work!
I make a post-jam version  of the game, which make the game easier and tell you where you should go at Stage 1, maybe you can give it a try :D
Anyway, thanks for your playing :D


This one is a great idea. It forces you to communicate to survive and reach the end of the level. Its hard to just control your character by what the other one sees. The game is also presented in a cute artstyle.


Thanks, glad you like my work!
This game is even more fun playing in two player because you can watch them fall and being surprise XD
Anyway, thanks for your playing :D


Guiding your team mate is a really neat idea. I wonder if it really does make the two players work together rather then lure each other to uncertain death.  This game has given me more ideas then others! Perhaps a sequal could involve both a double win-state and a single win-state so the two characters could betray each other? With an online-multiplayer element this game could really open up!


But I would rather not include betray element in my game, because this is "Love is blind" game jam after all XD
Anyway, glad you like my work, I hope you can do an awesome game form the idea you was inspired by my game.
Thanks for your playing :D


From Oscar Wilde's Ballard of Reading Gaol:

"Some love too little, some too long,
 Some sell, and others buy;
Some do the deed with many tears,
 And some without a sigh:
For each man kills the thing he loves,
 Yet each man does not die.


Cool, I will think about it lol


I just could play it solo. But i really like the idea with the screen split, couch coop should be reborn :)
Your game really fits the jam!


Thanks, I really put a lot of effort in it.
Glad you like my work, and thanks for your playing :)


Actually played this with my GF. She's bad at games. Can say I had fun watching her flip. 10/10 will play again.

Also the blinder thing feels like, the days off sticking screen layers on TVs. 

Great job. 5*

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for your playing.!
I think the most interesting part of my game is watching your partner fall down lol
Glad you like my work, I hope you can find some fun next time you play it.

Hint for Stage 1:
There is a hard way to beat the stage with pixel-perfect jumps
and a easy way that only need to press the same button twice to find out  ;)
Hope you enjoy the game with your GF :D

( I will play your game soon btw XD )


This was very fun! We ended up taking down our blinder, but the challenge was still there! This game feels fleshed out, and it seems a lot of work was put into it. Definitely the best I've played this jam so far!

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Sincerely, you guys are the best player I know in the game-jam.

My game need two player to fully experience the joy, but most of the player can only play by alone, and therefore feel bored instantly and didn't spend too much time on my game.  Besides, I know my game is a little too hard because of the stage design, but you  keep trying it even though you think my game is a little bit frustrated.  At the end, you guys are the only player I know get that Red Ribbon after clear all the stage. (Besides my friend lol) I almost cried out when watching the stream, and I feel all my work these days is worthy it, just because of you.

I have say this a lot of time before, but I never know what their true meaning until now.
Thanks for your playing, deep from my heart.

Btw, maybe you can watch this video if you have some time.
There is a easy way to pass through Stage 1, but I accidentally make the hard way too obvious so everyone just want to go there and do the pixel-perfect jumpsing XD .
I think I will try to fix this in the future :)


It was very fun to play! Even with the pixel perfect jumping, it was very fun! 




Loved it, the concept is great and the game is beautiful.


Thanks !
This is the first time I have to draw for my game.
So I choose silhouette as my main style, because is easy to me to draw.
Glad it turn out to be beautiful XD

Thanks for your playing !


Loved the game mechanic and overall game but the difficulty  gets maybe a bit too hard too fast.  I really love seeing co-op games and would love to play them with my loved one.  I hope you will continue working on it, because I think it would be really fun to play these kind of games more. :) 

Developer (2 edits)

Thanks !
I really put a lot of effort on it, trying to make this game as interesting as I can.
Sadly it seems that I put too much effort on it and make this game way too hard lol 
Anyway I will keep working on this project, and glad you enjoy my work.
Thanks for your playing.

By the way, please watch this video first if you think the game is too hard right now.
There is two way to complete Stage 1 , but I think everyone try to go the hard way instead of the easy one because it is more visible...
(But that is truly my fault, I will fix that in the future lol )


Very creative approach to the topic! I haven't anyone to play with me, but the concept is awesome.


Thanks, it really took me a lot of time to come up with it.

I also want to make this game online-connectable, but I don't have enough time to do that. So this game turn out to be what it looks like, you have to take a piece of paper to separate the screen lol.

Anyway, glad you like it, and thanks for your playing :D


I really like this kind of Co-Op Games! Very cool idea!


Thanks, it really took me a lot of time to come up with it.

I also want to make this game online-connectable, but I don't have enough time to do that.
So this game turn out to be what it looks like, you have to take a piece of paper to separate the screen lol.

Anyway, glad you like it, and thanks for your playing :D

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