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Currently not. But you can try "Parsec" it just works fine :)

What kind of controller do you use? XBox Controller does work 100% others are just experimental and not official supported for now

Thank you really much :) And greetings to  your cousin^^

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The new mac version is suddenly not online because im on vacation. I'll upload the new patch probably in about 2 weeks, sry for that:(

Thats  intended, because its our gamescom version and we forgot to disable it for itch ... sorry for that we will fix this soon. Im currently on vacation.

Currently we are not able to test or configure this because we don't have ps4 controllers. A friend of mine has also a ps4 controller and could play the game without problems. Maybe you can change some InputMapper settings?

That's cute! Thank you :)

Thank you that you like it :) We are really happy if someone is shareing content with us... you guys are absolute amazing! 

Which OS do you have?

Thats sounds really weird, because you are the first with these issue 

Can you give me the exact controller name? So i can try to do something. Or are you speaking about the steam controller? I have one but never tested it with Wild Woods.

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I had to come back because i watched your video twice now... because you are just so funny to watch! You have a new subscriber now :)
Btw. slay the spire was one reference we used for the crossroads but its not fully implemented.

And ... a little cheat just for you. If you press the right thumbstick in the menu... a hidden "Boss Only" menu item appears :) So you can jump right to the boss and fight him!

Hey Marxxiez thank you for sharing your gameplay with us!

I really enjoyed watching how you don't want to buy the "Brew Pot" :) You are not the first one how don't want to. But its the tutorial you have to!
Most of your feedback is on our long term todo list like a little story, weapons and side quest... one idea we have in mind is that you can run into little caves without the wagon and hunting for treasure.

Btw. you can switch your cat skin with the new version
And you can skip the tutorial :P

That's normal because we don't have a specific license or something in the current state of the game. You can trust us :P

Your Video is really nice :) Was alot of fun to watch. And we learned some things were to improve the game :)
Thank you very much!

Hey Alex,

Thank you for your thoughts. 

Suddenly currently there is now way to play coop with a keyboard.

At the moment the game was designed to run on a really high quality pc, because it was just for our final university presentation.

But in the future we are aiming to support Nintendo switch aswell. And the switch had much lower specs. 

you can join us on discord or write me directly Jar#3119

Or just write an email to me or to our team

You can take a closer look here

That would be really kind of you! We don't have a twitter account at the moment. Nevertheless we can interact with you anyway :)

Oh nice, thank you for playing it. Play it with friends is much more fun. Maybe you can also beat the boss next time? :) We discovered that you can play online with parsec if you want to.

Thank you very much!

Thank you for your nice feedback! We also want a bit more and have already some ideas in mind, some of them matches with yours <3

Thats really weird. Think the next patch will remove the setup.exe because of bugs with the launcher so you just have to unzip and go :)

Thank you for the lovely feedback! Hope you have some kind of fun with the keyboard.  We created the game with controllers in mind so i will always recommend to play with a controller :) 

Yeah for sure. Thank you for pointing that out!

Thank you for your feedback!

Yeah the game is far from balanced in the current stage. We balanced it for just two players and two weeks ago we decided to implement support up to four. The balance should be much better in the future :)

We would love to hear your feedback then :)

Thank you again for your honest feedback.

We disabled the launcher because we want to troubleshoot gameplay issues first for now.
Finding Resolution and Setting issues are planed for a later stage in the develop process.

We also have a custom input solution because unity does not support all of our needs. (4 Controllers, hotjoin and custom bindings, so maybe the launcher does not support the rebinding of the keys correctly anyway)

For the next patch we plan to activate the arrow keys aswell, but a complete rebinding will come much more later i think. But maybe... if enough players want to play with the keyboard and have much trouble we can prio this issue.

Have a nice day

Not for now. But this is something we have on our Todo list.. (maybe we should show the list somewhere public^^)

Currently the mapping is:

Player1 Black
Player2 White
Player3 Yellow
Player4 Grey

Thank you for your Feedback :)

Yeah i will create a patch very very soon which also includes arrow keys. But i highly recommend to use a controller because our main goal for now is to have more content instead of perfect matching controls for every device :) 

Patch 0.012a should contains Arrow keys aswell <3

Hey ho Zoidberg,

thank you for your feedback.

1-2: The keyboard support is currently not our main focus we implemented a very easy solution so that people can try out the game in his current state. Main goal is to improve the mechanics of the game and extending the overall content.

3: Honestly... i don't know the launcher xD We will take a look what we can do.

Thank you for pointing this out.  Fortunately that's a bug we already know and we also know how to fix it :) 

(in-depth stuff: it's because the enemies get a point to walk if the sun rises, but our world build algorithm is destroying the path to this particular point, so they hang around and shaking their bodies :P )

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No Problemo:) But i always recommend a controller. Hopefully the keyboard support is much more fluid in the future

Did you downloaded the latest version of the game? We added a simple keyboard support with the last patch.

Look at for more informations.

Have a nice day

Thank you very much :) Do you played solo or with some friends?

Wild Woods community · Created a new topic Ask anything

If you want to ask anything about the game, here you can! :)

Wild Woods community · Created a new topic Bugs
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If you can find any kind of bugs, we would appreciate if you could share them with us :)

Wild Woods community · Created a new topic Feedback

Would be perfect if you could give us some feedback.

Its on our list, yes

Thank you very much!

It is compatible with pc but you need a controller to play the game. Keyboard support is on our list for the future. We want to have the best experience for the players and thats why we disabled keyboard for now because it is a really different feeling.