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Thank you for the response :) I'll add that to the post for others.

Have a nice day!

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Thank you :)
Did you tried the instructions in this post?

Thank you! We take it :)

Thank you! 

About the e-shop... we feel you ;) 

Rather not. We primarily wanted to set an example for equality and justice. And we were able to use itch to mark this prototype. I think it would help if itch would mark free entries in their bundles.

But we are really happy that you also followed the call for a better world :)

Thank you really much!

You can wishlist the game now on Steam <3

Thanks! We also hope :)

Thank you! That sounds like a good idea.

Thank you really much!

Currently nothing speaks against it. The content of the steam page will be updated in the future for sure :)

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Obrigado pelo seu feedback!

Estamos a trabalhar arduamente

Cordiais cumprimentos

 (traduzido com deepl :P)

Good Morning, and thank you for your feedback! 

We are still on it. But currently the news would be kind of boring because recently we did mostly just background programming stuff. 

That was necessary to support online multiplayer. 

As soon as we have something exciting to show you will know. 

Wow, thank you for playing and the good feedback here!
We always appreciate such detailed suggestions for improvement.

Last things first :) We know spiral knight and was looking into it at the begin of Wild Woods, but that is long ago and we should take a look again. Back then we just analyzed the astetics and the controls. But we definitely should take a closer look at their mechanics too.

  • We are aware of a lot of your feedback and have some solutions for that. Currently the throwing prioritize the wagon, but because we also have kind of a grace time (so you don't lose the taget for some seconds when you accidently turned into the opposite direction). That is definitely something we could and should disable when targeting the wagon.
  • The objectives will get a complete overall. And we also want to add tiny quests you can archive on your journey.
  • And yes we definitely need more additional things to do during the journey. Throwing things could be one of them. We want to compine the idea maybe with a tiny quest kind of "Don't let the ball hit the ground", or an enemy who can throw mini bombs, you can catch up and if you throw them to other players the fuse becomes smaller and smaller. Until you can throw the bomb back to the enemy.

Anyway thank you for your feedback. And if you have more cool ideas feel free to join our

Rather not. We primarily wanted to set an example for equality and justice. And we were able to use itch to mark this prototype.

We are happy that you also followed the call for a better world :)

Hey tenchfroast,

that is a good question and the most accurate and honest answer would be... We try. But we have to be careful that we don't block our way or anger the community if the game doesn't appear on the desired platform. 

As soon as we can say one hundred percent where we can release the game we will share it with everyone. 
We will all officially start working on Wild Woods again on 01.06 and in the coming time, probably from January we will know more.

Btw. I like your Youtube channel, you have a really nice voice and its really entertaining to watch.

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Hey Lunica,

thank you reaching out to us :)

Did you check out the faq? There is a link where you can find a list of supported controllers:

If your controller is not on this list I'll take a look what I could do :)

Hi Ewegoggo,

thank you for your feedback.

Every opinion counts and we have exactly the same kind of attacking in mind like you.

Attack Button for a fast attack
Hold for a strong attack
And 3 times attack for a combo.

Depending on which weapon you have equipped, other effects happen.

For the indicator we also thought about that and that could be the solution for some things, but before we add something like that we are going to test other ways to clearify the view direction of the character. (But maybe in the end the easiest solution is the best^^)

Best regards and stay safe.

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Hey Arria, thank you playing Wild Woods.

We always recommend to play with a controller but if you have non you can find the key mappings here

Hopefully faq is up to date xD we added some keys recently.

Wish you much fun in the woods ;)

Data sync is interesting. But that also means we need to buy a server to store the user data.
Anyway we are aware of the cross platform thingy and we want that too.

One of our goals is also to have as little as possible and as much as necessary buttons to handle. So handling over the other half could be possible :)

What a nice human being you are :) Your comment is heartwarming.
We'll take that energy and use it to extend the world of Wild Woods even more.

Stay safe and healthy, greetings from the whole team of Octofox Games.

Hey Fuzz Force, thank you for reaching out to us.

You are absolutely right, currently the game is kind of hard solo.
Wild Woods was designed to play with friends but in the future we will try to concentrate more on getting everyone satisfied.

The reason why you have to be behind the wagon to get wood into it is that this creates more coop situations, because if you play with others you can throw stuff to other players and they can throw it into the wagon. One player could stay behind the wagon and another one throws wood to him.


Thank you, luck is always something we can use^^

And yeah currently these bullet points are not that specific we know, but more will follow if we have something concrete to show.

Thank you! we do our best to bring Wild Woods to a full release ^^

Hey Lucas-C,

Thank you really much for your kind words.
We got some money from a local funding application so hopefully we can extend Wild Woods and bring some storytelling in.
For the release we have steam and switch in mind, but currently can't say when. Our plan is to rebuild some systems in the background and after that we want to create a steam wishlist or early access page.

And when you follow us here you should get all news too. Don't be afraid we don't spam :P

Hey Anon_me,

thank you for your kind feedback!

To support families playing together is something we wanted by design, its nice that it work :)
In the future we want to expand the game this way. It should be fun for 'hardcore' gamer but also for the whole family as well.
To work together was also always a Design Pillar in our design papers :)

Hopefully the full release is not to far away, if you want more regular updates or want to share your ideas with us. Feel free to join or discord.

Thank you for your feedback :)

Currently the demo ist just the first "green" forest, so you haven't missed so much :P Maybe next time you can beat the boss together in multiplayer mode ;)
What do you think was the thing that was to hard for you?

And yeah the resolution option was more quick and dirty so that people with a lower spec pc can play the game as well. In the future there should be a much more intuitive solution.

Think the problem here is, that maybe your controllers imitating the keyboard and therefore you have some odd configurations. I personally had the same issue with my steam controller, i had to change the settings in the config panel of the steam controller menu. Don't know if you have something like that for Logitech.

The logic how players join and get there colors will change in the future, maybe the system is much more solid after that but unfortunately that is not something for the near future. :(

Hey jadesw, you can find the keyboard controls and some more information in the faq (

This is awesome, thank you for your time and effort. I'll try this later today. Are you on our discord server, could send you a test build there.

Thank you for pointing this out. I'll look into this. Currently we just press "Build for MAC" in Unity :) So looks like Unity has some problems with that.

If someone had problems with the mac version we always pasted this link to help (because unfortunately no one of us has a mac)

Did you tried playing the game without the app?

I'll research a bit and try to find a solution.

Sometimes the controller does not work if you press a button while the game is still loading. Did you try to restart the game?

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Thank you!
We hopefully can someday play Wild Woods together on Switch :)

Thank you really much for you heartwarming feedback!

We really hope to advance Wild Woods further and some day, hopefully not that far away, bring the game to a full release. 

Stay tuned and if you want to give us more feedback or if you have some crazy ideas feel free to join our discord

Hey Twayne,

sorry for the delay, was on vacation last week. 

You didn't scare me. I always like the challenge of problem solving :) And i like to see that the problem is properly not on our side :P
I'll test some things with the keyboard stuff you ask for, stay tuned for the next update. I'll try to implement a key/controller mapping system.

Best regards

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Hey Twayne1,

first, thank you for playing Wild Woods and giving us feedback, we really appreciate that!

Direct 3D 11.1 should be high enough.

Maybe you can test the newest version and if the crash is not gone you can come back again? :)

For the co-op keyboard support for two players i must say, that this is currently not that easy.
Do you want two keyboards or two players on one keyboard?

Do you also like cats? You could play with some if you click my profile.... the good old candy trick? He didn't do that?! :P

It's only fair, but I think he should take or money for financing :P