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Wild Woods

Go on an expedition, cooperate with up to four friends and fight your way through the woods · By WildWoods, TheBuergermeister, nadjacl, _Jar, Ruhken

Feedback Sticky

A topic by _Jar created Jul 14, 2019 Views: 2,483 Replies: 65
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Would be perfect if you could give us some feedback.

wow it was a really fun 30 minutes.  the graphics were also very sweet. I was locked to the screen from start to finish . Well Done!


Thank you very much :) Do you played solo or with some friends?

solo, and i had no gamepad unfortunately :(

(1 edit)

Issue 1: gamepad prompts even if the keyboard is used

Issue 2: harcoded WASD controls, making it unplyable from the get go for non qwerty users, I didn't go further than the main menu. :P

Issue 3: using launcher and when I click launch it starts the setup again instead of the game.


Hey ho Zoidberg,

thank you for your feedback.

1-2: The keyboard support is currently not our main focus we implemented a very easy solution so that people can try out the game in his current state. Main goal is to improve the mechanics of the game and extending the overall content.

3: Honestly... i don't know the launcher xD We will take a look what we can do.

Thanks for the feedback.

As for the keyboard issue, if you have done things correctly, by allowing the unity launcher to launch before the game it should allow the player to rebind keys.

There's a keyboard shorcut to force it but it seems I can't make it work.

Pity making your game playable by the most is not a priority but whatever. You decide.



Thank you again for your honest feedback.

We disabled the launcher because we want to troubleshoot gameplay issues first for now.
Finding Resolution and Setting issues are planed for a later stage in the develop process.

We also have a custom input solution because unity does not support all of our needs. (4 Controllers, hotjoin and custom bindings, so maybe the launcher does not support the rebinding of the keys correctly anyway)

For the next patch we plan to activate the arrow keys aswell, but a complete rebinding will come much more later i think. But maybe... if enough players want to play with the keyboard and have much trouble we can prio this issue.

Have a nice day

I know Unity is in the middle of revamping controls so I guess there's work there but from what I've seen it'll be easier to have hotseat controls.

Thanks and good luck with the dev!

tried a few runs, probably broke my hand. 

having to play with keyboard is very hard. I also feel cheated, when you buy the first upgrade you always seem to pay with all of your money expect for 1 coin.

aside from that very fun, would break my hand again if WASD becomes arrow keys. 


Thank you for your Feedback :)

Yeah i will create a patch very very soon which also includes arrow keys. But i highly recommend to use a controller because our main goal for now is to have more content instead of perfect matching controls for every device :) 

Patch 0.012a should contains Arrow keys aswell <3

I just wanted to add that I have to break my hand (aka play by keyboard) because none of my controllers seem to work with this game. From what I can see this is probably caused by the Rewired plugin, which has only very limited controller support out of the box...


In the future we want to switch to the new input system from unity, hopefully more controllers works  this way :)

Get well soon!

This game is beautiful and has potential but what I would personally suggest is to change the name to something more special, "Wild Woods" are both too generic word that are used a lot in the internet, for example if you search wild woods on the internet the game barely shows on the first page of google but if you use a more personalized and special name the game could explode easily, just my opinion XD

Enjoyed playing (mac, gamepad), the art is fantastic!

Felt that the game isn't balanced for single player – way to many enemies right at the beginning...


Thank you for your feedback!

Yeah the game is far from balanced in the current stage. We balanced it for just two players and two weeks ago we decided to implement support up to four. The balance should be much better in the future :)

The game is great, I love it. Visuals 9/10. Gameplay I won't say anything because I still want to see how far can you take it. Wonderful mechanics and it kept me going at the game. Thanks again for bringing back the keyboard input.


Thank you for the lovely feedback! Hope you have some kind of fun with the keyboard.  We created the game with controllers in mind so i will always recommend to play with a controller :) 

I played with my girlfriend and it was quite fun :). I like having to collect stuff as you go and upgrading your wagon. I doon't really have much feedback sorry other than I enjoyed it and I would like to see more. More paths, more enemies, more more more :). Maybe there could be some personal upgrades so that each person becomes a little more specialized, like someone can carry or throw wood further and others can carry more / throw gold further.
Anyways, well wishes with development! I think you've got a cool cute fun game here!


Thank you for your nice feedback! We also want a bit more and have already some ideas in mind, some of them matches with yours <3

im haveing a problem with the game not leting me do anything from the title screen im on a mac and i dont even have a mouse when i load up the game i see the a select b back and l navagation them game looks realy fun and i hope this can get fixed. Thanks!

ok so i got to the part where there is the 4 hexogons with as on them but im stuck here

is there a way to change from a controler to a keyboard and mouse


You can take a closer look here

Nice game! I like it very much so far.Keep up the good work! My only questions now are: 

Is there a way to play coop with a keyboard?

Will you improve the experience for lower end pc users as well?


Hey Alex,

Thank you for your thoughts. 

Suddenly currently there is now way to play coop with a keyboard.

At the moment the game was designed to run on a really high quality pc, because it was just for our final university presentation.

But in the future we are aiming to support Nintendo switch aswell. And the switch had much lower specs. 

thank you for the response. Hope your game finds its way to the top of the rankings!

it was really good! playing solo made the game very hard as i was trying to collect defend and upgrade by myself, would recommend a story, was interested in why i was out there and monsters attacking me. have some sort of side quests and/or reach a village (didn't reach the end so i don't really know if there is a village, still playing it) buy better weapons, change environments things like to further build the game. Really good start though my vid on it is coming out today! here 


Hey Marxxiez thank you for sharing your gameplay with us!

I really enjoyed watching how you don't want to buy the "Brew Pot" :) You are not the first one how don't want to. But its the tutorial you have to!
Most of your feedback is on our long term todo list like a little story, weapons and side quest... one idea we have in mind is that you can run into little caves without the wagon and hunting for treasure.

Btw. you can switch your cat skin with the new version
And you can skip the tutorial :P

Developer (1 edit)

I had to come back because i watched your video twice now... because you are just so funny to watch! You have a new subscriber now :)
Btw. slay the spire was one reference we used for the crossroads but its not fully implemented.

And ... a little cheat just for you. If you press the right thumbstick in the menu... a hidden "Boss Only" menu item appears :) So you can jump right to the boss and fight him!


this is more of an issue with the hardware: i dont have an xbox controller and i knew the keyboard wouldnt work because of the couch play thing, so i did the best thing i could; Use a dualshock 4 with steam! unfortunatley, the game is still recieving ps4 controls as ps4 controls, if it even is recieving controls from steam. tbh this probably is an issue with steam and not with the game but i want to be sure.


Can you give me the exact controller name? So i can try to do something. Or are you speaking about the steam controller? I have one but never tested it with Wild Woods.

I was using A Dualshock 4 controller via Steam Big Picture mode. it might be problem with it not interpreting any controls, but i just want to be sure


Dualshock 4 controllers are ment for the PS4, however, a recent update to big picture allows you to connect a controller and set it so that buttons are interpreted as xbox input

Deleted 2 years ago

that's a very fun game to play with friends, i really loved it, keeping it for friends :


That's cute! Thank you :)

I really like this game and it would be even better if you could rebind keys on keyboards (I have read your explanation why you didnt make it).

The real reason why I commented was to suggest making a mobile game out of this.  I think many more players would play the game if it was on mobile Devices (because its hard to get up to 4 people who own gamepads to play with you, at least in my experience).

Fantastic game! Really well polished with a strong core!

I played with a friend, with xbox controllers, and it was great! 

The cute graphics is already a huge plus for me. The controls are simple enough to get used to easily. 

I really liked the fact that there's always something to do even if only cutting down grass for a coin or two.

My biggest recommendation probably would be to add a story (and obviously more chapters).

Anyway, good job, it was really enjoyable.


Thank you very much. The grass cutting mechanic was exactly designed to create these kind of feeling :)
Hopefully we can add some kind of story.


Just tested both the normal and hard difficulties with a friend (both on controllers, though I tried keyboard and it's not the worst thing ever haha) and I must say the game is really intuitive. It conveys its mechanics pretty effectively and has a great core idea that could expand in a myriad of ways. I don't know if the game is still being actively worked on but I can see a lot of potential in the game, adding more enemies (and ways to fight them!), more types of resources, different types of vagons, upgrades...


Hey Malefic,

thank you for your feedback and wow you survived the hard (unbalanced) mode :)

We are still working on the game while we are looking for a publisher who can bring Wild Woods with us to the end :)

Some of your ideas are also on our todo list.

Happy Holidays

Haha no we died halfway through the hard mode ^^

Happy holidays to you too and good luck with developing the game and finding a publisher!

Good day, I really enjoyed the game, but I think the snow is too bright, it ends up overshadowing things like the enemy's attack area and the throwing indicator. I had other thoughts, but most have already been said by other players.

I would like to say that I was scared to find out that the game has been in development for years, so if for some reason the project can't go on, just add the necessary (like an options menu, more obstacles, etc.) and publish it. I think a simple game is better than an unfinished one, thanks for reading and have a good day.


Hey lucasananin, thank you for your honest feedback.

We are aware of the visual contrast bug of the attack indicators. Because this was just a fast Christmas Edition we will concentrate more on real game content for now. 

Don't worry these kind of bug will be solved in the future. The Christmas edition will be disabled soon anyways.

You said you are scared because the game is in development for years but the truth is that we made the current version in 8 months, since that we did a break for our studies. 

Most of the time was prototyping and concepting and i think 4 months of it was the real pain of bringing everything together.

Hopefully we can work on wild woods full time from march onwards, but currently we don't have the financial backup to do so. But we are in contact with some people who can maybe help us.

So stay tuned for more updates.

Happy near year! :)

Hi. This game is very cute and fun. I play with my gf we both use joypad. The 'KB' also work great but I prefer joypad. Looking forward to more content! I hope you guys put this one on steam and received more support. Thank you for this awesome game!
P.S. as soon as you guys update more and put on steam I will totally get it.

Developer (1 edit)

Hey ,
thank you for your kind words, we want to create a steam page for wish listing soon. Currently we are looking for a publisher to make a full release version. If we have news we will get back and you can see a update post here :)

Btw. your post is really motivating :) Thank you very very much!

Hey, I really enjoyed the game. I think something you all are doing really well is that you know what is fun about your game. I think that as long as you don't lose sight of that, the game is bound for greatness

Hey! Checked out your game at The visuals are impressive and the idea is good. Keep it up. I want to see what the final product is like. I played with controllers, had no issue understanding it, I played solo though. I think an Internet connection will be 100% your selling point.

I cannot tell you how much I loved this demo. I'm not sure how I didn't find out about it sooner, but you guys have made something incredible and uniquely special. It almost makes me sick to my stomach to realize it's just a demo, and that I have no idea when I can expect a full release.

Played with my wife, via Steam Remote Play Together, using two Nintendo Switch Pro controllers mapped to a standard Xbox layout via Steam. Worked almost flawlessly. Beat it on normal, wiped on hard maybe like 7 minutes in.

Art, sound, controls, mechanics, are all almost a perfect 10/10 right now. The combat is responsive and smooth, the enemy telegraph's are effective and fun to master, boss fight was really fun, well designed and appropriately challenging.  Gathering and clearing grass for coins combined my favorite elements of Zelda and Overcooked.  Upgrading the cart was interesting, and I can't wait to find out how you'll flush it out.  The player characters are ADORABLE and badass.  Just pure joy. I can't remember the last time I had this much fun with a game right off the bat.

- Would love to have more path choices, with different risks and rewards. 

- The basic combat feels really good, but I would love a power move, like a big circle swing for clearing grass. Maybe upgrades for characters too.

- when I first arrived at the shops, I felt joy at the sense of 'ohh what should we focus on? What are we struggling with?', but the next shops all sort of seemed the same-y. I'm not sure how to articulate it. The upgrades at that point were less interesting, and seemed almost just 'buy anything you can'. I'm sure you'll flush it out more 😉

That's all I can think of for now! Please feel free to ask me directed questions to solicit more feedback. I've been a unity dev for nearly 8 years now, so I know how important it is, and I want to do whatever I can to help you guys out.

Please keep posting updates! Stay motivated!

Developer (4 edits)

Hey pixeldinosaur,

thanks for your heartwarming feedback.

It is always very motivating to read such comments. 
You have very well recognized the weaknesses of the current design :)

A small view into a hopefully happy future:

The upgrading will move out of the forest and into a safe camp. We are aware that the upgrade does not have enough depth at the moment. Therefore we have planned completely new upgrades. These will bring completely new mechanics into the game. For example a companion that helps with collecting or fighting or a small turret at the top of the wagon.
Furthermore the cats will get different weapons to allow different play styles. The weapons should also offer three attack patterns. "fast hit", "strong hit", "combo (3 hits in a row or something)".

At each crossroads the group can decide which way they want to go, but also a "modifier" will be chosen, which will increase the difficulty from then on. For example: "The night is twice as long", "From now on enemy X can spawn". We are not yet sure if we also want a positive modifier. Like "the night is twice as long, but you do 20% more damage". Thats something we have to test.
The forest will also be provided with shrines, which give direct improvements. "More damage", "Run faster", "Throw more".

But to keep the game from becoming too much of a brawler, the coop mechanics should be in focus too. That's why there should be more events on the way, which have to be solved as a group. "Repair a bridge", "Fill mud holes", "Carry the log away". And the very best. "You can catch resources from others" ^^

Last but not least, we want to give players optional mini quest they can complete to get rewards. "Cut X gras to get double gold for the next passage" (That would be a really unbalanced reward ^^)

We still have some ideas on our board :)

I would really like to invite you to join our There we are very active and we will be happy to discuss any feedback that comes up.

To make sure that all this is not just a dream we are currently looking for a publisher because we want to work on Wild Woods full-time.

its cute but i literally cant play it bc im using a keyboard . cringe

This is one of the most well-made games I’ve played on itch. Art is nice, control is good, mechanic feels novel (kinda like HL’s VIP or other “push the cart” modes in FPS games).

I played with a gamepad. Unfortunately, I only played solo and found the rush of enemies a bit much and it felt like a grind getting resources and getting through the night. I never made it out of the green forest area. But I’d like to try multiplayer and see how well we do.

Nice work!

My biggest complaint with the game is that you have to press A to cycle resolutions but there’s no way to go back, so if you overshoot, you have to cycle through all of them again. (I wasn’t sure if there’d be a 60 Hz mode after the 59 Hz one.)


Thank you for your feedback :)

Currently the demo ist just the first "green" forest, so you haven't missed so much :P Maybe next time you can beat the boss together in multiplayer mode ;)
What do you think was the thing that was to hard for you?

And yeah the resolution option was more quick and dirty so that people with a lower spec pc can play the game as well. In the future there should be a much more intuitive solution.

(1 edit)

I played with my son (age 5) and we made it to the boss (on easy)! Although I thought we were going to the shop, haha. I guess I didn’t pay enough attention to the sign I picked. We didn’t win. He did great at night before, but got really panicked at dying so many times. It was very hard to revive him and get him to go refill his health. Especially when he’d die next to the cart and so I’d be kiting a huge mob to him that don’t follow me away after I rez and run. Maybe we’ll get it next time…

For solo, refilling my wood supply was a big drag. Maybe it’s partly because upgrades cost wood and I was always buying all the ones I had the gold for – but that drained my wood supply. I found I was ignoring enemies at night because I was trying to get all the wood I could see. And I don’t think I had enough logs during the day to fill my need for wood.

I tend to wait at crossroads and get all the wood on that screen. Maybe that’s hurting me in the long run because I should be moving forward to more fruitful areas instead of letting the day progress, but it’s hard to fight the hoarder’s urge.

(1 edit) (+1)

This game is EXCELLENT and great for families. We played with all the kids from agents 5-13 and we all had fun. Great graphics and gameplay. Love that co-op is a fully shared model with teamwork and shared upgrades and not the style where the first to the loot gets it. All for the greater good and teaches good values about community.

Really looking forward to a full release!


Hey Anon_me,

thank you for your kind feedback!

To support families playing together is something we wanted by design, its nice that it work :)
In the future we want to expand the game this way. It should be fun for 'hardcore' gamer but also for the whole family as well.
To work together was also always a Design Pillar in our design papers :)

Hopefully the full release is not to far away, if you want more regular updates or want to share your ideas with us. Feel free to join or discord.

We played it with a friend this morning and I really liked the artistic direction and the gameplay !
The alternating cycles, the combination of resource gathering and fighting mechanics, the interesting boss fights... Really fun ! Good job !
I think I'd just love some more storytelling around the characters...
Do you plan to greenlight it on Steam ?
I'm not a Discord user, but I'd like to be notified when the full game is out :)


Hey Lucas-C,

Thank you really much for your kind words.
We got some money from a local funding application so hopefully we can extend Wild Woods and bring some storytelling in.
For the release we have steam and switch in mind, but currently can't say when. Our plan is to rebuild some systems in the background and after that we want to create a steam wishlist or early access page.

And when you follow us here you should get all news too. Don't be afraid we don't spam :P

The gameplay is fun and engaging but it just isn't good solo. 

Whilst it seemed like I could chuck the gold in from miles away, it felt like i had to be right behind the cart to get the wood in


Hey Fuzz Force, thank you for reaching out to us.

You are absolutely right, currently the game is kind of hard solo.
Wild Woods was designed to play with friends but in the future we will try to concentrate more on getting everyone satisfied.

The reason why you have to be behind the wagon to get wood into it is that this creates more coop situations, because if you play with others you can throw stuff to other players and they can throw it into the wagon. One player could stay behind the wagon and another one throws wood to him.


Played through this co-op with myself on keyboard and a friend on game-pad. The game feels so so smooth, its surprising its made by a small team! We were so disappointed when itt ended and  we realised there were no more levels.

The only feedback I would have is to make "Medium" difficulty easier as there is currently a MASSIVE jump between easy and medium. Also maybe more variety in the upgrades for the shop.

We eagerly await your next update!!

(2 edits)

Fun demo, huge props on visual clarity and making the concept understandable from the get-go!

Two accessibility suggestions:

- the game reliance on spamming attack is very tiresome on hands. I'd love to see a "hold to continue attacking" option down the line

- add an arrow indicator for the color highlight under the character, so it's clear which way you're pointing

Can't wait to play more!


Hi Ewegoggo,

thank you for your feedback.

Every opinion counts and we have exactly the same kind of attacking in mind like you.

Attack Button for a fast attack
Hold for a strong attack
And 3 times attack for a combo.

Depending on which weapon you have equipped, other effects happen.

For the indicator we also thought about that and that could be the solution for some things, but before we add something like that we are going to test other ways to clearify the view direction of the character. (But maybe in the end the easiest solution is the best^^)

Best regards and stay safe.

We played as 3 friends, an easy run and a hard run. It's really good, characters feel really good to play. It looks nice also. We would definitely play this much more once it gets out!

Some small things that could be improved imo :

  • Throws are amazing, but could prioritize the wagon a little more (cause it doesn't make much sense to throw something at someone standing right next to it).
  • The objective being "don't die" doesn't make too much sense in a game with a wagon like that. We would have liked to focus more on defending the wagon instead of defending ourself. 
  • Since the throwing mechanic is well implemented, I believe some offensive items to pick up around the map and throw toward enemies could be fun (maybe it's planned already tho).

This game reminded me of spiral knights, in case you don't know this game. It's quite similar and did a lot of this well imo, so there are probably some nice ideas to steal from it !


Wow, thank you for playing and the good feedback here!
We always appreciate such detailed suggestions for improvement.

Last things first :) We know spiral knight and was looking into it at the begin of Wild Woods, but that is long ago and we should take a look again. Back then we just analyzed the astetics and the controls. But we definitely should take a closer look at their mechanics too.

  • We are aware of a lot of your feedback and have some solutions for that. Currently the throwing prioritize the wagon, but because we also have kind of a grace time (so you don't lose the taget for some seconds when you accidently turned into the opposite direction). That is definitely something we could and should disable when targeting the wagon.
  • The objectives will get a complete overall. And we also want to add tiny quests you can archive on your journey.
  • And yes we definitely need more additional things to do during the journey. Throwing things could be one of them. We want to compine the idea maybe with a tiny quest kind of "Don't let the ball hit the ground", or an enemy who can throw mini bombs, you can catch up and if you throw them to other players the fuse becomes smaller and smaller. Until you can throw the bomb back to the enemy.

Anyway thank you for your feedback. And if you have more cool ideas feel free to join our