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Had a lot of fun playing Terramaker this morning, here in France.

It's slightly adictive, I really wanted to get that diamond on the minimap! :D Now very proud to be 4th in the highscores ^^

Thank you @securas for your excellent games!

Hi! Thank you for your great feedback 😊

You are right, this is a bug, the_end() should be displayed after the final boss battle, but it is not! I will fix that before the next reelase.

Feel free to report the other bugs & there or on GitHub:

Super, merci ! 👍❤️

Merci beaucoup pour cette traduction Khelren !

J'adore le concept du jeu, et il fourmille de bonnes idées !

Une petite question : il n'y a pas de feuille de personnage incluse dans le PDF ?

Thank you for your kind offer, but no thanks, I'll do it myself when I'll make a new release 😊

Welcome on, and thank you very much for your support, playing my game, and taking the time to even create an account in order to post this comment!

You are totally right, the game would be a lot smaller if compressed with Zzip (around 28MB for an original 192MB PDF, and 23MB if using RAR), but not everyone has it installed. The auto-extracter is a great idea though, thanks!

Thank you for your support!

I just did so 😊

Thanks for mentioning it:

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Thank you!

By the way, I'd like to recommend some other free material from that can be used with this great game:

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Le principe a l'air génial !

Cela me rappelle Le château du roi squelette de Dave, traduit en français par Matthieu Bé :


Awesome game !

I translated it to French:

Also, if people want to perform other translations, I shared the bare text of the game and the Libre Office source file I used there:

I had fun playing the first level, but sadly I got frequent visual glitches, in some precise positions on the maps, that rendered most things black:

For the record, I played under Windows 11 64bits with an Intel UHD Graphics 620.

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This has been reported several times:

As of november 2023, I found a workaround for the pasting problem: type this in your browser console:  

window.$.Redactor.prototype.paste = () => ({})

I do not fully understand the underlying problem, but I found out that uses the Redactor ( rich text editor, and this line of code disables all the convoluted clipboard-pasting management that this Javascript library does.

You can configure your browser to run this JS code line on every visit on a game page by using a GreaseMonkey ( or ViolentMonkey ( script like this:

// ==UserScript==
// @name
// @namespace   Violentmonkey Scripts
// @match       https://**
// @grant       none
// @version     1.0
// @author      Lucas Cimon
// @description Enable clipboard pasting in review forms
// ==/UserScript==
window.$.Redactor.prototype.paste = () => ({})

I had the same issue of dialog text "sticking" on screen, not being cleared 😅

Thank you for sharing that.

I like your writing style! And I find this zine really pretty :)

I'm probably more of neurotypical kind of guy. I was touched to read your thoughts on this "liberating nihilism". It also feels quite unfair to me that some people have to battle more than others with dark thoughts :(

I can connect with one thing: when I was a kid, I remember that for some time, at night in my bed, I was worrying about "what if" scenarios. I don't recall exactly those, but I think they were like "what if this kid does not like me anymore", or "what if someone in my family dies". And I recall distinclty that I felt really relieved when, at some point, I decided to really face those scenarios and imagine in my mind what would happen then. And I remember realizing that whatever would happen, even he saddest thing, life would still go on. I guess it's some kind of "optimistic nihilism" :)

Anyway, I wish you all the best with your writing!

Also, you made me discover ONSIND, thanks for that.

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Just finished a first run of the game. Ended up with 5 weapons and bringing back the red dragon. Only 16% end progress. It was fun overall, but I have not found any horrific or poetic hidden stuff...

Thank you for this fun experience 🙂

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Your scores are wonderful, thank you for sharing them!

I'm motivated to craft some myself: would you mind sharing the template you used, pretty please? 🙏

Best regards

Oh sorry!

I mixed up creators that publish quality content for BitD 😇

I'll ask them, thank you.

Thank you for sharing those!

You have also crafted several wonderful scores:

Could you also share the template you used for crafting those scores, pretty please? 🙏

C'est chic, merci !

Et ravi que le jeu t'ait plu 😊

Je travaille sur un autre jeu PDF avec un ami, mais il ne sortira pas avant l'année prochaine...

Hi @j4nw!

I really liked Pawnbarian and I'd love to test your latest game, but sadly I only have a laptop keyboard without any keypad nor num zero key :(

Could it be possible to have or configure alternative key controls please?


I'd like to share this one-page initial situation for the game:

I've been playing the French translation for several years now.
Thank you for creating this!

Hi! Thank you for this fun game 😊
I published a French translation here:

Thank you for your warm feedback 😊
I'm really glad you liked the game.
I started working on a new PDF game and your comment motivates me to go on!

An excellent tactical shooter! A bit like Hotline Miami.
It gives you this feeling of "it's hard but I can beat it, let's just play one last game..." 😄
Knowledge of the power-ups & enemies is also vital in order to judiciously pick the right weapons to face the next level (damn spiders), which means you get better at it the more you discover the game, and I like that!

Fun indeed, but same problem for me:

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I really liked your game, thank you!

The gameplay is fun, original, simple but very efficient!

The music is great, and I also loved how you used some storytelling to explain the "2 extra jokers".

In my experience, for any progression level, the map layout has a HUGE impact on difficulty. It's nice that maps are partially generated with some randomnes, but maybe this can make some levels really unsolvable, for example due to a canyon in the middle of the map, splitting your troops. That's a bit frustrating sometimes, but I really like the game overall!

Excellent short game.
Exactly the kind of original gameplay mechanics I love,
with just right level of challenge,
and every game session is short enough that you immediately want to play one more again!

I reached floor 12 after 2.5 hours of non-stop play ^^

One minor detail : when you  are "check" at the beginning of a turn, and you have the ability to play another action after a soul move, soul moves leading to a "check" position are forbidden, while I should be able to escape the "check" on the extra turn
(not sure what version of the game I played though)

The battle-grid sector that decimated our batalion:

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We played that game 2 weeks ago, here in France, with 2 friends, and we had a lot fun! The game mechanics are well balanced. I never played X-Com but my friends did, and apparently the game is as hard and punitive for the rookie troopers as in the video game ^^

This game reminded a bit of Dungeon Heart in its gameplay.

Thank you for publishing this, I really enjoyed this 2-3h game session.

Awesome game! Good job really.

I have only played the Heist mission so far, but I haven't finished it:
I managed to solve the first part with the hostages, but later one, near the boat, I rewinded time too much and "broke" my initial solving of the "heist" situation. That was quite demotivating... Could it be possible to add a "saving" mechanism, either manual or automated at some given checkpoints?

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OK, I realized I could move past the boss cadaver, but then the game crashed a few seconds after passing the last door 😢

Interesting! The practice dummy is awesome, but I've beaten the game without ever using the everlasting truffle nor the scythe.

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I ❤️ that game!

First time I played it, I did not expect much. I played a few runs, for a bit more than an hour, than removed it from my computer. But then, a few days later, I wished to play it again... And now I think I finally beat it!

Mushroom Key
Mushroom Key from Shroom & Gloom
I don't know what to do with that key though....
The game has a great atmosphere, its artistic direction is very nice, and above all, the game mechanics are very well balanced! It reminded me of Slay the Spire on how it achieves the perfect balance to make you want to try it again one more time 😊

Tactically speaking, my winning strategy was "growth + toasts-all-the-things". It's interesting to see in the comments that other players won with very different stratregies!

Congrats and many thanks to the dev team 🥳

I cannot advice you about compatible PDF readers on Mac right now, sorry :(

However I'd be really happy to have your feedbacks if you test the game with some OSX PDF readers!

Many thanks! Should be merged in a few minutes

Thank you for your kind words

Thank you sir!
All those financial & verbal feedbacks motivate me a lot to create more games!

I used your "torch on wall" sprite in my game:

Thank you!!

Visually amazing! And the levels are great!
Some jumps were tricky enough to feel a bit frustrating.
But I really enjoyed the game overall, thank you!