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De rien ! Merci pour la correction pour For The Queen :)
Je serais ravi de découvrir le jeu, mais Nantes c'est pas la porte à côté de Lyon ^^

Chapeau pour ! J'avoue m'être dit que sans avoir joué au jeu original j'aurais peut-être du mal à comprendre toutes ses variantes, mais je compte bien éplucher le site un jour ;)

Merci beaucoup pour la traduction de ce très chouette jeu !
Pour info, j'ai rédigé une petite revue du jeu sur mon blog :

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Nice game mechanics ! Simple and  encouraging coop story-building.

I often found that story prompts are often missing in this kind of game, it's nice to have some here.

It looks like a game I would enjoy and I will suggest it next time to my recurring table of RPG players.

I took the liberty to make a printer-friendly version :

Btw, it reminds me a bit of that I also discovered through TheIndieRPGPipeline recently, but haven't played yet neither.

I have just finished the game, and I loved it !

Really clever & original game mechanics. It's pretty, fast and polished.

It took me a while to understand the rules at first, but my only real complain is the random difficulty level. Sometimes you can clear a level at once, while some other are impossible to solve.

Maybe the procedural generator for the levels should ensure they all have a unique solution given the player cards ? I understand that the initial "deck building" phase is interesting to have, but it looks like for some initial cards choice and some levels there is no solution, which can sometimes generate some frustration.


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Lovely ! I'm still learning how to play and I just want to report this bug inbetween level 1 & 2 :

The game physics and particule effects are very well done and give a great feeling of feedback to the player. And thanks for sharing the source code ! ;)

Nice concept !
I'd love to see this game finished :)

Firefox 67.0.2 64bits

Maybe it is related, I see this error in the JS console :
TypeError: The expression cannot be converted to return the specified type. dankreleasee.js:133

Wonderful game !
Demanding controls, tough puzzles, charming atmosphere... I didn't expect so much fun !

As a minor side note, the fullscreen mode does not seem to work.

I'm planning on testing this game with some friends.
Would you have a printer-friendly version by chance, please ?

SHRUBNAUT community · Created a new topic FATAL ERROR
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I loved the game but each time I tried to access the terminal on the right of the map I get this error :

I was using v1.6 2019 on Windows 10 x64.
Also it's a minor details but I got stupidly stuck on the home screen because the text disappears only when you move, not when pressing X / C / X / Y ;D

Best of luck ! Your game is great

I loved the demo ! It's an awesome mix of both games :)

The gatling gun was especially fun.

Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to make levels ?

Nice and fast platformer, short and not too hard, with big pixels. I liked it !

Really nice game. It's not often that I finish an arcade game, even less frequent that I replay it in "Hard" mode :) Congrats it's very fun !

Awesome game really !
Here is the detailed feedback blog post :

Ok I will ;)

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I totally agree. Plus the playtest we did this evening prooved it provided too much info than needed for the game.
More on this in my incoming blog review ;)

Also I'm planning to use this to generate some adventurers:

Playtest is scheduled for beginning of next week !

In the meantime I'm working on a one-page extension, and I made a translation in French : Heart B&W v1.6 fr.pdf
Is it ok for you if I share this PDF on my website ? I also would love to suggest it on, a French website that collects single-page RPGs. I think thay would love it !

Wow ! I love it !
I will test it soon and give some feedback :)
Also a question on the rules: when adventurers enter a room, does each player roll its own threats dice and check if special effects apply, or are all dice rolled at once and all threats effects apply to all dice ? The 2nd option seems a bit less likely but the fact that special effects are bound to different dice results seems to suggest this to me...

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Hi !

I really like the design of your game and the idea for the game mechanic, which reminds me of Daniel Solis' Pencil Park.

However I am not sure to understand a few details of the rule :
- for 2 or more players, at first I though there was a common grid and one marker per player. However given the point system I am a bit confused : is it one grid per player ? And if so, another question arise : is there 1d6 rolled every turn and every player use it, or should each player roll its dice ?
- is it ok if 2 tetra-blocks with the same marker touch each other ?

If I got the points system right, the goal is absolutely NOT to fill lines but to get as high as possible ?


I really enjoyed the rythme and design of this coop game !

One issue however : in one room there was a cavity where the depth was too high to get out, and one player got stuck in it, hence game over :(