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Hey, a little question from a new player, i cant seem to find where the button for accessing the menu while in game is. I would really like to know as to where this button is, so that i can save my game.

Thanks,                                                   AdamaiDreemur

I was using A Dualshock 4 controller via Steam Big Picture mode. it might be problem with it not interpreting any controls, but i just want to be sure


Dualshock 4 controllers are ment for the PS4, however, a recent update to big picture allows you to connect a controller and set it so that buttons are interpreted as xbox input

this is more of an issue with the hardware: i dont have an xbox controller and i knew the keyboard wouldnt work because of the couch play thing, so i did the best thing i could; Use a dualshock 4 with steam! unfortunatley, the game is still recieving ps4 controls as ps4 controls, if it even is recieving controls from steam. tbh this probably is an issue with steam and not with the game but i want to be sure.

so, does anyone know the more, y'know, survivally recepies, and if you can be near crafting stations or if you have to place them some weird way? i'm trying to kinda live kinda like a regular survival game, but i dont know how to make suares of leather and the fandom wiki is still on the complex combat system

mabye have a thing in the middle of the page to download the files generated by the browser version, then replace the computer save with that one?

FARA community · Created a new topic Browser/Computer save

Hello, i'm planning to download this game and link it to steam, however, i already have at least 1500 score on my browser save, will that carry over to my computer save?

i would also like to see guns that shoot saws that richoche and hit everything, severing limbs and stuff, but also damaging everyone, including you and your faction. you could also implement combat hatchets, which are good for both melee and throwing.

i have a small idea, reputation with factions (excluding zombies, their jerks) basicly, all factions would have a reputation with eachother, and most importantly, you.  there would be things like bias (people in good faith with you value your actions more as good than bad, while the opposite is true for other factions. this could also mean faction wars, small shootouts between factions that you can fight in, or ignore alltogeather (but adrenaline might cause a small party to head to the nearest outpost or whatever, which may or may not be yours) participating in these would allow you to wipe out faction A (earning points with faction B), wipeout faction B (earning you points with faction A), or wipe out both, losing points for both factions, but earning double rewards from that battle. there might even be possibility for the ability to give simple commands to a certain faction's troops, given you have enough affinity with them.

i just relized, will this game have mod support? probbably not but still...

... where does it install to? i want to play it but...

such is the way of games like this, first Cataclysm: DDA, now this

... random question: will there be a rediculously unstable build for me to test... i would be able to provide feed back (plus you guys are having too much fun doing something as tedious as game development)

*checks* ... oh. oh snap, how have i never seen that?

... well the first part anyway. before the drinking puzzles

... umm, i know i might be necro posting, but there is a problem with placed objects not saving from session to session, i thought i spawned away from home but others tested by establishing at spawn and reloging, confirming that objects were dissapearing.

only a few more months of tedious work for you... and then we finally have yet another great idea out in the world of stuff that is real life

ReTech community · Created a new topic far from home

after starting up a game, getting rescorces, finding a good spot to call home, and planting my base, i ended up leaving for the night. when i loaded the game back, i spawned away from where i was when i logged off, which ment i could no longer find my base.

could you please make it so you spawn where you were when your last session ended?