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A technology based open-world survival game set in a post-apocalyptic environment · By fedj99

ReTech V1.0.1

A topic by fedj99 created Nov 08, 2017 Views: 460 Replies: 9
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As you may know, I'm continuing the development of ReTech. I'm planning to implement farming and maybe more advanced enemies. But more important than my ideas are yours. What do you guys want to have in the next update?

I want to be able to have friendly robots


Yes and imagine having a whole army of remotely controlled robots! Something like that was my initial idea too. 

Can you chop down trees with starting gear?


At the moment, trees are part of the terrain mesh, and can't be chopped down (like in rust probably for the same reason). You can gather wood from fallen trees and tree stumps. I could make that trees give a little wood if you hit them, though.

So can u chop at fallen trees to get wood?


Yes, fallen trees and tree stumps are harvestable at the moment. I will change the balance and make that you can get wood from "standing" trees in the next update.

what about the bushes? can you gather wood from them?


Nope sorry, you can't do that atm :) 

... umm, i know i might be necro posting, but there is a problem with placed objects not saving from session to session, i thought i spawned away from home but others tested by establishing at spawn and reloging, confirming that objects were dissapearing.