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There is in-depth information about the game on

Hi Axeman 76,

Can you please post (or better send to the file called "output_log.txt" located in "~/Library/Application Support/Helix Creations/ReTech"? Then I could have a look at it and give you more info. Also, what kind of operating system are you using (version, 32 or 64 bit) and what game version?

I just realized what the error was. It's trying to install the game in Program Files, but it should install it in Programm Files (x86). I will fix the issue as sson as possible. 

Yes sorry that's what I mean. Just hit a tree with a tool and you'll get some wood. You have to download and install the new version however. 

You don't need to worry anymore now, I have built an installer for 32 bit as well. You can download it in the download section (file called ReTech 1.0 (Windows 32bit)). I didn't have the installer a few days ago, so there you would have had to run the exe in the same folder as the data folder, which contains all the game data necessary to run.

Yeah but otherwise, I think you're on a good path. The game was actually fun this early already! However, I wouldn't use a RigidBody player controller (you're using that right?), as it is kind of hard to control the movement.

Well, I'm not a certified developer, that's why the warning comes up (I'd have to buy an expensive license); I'm very sorry about that. But I can assure you, I'm not doing anything nasty with your computer :P

Unity is a very popular engine, and I think if I were a hacker I certainly wouldn't chose Unity as my tool of choice :'D

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Yeah sure I can have a look at it :)

My models are also all hand-made, so I understand the amount of work you must have invested in your project!


If I can give you some advice: Take a look at inno setup. This is a program that let's you create an installer out of your exe and Data folder, which makes your game look way more professional!

ReTech community · Replied to DankLord in WIP

It's alright, don't worry ;) 

I will implement more animals and enemies if I can find the time for it.

ReTech community · Posted in WIP

Yes you're right, it's work in progress still. I am still developing the game, but I released it so you can make yourself an idea of what it is going to look like. 

 But what exactly would you want from future releases, as "add more stuff though" isn't very accurate. Keep in mind though  that I'm a solo developer, and am not as fast in bringing out new content as you might be accustomed to from other game studios. 

Nope sorry, you can't do that atm :) 

Ok, I had some spare time and built the game for 32bit. Haven't had the time to build the installer though, so you'll have to run the exe in the same folder as the data folder and the unityengine.dll file. Just extract and run ReTech.exe in that folder, and you'll be fine. 

If it still doesn't work, please post here or send to the file called output_log.txt located in "Appdata/LocalLow/Helix Creations/ReTech", and I'll try to fix it. 

Yes, it is a 64-bit version. Didn't think there were still people using 32-bit OS :P

Then I will do a 32-bit download for the next release. 

Can you please go to "C:\Users\Your_Username_Here\AppData\LocalLow\Helix Creations\ReTech Alpha" and either post here or send to the file called "output_log.txt"? Then I could have a look at what is going wrong.

Yes, fallen trees and tree stumps are harvestable at the moment. I will change the balance and make that you can get wood from "standing" trees in the next update.


Wow very cool! Didn't expect that to happen. I will try and find the time to add a tutorial in the game, so you won't have to hack on rocks that aren't harvestable anymore! :P

P.S.: Cool drawing of the sheep! xD

Hi Domarius Games, 

First off, thank you for your sincere review. As for the feedback, I made an account necessary to avoid spamming and being able to send update notes to everyone with an account, but I will try to find an alternative. 

The "instant wall death" is related to falling damage calculations, and I hope to fix this in the next update. 

I will also be working on level design some more, but I always have to find the right balance between all the tasks I have to do simultaneously. 

Thanks and have fun! :) 

At the moment, trees are part of the terrain mesh, and can't be chopped down (like in rust probably for the same reason). You can gather wood from fallen trees and tree stumps. I could make that trees give a little wood if you hit them, though.

Yes and imagine having a whole army of remotely controlled robots! Something like that was my initial idea too. 

ReTech community · Created a new topic ReTech V1.0.1

As you may know, I'm continuing the development of ReTech. I'm planning to implement farming and maybe more advanced enemies. But more important than my ideas are yours. What do you guys want to have in the next update?