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Yeah sure I can have a look at it :)

My models are also all hand-made, so I understand the amount of work you must have invested in your project!


If I can give you some advice: Take a look at inno setup. This is a program that let's you create an installer out of your exe and Data folder, which makes your game look way more professional!

oh, Thanks

but to be honest, i like it without installer, but anyway thanks!

Yeah but otherwise, I think you're on a good path. The game was actually fun this early already! However, I wouldn't use a RigidBody player controller (you're using that right?), as it is kind of hard to control the movement.

Yes I‘m using the Unity Standard Rigidbody First Person Controller  and I don’t have Problems with it ,till yet 

But what else should I use then? I tried to make a Player Controller on my own, but that’s very hard .

Ehm and sry for my bad English, I am a student in Germany and i only have English in school 

Do you have Skype, discord, ts or mumble? Then we could talk a bit

Hey, is there/will there be multiplayer?