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Not really a "story" more, pixely dudes build bricks, there is no technological advancement, the world looks like it's tripping balls, then a giant grey blob eats the world. The end.

Okay, it has this problem with bridges specifically. Only bridges, floors are fine, literally halfway across the map I can build floors, but bridges don't work.

So I placed a beacon, then did the whole "find blueprint in beacon" then set my bot to work. My log storage was pretty far away (not in beacon range) so my bot walked over, grabbed a log, then stared blankly into the distance. What do I do to fix this?

Soooo....turns out that I don't need THAT many logs

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Autobuilders?

So, in a random forum post about beacons, the dev said something like "they're used for robots that need to move around a lot like if they build blueprints. So, how do I get bots to deliver stuff to my blueprints? Is it even possible?

Hey, minor problem: Torches op devs plz norf

To fix this I propose two different types of mobs (like, split each current mob into 2 types) attack mobs and defense mobs. Attack mobs can be scared by the torch, and will run away, but defense mobs will hang around in an area and be ATTRACTED to the torch.

I don't like the whole "slammed into an asteroid" maybe make that happen a bit later, when our civs actually have a chance against it.

Okay, good, I thought they may have copied it illegally or something.

Hey, is there/will there be multiplayer?

Uh, hey, on coolmathgames there's an exact copy called "survival island" or something

I got beta five and for some reason it seems as if I have an older version, no archipelago, no stealth gun, no wire guided missile launcher, is this an older version and do we have to pay to get the good one?