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A technology based open-world survival game set in a post-apocalyptic environment · By fedj99

32 bit support?

A topic by :> created Nov 11, 2017 Views: 303 Replies: 7
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I get this error.

Is that because I'm using a 32 bit version of Windows?


Yes, it is a 64-bit version. Didn't think there were still people using 32-bit OS :P

Then I will do a 32-bit download for the next release. 


Ok, I had some spare time and built the game for 32bit. Haven't had the time to build the installer though, so you'll have to run the exe in the same folder as the data folder and the unityengine.dll file. Just extract and run ReTech.exe in that folder, and you'll be fine. 

If it still doesn't work, please post here or send to the file called output_log.txt located in "Appdata/LocalLow/Helix Creations/ReTech", and I'll try to fix it. 

I'm sorry if this is obvious but the data folder of what?


You don't need to worry anymore now, I have built an installer for 32 bit as well. You can download it in the download section (file called ReTech 1.0 (Windows 32bit)). I didn't have the installer a few days ago, so there you would have had to run the exe in the same folder as the data folder, which contains all the game data necessary to run.

I still get the same error on the installer.


I just realized what the error was. It's trying to install the game in Program Files, but it should install it in Programm Files (x86). I will fix the issue as sson as possible. 

the error is still occurring, i cant use the game and have the same problem others had 150+ days ago