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Let him be he doesnt deserve to enjoy this game! Some people should only buy games! They dont  understand nor do they want to understand what false positives are, They think virus total is telling them the truth and probably think that we are just trying to trick them into getting their pc infected. So on that note.............................................................................. Oh look WOW! Turns out My computer IS INFECTED!!! All from the squid game!  Yeah don't play it! He shouldn't play it! VirusTotal is the best! TY for letting us know crispperr.   LOL!!!

It's ok buddy! I run 4 different malware, antivirus, ad-ware, and malisious code and this game has none of them!

The missles go straight. I hit the lockon key but got nothing the enemy also had same issue as me but some of his missle hit me more. None of my missiles hit anywhere! I had better luck with guns! It reminded me of the old retro games i used to play f15 strike eagle fighter on the commodore 64 it was my favorite game for years! I think you did an amazing job making this! Good luck!

I'm so glad i found this as the developer has taken down the demo version as he wants everyone to buy this on steam now. I am glad i was able to try this although this is just a very basic unfinished example of his work.

WOW! You are just Amazing coming up with a game like this in 7 days! There are AAA game companies that don't make a good suspensful game like you made and you also did it in 7 days!!!! I wish you could of expanded on this game if you got a game company to go in with you make this game with better graphics and when you view the planet you zero in to the surface to see all the people working to get off the planets, you can have different beings on different planets If you slowed the sun progress you could add like multiplayer where you can build a weapon to sabatoge your neighbor and if they dont work together they are both doomed. So much you can do with this I wish you the best of luck! Thank you for such a great little game! I hope one day you decide to come back to this and expand on it people would buy it!!! Take care!

I was never able to get the lights on! no real directions what to do went to the basement then to the top i put coins in the power gen it didnt do a thing and game never told me what to do i checked controls thinking i missed something but nope very hard game it needs more explanation of how the power works and a more clearly defined directions as to what the player should be trying to do. after an hour in the dark i quit! If better directions are given only then would i try again!

yeah I changed browsers and then it appeared, thanks for the response!

looks like there is no offline demo mode for this one I tried to download all i got was a picture! LOL! It was a .png file! why even let us download it? It would have been faster if they just said no way to play offline Unless you buy the pico 8 program! What a shame :(

Looks like this can't be downloaded anymore! no download link it's GONE!

i tried to launch game came up but if i tried to do anything game would crash shut! tried to reinstall and i got to main page again! And again it came up but trying anything like putting username in would crash the game again! So it's time to uninstall this game and put this mess out to pasture in the forgotten realm of games that never worked and say this game was a craptacular waste of time! I hope in the future they can make a game that actually works! I know it is very difficult! But hey at least the main page looked nice right? Good luck!

I guess we know what happened to this one! Too bad it looked real good too!

very nice clicker game! Very entertaining!

i seem to have lost interest after a couple of turns

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i figured i'd try this game set up everything unable to move tried to change the controls in options no way to change them was able to  move after holding down left shift key then pressing q,d,z,s control setup total retarded very very difficult to move id say a good game for someone with dyslexia! Ive never seen controls set up and locked like this before!  After trying all the keys on my keyboard to try to fix this mess! sadly I did the only thing i could do..... uninstalled it! Was a total waste of time for me! Sorry i know a lot of hard work went into this but the game just didnt work for me! Wasnt about to get agravated trying to p[lay a game with odd control setup! normal setup is w-up a-left,d-right and s-down! Anyway Good luck!

I got the game to work to mission 14 then the game just stopped doing anything but what a great little game! I could imagine what you could do with a budget and a team! Good job! and good luck! 

I tried to download the game but every time it finished game files were corrupt so game is broken! please fix! thank you.
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Great concept but the controls and standing on top of things needs adjusting!!!! takes a lot of practice to get one item on top of the next, spent a whole day trying to get one small box on top of a larger one! took a few games to get the hang of it. The biggest problem is trying to stay on the items even when I had a big board I was standing on that was flat my character would move in small increments and if I touched him I would somehow fall off and drown! If the item control were tweeked and the standing problem fixed it would be a good game but right now ehhhhh can be is just plain frustrating in the beginning but fun to play even with that! Just that small control thing and you got a great game! good job!

all that seems to happen is blizzards come and go and the dinosaurs just roam around that's it! oh and I make giant squid too! I like how the planet goes thru the ice ages! I hope you can update it to have humans and if you get good they can evolve  like all the way to space age!

wow what a very depressing view of the world!

sorry I didn't mean to sound mad. I think the dev did a great job! I was just disappointed I couldn't play because most games now no longer bother with the 32bit gaming crowd. Since the 60 days I have since followed everyone else and sold out! and got a new computer! After watching those big industrialist's boast how they can make everyone buy what they say!  I swore I wouldn't buy a 64bit computer sadly it's become obsolete and I had to choose either lose my steam account something ive had since the company 1st started or fold and not lose 10+ years of game info. It was an easy choice! I wanted to do something good but now I see you can only pick certain fights and mine was a losing one, the only way I would have won is if everyone banded with me to tell them you don't control us, But sadly I see it plain as day.... They do to some capacity. Well my fight is done now at least I can console myself with playing all the new updated games out there! Yeah!!!! Have a good one!

:( ugh! i cant play this! 64bit only!

:( too bad i cant play looks like it's 64bit only

Great game !!!!! so glad i can play it on 32bit computer too!!!! Thanks again! Really great talent!

looks like i played the very 1st version you ever put out! All the newer ones seem to be 64bit so i checked online and found an early access 1.0 version and it's 32bit it's very simple game keep the green energy higher than the usage! thanks 

i see in the files one says 32bit but when i try to play NOPE! 64bit only oh well too bad! i could swear i had a copy of this game dating back to 2016 or dec of 2015 but it looks like you just made this game so i dont know ok thanks anyway!

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browser game stops working im going to download to play it thanks! DOH! Android only? ok ill bust out my bluestacks for this one!

it starts to load then i get some kind of error and i cant play im going to download it instead! Thanks

as I get near the summit after Lhotse the game crashes randomly I've played close to 30 games all have crashed! Please fix I play the window 10 32bit version thanks! If the game isn't going to be updated let me know i'll uninstall it thanks

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ok since i have not heard from anyone im just going to edit the assembly csharp files and make the game easier myself! Thanks!

UGH! i just saw this error has been going on more than a year he said he was going to fix it but since it's been a year he probably gave up on this game and moved on to his next game ok im going to delete this! and forget about this terrible mess and waste of time! They need to just take it down the 32bit version that is!

Hi dan how long does it take to do that im sorry i forgot to ask! A month? A week? A year? LOL! 

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game is extremely hard to win i turned everything off and the reactor still goes down! even stopped moving no way to get the green to go back up All i see is getting aggravated playing a game that's way to difficult to win at, and no matter what you i do the game always seems to end at the halfway mark or around that point, Is there a way to fix this or slow the reactor leak? if it can never increase no way to make it! Thanks for making the 32bit version too! Is there any cheat codes? or a way to make the game a little easier???

OMG! No way! really? Thank you so much!!!! your so lucky you can make these games! i always wanted to make a game just like dawn of the dead! you have to fight zombies in a mall and as go, You have to lock and board up each entrance/exit and then once it's done you and your team have to kill the remaining zombies and then you have to go into different stores and craft parts to fix your helicopter all before the hoarde outside gets to big and they bust the doors down and flood in but sometimes a few get in to keep the game fun and players on their toes! i know i wont ever be able to i tried to read assembly language for cheat engine just cant do it! oh well thanks again!!! ill be watching for it!

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OH NO!!!!! i downloaded the 32bit version and i clicked on the setup and i get the pf64 error i cant even install the game! is there anything i can do to fix it??? Listen i tried both the 64bit and the 32bit installers and i get the same error! pf64!


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I just found this game! your awesome! Sadly alot of companies are using 32bit computers or are going back to them so their employees can't play games on their computers! (bastards!) but now i can!!! HEHEHEHE!!!I thought this game was going to be alot of fun!!!! thank you so much!!!! but!.......the 32bit installer dont work no way to install the game :( i hope there is a solution thanks

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what a fun suspenseful game!!! i wish my engineers worked i find im going out doing all the work! Also need a way to refill ammo once i run out that's it! need to be able to make or get more somehow so game can go on!

ugh! i wish it would have been marked 64 bit only wasted my time with a game i cant play!

ugh 64bit only i cant play looks good too too bad for me! :(