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i got it to work thru firefox browser zombies come way to fast very hard game but good game!

cool! ill be waiting to play this when it gets fixed thanks!

game error it said if i was game dev to allocate less memory to web GL not sure what i can do to get this to work guess i have to wait for game dev to fix this

Orc Colony community · Created a new topic Thank you!

i was surprised to know they didnt forget us 32bit users! Very happy to be able to play a new great game! Thanks!

Is the game only for 64bit will a 32bit version be made? i cant play this version!

i use a 32 bit computer!

i stopped at over 1600 my astroid took up almost half the screen only big  black holes and really massive stars could sway its course other wise i ran thru everything until i met an enormous black hole no way to get around it and it took half my astroid spent well over an hour its fun but gets boring after a while if i want to relax definite game to play great game!

how can we try the demo?

is there a patch for this or the lowest game goes is using network 4.62? seems my computer wont load higher than network 4.0 Thanks!

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i used cheat engine to give myself wood,stone and iron didnt help i still starved by 3rd day! the food doesnt have a number so i cant add food or i would have insanely hard game! they should only take 1 food for each of them a day not the insane amount they eat, it would be a great game had they fixed the food intake! If you ever want to fix your game please just fix the food! youll probably get renewed interest in your game!

do you have one that works for 32bit computer this one only works for 64bit???

its a good game but insanely difficult game really cant tell when the guards are coming as they always are up against a wall and no way to see if they are there! great story but after a few hours i just quit before i lost my temper over a silly game! Those that like difficult games this is a must try!

i cant believe i cant play this game because of net framework my computer stops at the level right before the one needed to play this game! i tried and my computer wont install it! ugh! looks like i have to skip this one!

hey i have the same problem! but game does look great!

will there be a 32bit version????

well explains why i cant play this!  64bit only??? i dont see me getting a new computer anytime soon! well good luck ill go back to my 32bit world now :(

well the demo doesnt work for 32bit computers!

ok when i start it pops up snowballjam.exe- Entry point not found

The procrdure entry point k32GetProcessMemoryInfo could not be located in the dynamic link libary KERNAL32.dll. im using windows vista 32bit duo core 2 4gb ram nvidia 520 2gb. i turned off my virus protection still no help! please any idea whats going on?

what a shame! i loaded this game and when i tried to start it i keep getting cant find file a kernel32.dll error this game is the only game that does it! i have 100's of games i have deleted and re-downloaded this game but keep getting same error i hope they fix this error but i doubt it looks great though!