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Great concept but the controls and standing on top of things needs adjusting!!!! takes a lot of practice to get one item on top of the next, spent a whole day trying to get one small box on top of a larger one! took a few games to get the hang of it. The biggest problem is trying to stay on the items even when I had a big board I was standing on that was flat my character would move in small increments and if I touched him I would somehow fall off and drown! If the item control were tweeked and the standing problem fixed it would be a good game but right now ehhhhh can be is just plain frustrating in the beginning but fun to play even with that! Just that small control thing and you got a great game! good job!

Hey thank you so much for playing and for the feedback! The game is only two weeks old so yea there are a bunch of little control tweaks that it needs. I'll take your advice into consideration during the next update and will see if I can get it to be a better experience for you.

Thanks again for playing!!